NetherRealm Studios Producer Confirms Johnny Cage’s Return in Mortal Kombat X

By on March 5, 2015 at 5:03 pm

As we grow closer and closer to Mortal Kombat X’s launch, tons of details are being provided on playable characters, extra content, and more. While some sources are a more dubious than others, the latest bit of information comes straight from NetherRealm Studios’ Adam Urbano.

During an interview with GameCrate at Game Developers Conference 2015, the senior producer let slip not once, but twice that series veteran Johnny Cage will be playable in the upcoming fighter. The first name drop comes in reference to the story mode, but he adds to that later on by mentioning the action star has one of his favorite Brutalities in the game.

Kenshi was spoken of as well, which falls in line with a recent screenshot that was released for the mobile port, but specific details about his playability on home platforms is still left up in the air.

Urbano also spoke a little bit about the connectivity that will be present between the console and mobile versions of the game, stating that the unlocks provided will be a bit crazier than those seen in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The full interview, which has since been removed from both GameCrate’s website and video channel, can be found archived below courtesy of Tdizz 98.

Source: GameCrate via Tdizz98