First Gameplay Details Emerge for Killer Instinct’s Ghostly Hisako

By on March 7, 2015 at 10:24 am


During a joint panel at PAX East 2015, Microsoft Studios and Iron Galaxy Studios discussed a variety of upcoming content for Killer Instinct, including an updated story, a new gameplay mode, and the first official details for season two’s next character.

In June, Killer Instinct’s story mode will be upgraded to include fighters introduced in season two. Few details were revealed as to where the narrative will go with this additional crop of cast members, but a teaser was provided that hints at an exhibition match between TJ Combo (whose last name is Garrett, apparently!) and Fulgore.

Season two will also receive an entirely fresh gameplay mode called Shadows this April, which will allow players to upload a version of themselves to the online servers for other competitors to face off against. This form of “asynchronous combat” should give folks a chance to take on tournament-level opponents without actually needing an actual human to spar with.

And finally, the big news: season two’s next character, the oft-teased ghost girl, now has a name and launch window! Hisako, who will be available near the end of this month, comes equipped with her own unique Wrath meter, and using this resource apparently grants her a reliable way to counter-hit opponents and thus deal out some serious damage.

Her gameplay is further boosted by high and low counters as well as a pretty nasty command grab, which you can see in a quick bit of footage from Iron Galaxy’s Alex Jebailey below.

Hisako’s command grab and movement in action!

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UPDATE – A full look at that Hinsako demo can be found below courtesy of Paul Ramos.

UPDATE 2 – More footage recently surfaced courtesy of Iron Galaxy Studios. Check it out.

Sources: Iron Galaxy Studios, Paul Ramos