Tekken x Street Fighter Could Arrive When We Least Expect It

By on January 22, 2015 at 11:16 am


Although Bandai Namco Games have been incredibly silent regarding Tekken x Street Fighter, the mirrored companion to Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken, Polygon was able to suss some details out of Katsuhiro Harada during their Life in Japan interview with the developer.

Over the course of their discussion, Harada mentions that they had planned to release Tekken x Street Fighter much sooner, a fact I’m sure very few will be surprised by. Their decision to hold off on the title, however, had nothing to do with developmental woes, but because of the crowded fighting game market and a need to put some distance between it and Street Fighter x Tekken. While Tekken 7 is their focus at this point in time, a team of 40 is still hard at work on the crossover title.

As for how they eventually plan to reintroduce Tekken x Street Fighter, Harada has some interesting ideas. “People have been talking about the game for such a long time that they aren’t going to be surprised if you just release it normally,” the director noted, going on to say that it would be funny to announce it much like they did Tekken Revolution, which was revealed just a few days before its launch.

For more of their talk with Harada, be sure to check out Polygon’s full article.

Source: Polygon

  • lol@u

    The Duke Nukem Forever of fighting games.

    I forgot this even existed :3

    • Gamegeezer

      Yeah, this has been a “thing” for a while. Although i do get what Harada is talking about. There have been more new games than my wallet could afford lately. Was kinda hoping this game would be announced over Tekken 7. I still think that tag has some serious life to it that they may be cutting off too soon.

  • You think if this game comes out in 2017, people will still give a **** about a game announced in 2012?

    • RenaTurnip


    • TagAnarchy

      Yeah, just look at Final Fantasy 15 and the current press behind it.

      • That’s a horrible example because nobody’s been hype for a Final Fantasy game since probably 10.

        • Garrett Jones

          Most FF fans prefer the design of 12 over 10. Not battle system but everything else.

          • That’s not hype for a game when it’s announced though. That’s a review after the fact.

          • Garrett Jones

            You don’t even have to see previews or trailers to know about the visuals. If Nomura gets his hands on it it’ll be a fashion show with effeminate man-boys and belts with zippers on them.

          • LMAO

    • *2010

    • Josshu

      Who cares when it was first announced? If 2017 comes around and the game gets a good trailer with promising gameplay and a release date that’s not too far off, why would it matter when we first heard about it?

    • Kstylez

      Yes, its a good thing they waited. How long did people wait for SF 4 is a good example. It’s a brand new fighting game, also they haven’t teased any leaks what so ever, so its still new. Plus I didn’t really like Capcom’s version of the game, even so, its not a great idea to release it so close to Capcom’s version. Also during that time Marvel vs Capcom was out, SF 4, etc.

      • SF4 came out a year after it was announced.

        • Victor Valenzuela

          lol so true XD

  • Gimpt

    “When we least expext it.”
    That won’t be hard. I never expect it to arrive.

  • stephendeo

    If no gouken i wont play this =)

  • leingod

    So, how about tomorrow? I don’t expect that to happen.

  • luismg

    another exclusive?

  • Bushin_Cat

    “…arrive when we least expect it.” ..Hmm *Calls up local gamestop and asks again about Tekken X Street Fighter… Yells for 10 minutes it’s NOT SFxTekken… Hangs up*. Disappoint

    • Yeah, they got PLENTY of second hand copies of SFxTK…

  • DoctorButler

    “People have been talking about the game for such a long time that they aren’t going to be surprised if you just release it normally,” the director noted, going on to say that it would be funny to announce it much like they did Tekken Revolution, which was revealed just a few days before its launch.”

    It’s coming out next week, obviously.

  • Tekken visuals > Street Fighter visuals. Street Fighter physics > Tekken physics. As with SFxTK, I imagine this game will only be half good.

    • ermonski

      goodbye crossups

  • Brian Hooper

    I thought this was just a pipe dream.

  • As a fan of SFxT, I am pleased that Harada is still working on TxSF. After the update it wasn’t the new Mahvel or anything but the game was MUCH better. Personally I thought Tekken characters in SF was pretty damn awesome, I’m really excited to see how they transfer the SF characters into Tekken.

    The sole reason for the game “being dead” is all the lame @$$ followers who just rode the hate wagon all the way from “mildly unjustified” into the current “diagnose me please” level of stupidity.

    From a player standpoint:
    Links were given larger windows of opportunity…. EXCELLENT
    You need to have very solid fundamentals to win…. EXCELLENT
    Larger roster and 2 characters per team means hundreds of combo possibilities…. EXCELLENT
    Larger roster and 2 characters per team opens up more opportunities to use low-tiers characters thanks to his partner covering his weaknesses…. EXCELLENT
    More juggle potential and ground / wall bounces….. EXCELLENT

    So what exactly is the problem with SFxT? Replace tag cancel with focus attack and go back to singles combat and you’re just playing a superior version of SF4…………………………………………………………….

    • Awsumpossum12345


      • Razzorn

        Don’t forget the terrible, buggy ass online play as well. Honestly, the main gameplay itself wasn’t horrible. But the crappy online play, and gems made it unplayable.

        • gigantor21

          I would say the core gameplay WAS terrible until the 2013 patch. The “Jab x Timeout” meme was wholly justified before then. The trash netcode, awful PR and gem nonsense on top of that just doomed the game before Capcom managed to fix it.

        • Emezie Okorafor

          SFxT netcode was way better than SF4s and many other games’.

          Assuming you don’t try to play 1 bar matches with horrible internet, which many people love to do.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        …are over rated?

        Other than the initial auto-guard, auto-tech gems WHICH WERE MEANT FOR BEGINNERS, the other gems were not as oppressive as people like to act.

        Also, if someone was really using gems that bothered you…PLAY SOMEONE ELSE. Crisis solved with common sense.

        But, none of that even matters anymore, because 2013 patch is godlike.

    • I dunno, maybe that you had to pay for the good characters that were already on the disc (AE all over again)? Maybe that everyone online made their teams look like fucking glowsticks? Maybe because paying for “Gems” gave you an advantage over the opponent? Maybe the laggy ass netcode? Maybe the horrible orange visuals that made every stage like vanilla Volcanic Rim? Take your pick.

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Do that… Release it without telling anyone

  • Aaron Mason

    So Harada is going to pull a Beyonce at TxSF release. Doesn’t matter, I’m looking forward to Tekken 7 arcade tournament at Evo this year.

  • La Lunatica

    Yea, you can’t wait for a slow period in fighting games to release it, there are always updates, sequels, and random Anime fighters coming out.

  • Heehahou

    I smell a Tekken 7 Re-skin, I hope I’m wrong.

  • @yanzhao:disqus I was just thinking the same thing … plum forgot that they were doing that … maybe it’s Tekken 7 lol

  • Looks at all the comments… Hmmm sooooo Preemptive Salt? xD

  • I’m frankly afraid this game will end up being as forgettable as SFxT.

  • Coolguy

    I personally can’t wait for this. I have faith the Tekken community will keep it afloat. I strongly believe that SFxTK didn’t stay “relevant” for long is because the SF community didn’t want it to. It was something unique and and fun. Saying the gems made it unplayable has to be the most pitiful excuse I’ve ever heard. I beat people using auto throw break gems, defense gems that completely nullified damage, and all sorts of crazy combinations. It forced the player to think to overcome obstacles. These crazy random factors kept you on your toes. And I never had connection issues that made it unplayable. If you didn’t personally like the game, then that’s cool. But if all you got is the the same repeated to death mash jab, gems and lag excuses then I feel sorry for you for missing out on a great game.

    • Khaoz77

      For me, the chain combo stuff killed it for me. The game is fun casually though.

      • Coolguy

        Why exactly was it a bad thing to have a combo system that had moves chain into each other? That’s how fighting is in real life. Chaining attacks together is what landing and stringing hits in a combo is all about

        • Khaoz77

          It felt awkward in the context that Street Fighter was a pretty tight game with things like links. I didn’t like how chain combos worked in SFxT, it made hit confirming brain dead easy.

          • Coolguy

            Don’t you think that term is overused? Seems to me that you didn’t like it because it didn’t play like SF4. But that was the entire point. It wasn’t SF4. It was a new game with fresh mechanics and unique gameplay. It had to accommodate both SF and TK fans and be accessible to newcomers. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish. The SF community killed it because they simply didn’t want to learn the game.

  • A campaign mode via T6 meshed together from both companies respective world’s would be badass.

  • Glottis

    Unless it will be released as a “free to play” title, it’s a really bad idea to release it within a few days of announcing its release. Real retail titles needs to be promoted and pushed, otherwise a vast majority of potential customers will not even know about it.
    Not to mention kids & teenagers who might need time to save up money, an issue people often forget once they’ve grown up and gotten steady incomes.
    Would it be funny to release it like Tekken Revolution? Yes.
    But if they do, i don’t think Namco will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Guest

    Pokken Tourney livestream? E3 2015? EVO 2015? Gamescom 2015? Tokyo Game Show 2015? who knows…

  • BulletToothTeddy

    TxSF is completely unnecessary, just like SFxT.

    • leingod

      Every fighting game is necessary, IMO. Love em.

      • Khaoz77

        Yeah, its to build the genre dude. Can’t be FGC if you can’t be tolerant about other fighting games

    • Garrett Jones

      I’m gonna laugh if I ever see you posting in another TxSF article in the future.

  • SpiderDan

    I’ve always been more excited about TxSF than SFxT.

    The prospect of adding a bunch of characters without fireballs to SF is meh. But the prospect of adding non-useless fireballs to Tekken is pretty exciting. I’m also really interested to see if/how they handle characters like Dhalsim and Zangief.

    Many of the staple moves of SF (e.g. scissor kick, Honda headbutt, SPD) would just break Tekken in half if added as is. I’m very curious to see how they handle them.