Evo 2015’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament to Run Exclusively on PlayStation 4

By on February 17, 2015 at 9:16 pm


With a spot on the Capcom Pro Tour as a premier event and the biggest piece of the prize money outside of the main event, Evo 2015 is set to once again make a splash in the scene suitable to the largest fighting game tournament in the world. One new decision, however, has many left many players scratching their heads.

While a definite platform had yet to be set for Ultra Street Fighter IV when the tournament’s website first went live, a recent revision states that the title will be played exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Over the years, Street Fighter IV has graced a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, all of which have been utilized in competition at one point or another. PlayStation 3 was the console of choice early on, but recent years have seen a shift to Xbox 360 due to frequent issues with Sony’s older platform.

Unfortunately, little can be gleaned about the PlayStation 4 port at this time, simply because it has yet to actually be released. The initial announcement at PlayStation Experience pegged the title for a spring 2015 launch, but details have been scarce since then.

One can possibly make the connection between this decision and Sony’s support of Capcom Pro Tour 2015, through which they most likely want to hype up the latest release of Ultra Street Fighter IV leading up to Street Fighter V’s arrival.

Evo’s Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar relayed to us that loaner sticks will be available for folks who don’t own a controller compatible with the new system, hopefully alleviating some of the added stress this change places on their shoulders.

Evo 2015 is scheduled for July 17-19. More details can be found through the official website.