Arc System Works Adding Console Characters, Balancing Cast in Upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Arcade Patch

By on January 22, 2015 at 9:53 pm


Arc System Works will soon apply a new update to the arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- that will add Sin Kiske, Elphelt Valentine, and Leo Whitefang to the playable cast as well as adjust the title’s gameplay.

While no concrete date has been set for this patch’s release, the developers will be holding location tests at three separate game centers the weekend of February 6. This will allow players the opportunity to try out the rebalanced build early and provide feedback before its official launch.

Specific details on what will change in the ver.1.1 update have yet to be revealed, so stay tuned.

Source: Arc System Works, tip via Diego J.

  • Dobe because they said so

    ……….I’m not gonna start, I’m not gonna start, I’m not gonna start. I will remain positive.
    I won’t be Pessimistic, I won’t be Pessimistic, I won’t be Pessimistic.

    • ShinobiBrown

      Who seriously didn’t see this coming though? It was only a matter of time.

      • Dobe because they said so

        lol. This is Arc System. I said early that they would probably do this, but a part of me was just kidding. Now it’s actually happening.

        • JimJam

          Fighting game balance themselves all the time. It was wishful thinking they wouldn’t patch the game to fit their design philosophy. That said, I highly, highly, highly doubt they will fuck over this game like they did with BlazBlue.

          • Dobe because they said so

            Believe me, I don’t want them to fuck this one over. No no no, not Guilty Gear. Which is why I said I will remain positive.

    • Jsp337

      The real question is: will it before or after Evo?

    • Smang

      unless i’m mistaken they’re updating the arcade version to bring it in line with the console one, not patching the console one with new changes…

      • Dobe because they said so

        I don’t really want to keep repeating myself (because I have explained this to 3 other people who replied back to me), so I will just sum it up with this.

        It was a joke comment. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously…

    • xenwall

      Pessimistic about what? Balance changes? It’s a modern fighting game, balance changes happen. Other than Marvel, but their battle cry is “10 more years,” so Capcom is giving it to them.

      • Dobe because they said so

        I wasn’t talking about balance patches in general, I was talking about Arc System’s way of “rebalancing” the game. Worst case scenario, they will add something new to it, and will sell it as a brand new game on a console for retail price, instead of just adding it as a download patch.

        This is a Guilty Gear game, one of my favorite fighting game series. Which is why I said that I would remain positive, and won’t start calling BS.

        That, and I don’t know if you notice, but all I said above (in my previous comment) was to be taken as a joke, not seriously…

    • Clinton Whyte

      You’re upset that they are updating the ARCADE release, with the console patch…

      I think you misread the article

      • Dobe because they said so

        Bruh, where in the article did you read that they are updating it with the console patch? It was simply saying that they are bringing the console CHARACTERS to the arcade version, plus in addition, they are rebalancing the overall game. Rebalancing, doesn’t equal console patch. Rebalancing, could mean fixing things from not just the arcade version, but the console version too. I think I not the one who didn’t read the article…

        And besides, you do realize what I said above was a joke right? I always making fun of Arc System business practices. Most of the time, not always, but most of the time, whenever Arc System makes new changes to an arcade version of a game that is already out, they will add things to that version that wasn’t originally in the console version. After that, instead of them just updating the console version with the latest patch they made, the will pop it right into a new disc, add a few extra new things, and sell it for retail price. That’s the thing Arc System does that I make fun of.

        You weren’t meant to take what I said seriously…

        • JimJam

          They’re not going to add changes to the arcade version but not the console version. That’s just insane to even imply. Whatever changes they put into the arcade will make it to console.

          • Dobe because they said so

            See? You nailed it. Arc System would never make a change to an arcade game, without adding it to the console version in some way shape or form. Whether it be in the form of a patch (download), or in a brand new game with some added additions, it will find it’s way to the console. The question is how will they deliver it, knowing how Arc System has been acting lately. Only time will tell.

          • Clinton Whyte

            “Arc System Works will soon apply a new update to the arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- that will add Sin Kiske, Elphelt Valentine, and Leo Whitefang to the playable cast as well as adjust the title’s gameplay.”

            The Arcade is currently running without any balance changes from the console release…

            What’s more is they released all there balance updates for their previous titles on disc.

            Chrono Phantasma rings a bell, as it had 1.1 patch stuff available after it came out. The only reason we’re getting an “Extend” is to put it on next gen consoles, as there are currently limited fighting games.

            We currently HAVE the update they are getting in the arcade… The patch ADDED these characters for the console. Soooo yeah.

            You must also realize folks aren’t going to read every comment you made, simply to see what you meant. Make yourself clear in your first comment and you stop “having to repeat yourself.”

            That said, I am actually hoping they give the game an update, because I want my goddamn Baiken back. My girlfriend wants her goddamn Anji, my buddies want their Testament, Robo Ky, and their Johnny’s. Give me ALL the updates, I have one of the console versions so I can wait until all my faves are in it to purchase, A la Street Fighter AE.

          • Dobe because they said so

            Adjusting the title’s gameplay does not equal Console patch. Sure, that could be one of the options, but they CAN indeed change things that WASN’T in the console patch. It is simply a matter of choice.
            That’s why at the end of the article it said “Specific details on what will change in the ver.1.1 update have yet to be revealed, so stay tuned.”
            And as far as the comments are concerned. I never had, and never will expect someone to read every comment I make. I simply made a joke comment for sh!ts and giggles. Didn’t think I would have to explain it. Explaining a joke, kinda ruins the fun in of it (especially if it was an obvious one).
            On a side note, I’m glad we can at least agree on one thing. I shed tears when Baiken (my main and first played character) wasn’t added to this game. Maybe someday…

  • Gogo

    Nerf Sol, and remove Party Game Tim… I mean, Danger Time (yeah, this won’t happen), and I’ll be pleased.

    • void


      • Gogo

        Ok, ok, Zato, and Faust too.

        • void

          zato was already nerfed, lol.

          Faust was always good. his advantage is and disadvantage, is being a big character.he has huge hurt-boxes making him easy to hit, but he can control a lot of the screen. not being rude but its not like anyone can pick up Faust and bullshit around and leave with a win. he is a character that takes skill to master.

        • What? Faust is very luck-based and Zato requires a lot of time in matches, not even the lab helps his neutral game. If you win with Zato, you deserve it.

          The only character that needs a nerf is Millia and May could use a buff or two.

          Danger Time is hella dumb though.

          • John LoBianco

            Millia’s low health and damage output makes up for her bullshit.

          • Yeah, that’s true. She’s really glass cannon.

          • Gogo

            Absolutely agree.

          • Gogo

            Well, I guess I don’t have good opinions on character, then…

            Nerf Millia? I main Millia, and I know she is beast, but what, or how would you nerf her? To me, nothing she have is overpowered, just strong because it’s strong… And you can’t ask for her oki game to be weaker, because that, and her mobility, are the reasons Millia is a character, if you remove one of those, she’ll be bad with that pathetic damage output, and poor defense.

            Then again, I know Millia is beast, I just don’t find how to nerf her without destroying her (By the way, she is already nerfed on Xrd in some areas).

          • I mean… You read the part when I retracted the statement, or do you have selective reading?

          • Gogo

            Oh, so sensitive…

            I just wanted to elaborate on why Millia should be hard to nerf, but oh well, sorry for hurting you.

          • Nobody got hurt, now you’re just trying to pat yourself on the back.

          • Gogo

            Ok sir, if that makes you sleep well tonight, then that’s what I did.

        • Angelica Dos Santos

          They need to slow faust and zato down.

    • Jsp337

      Really, Sol?? He’s not even near broken….

      • Gogo

        Ok people, come at me, hate me if you want, and label me as a “noob”, or “scrub”; but I really want Sol nerfed.

        • Jsp337

          What would you want nerfed? It’s not like he’s an outstanding character like he was in previous GGs

        • void

          its not hate but confusion. sol isn’t broken, he’s a solid character. we are just confused as why you want him nerfed so bad.

          • ShinobiBrown

            He obviously wants him nerfed merely because the character probably gives him trouble. It has nothing to do with Sol actually being broken. It seems like a silly and unwarranted request honestly.

          • Gogo

            Ok, I guess I’m a fool when losing to Sol.
            Sorry for everything.

          • The fuuuu..?
            Don’t apologize lol

          • ArmoredBoar

            So wait.
            You want them to nerf Sol because you’re free?


        • Digidyne017

          why? There needs to be a reason for a nerf, like if it conflicts with the flow of the match, giving the sol player an unfair advantage.

    • Jsp337

      I will agree on the danger time removal, however.

    • Mista ThornCKityGZ

      Sol is nowhere near broken, He’s just whore-tier. Most of the Sols I play are pretty much the same “GET METER & DRAGON INSTALL”. So yeah, not broken just too many scrubs being mashy, learn to punish and you’ll be fine

      • Gogo

        I admit I want Sol nerfed more for personal reasons, sorry for commenting that.

    • OmegaNITRO

      Well, hopefully you’re not pleased then, cause Sol is pretty much fair as he is.

      Honestly IDK what needs to be all that rebalanced. Make some characters slightly stronger like Potemkin and May, and remove Elphelt’s unblockable loop.

      • Gogo

        Actually, I rather your proposal instead of having the horrible re-balances ASW has made to BBCP and P4AU. I know GGXrd is from another team, but still, they have paranoid now.

    • Nicholas Quin Harris

      Come on Sol? He’s well rounded but he’s nowhere near broken. And Danger time is random and usually doesn’t come into play that often so I don’t get why you’d even want this removed.

      • Gogo

        I see people complaining all the time about Sol like me when playing Xrd, but I write that on SRK, and suddenly, no one find trouble with the character… I guess I’m a noobie-scrub then.

        I want Danger Time removed (thing I know well that won’t happen) just because the very same reason you gave to me to accept it, “random”… I take ASW’s games as competitive fighting ones, and at least to me, the random factor ruins that competitive scheme (don’t throw at me Faust, and his random items, a character gameplay based on random is not the same as a random system mechanic).

        Danger Time happens once in a while, granted, but when it happens, is like a ruined match for me, even when I take its advantages, because, let’s be real, all the stuff that happens in Danger Time is absolutely unnecessary, pseudo-counter hits with increased damage, and slowdown effect, why…? The game have enough depth already, that is redundant.

        • Heroking

          People in the chat on Xrd bitch about everything. These are the same people who call Leo, Sol and Ky OP because they can’t get past their DPs.

          Sol is fine where he is, just learn the match up. He’s nothing compared to the top tiers.

        • aasr

          doesn’t “random” just mean there’s a reactionary sort of skill involved?

          w/ Danger Time once in a while a Clash might give more time to react (how often do normal clashes lead to anythin’ aside from combo videos or staged intros?!) w/ a raise in the stakes involved

          • Gogo

            Danger Time activation is random, that’s what “random” means on my point.
            I was truly clear from the start.

          • aasr

            yup, it can be random… but is it reactin’ to the overall state change so hard w/ the 3,2,1 stuff goin’ on?

          • Gogo

            The fact you can easily react to it is absolutely irrelevant with the fact it is random.

        • Nicholas Quin Harris

          The reason people are calling you a scrub is because thats a scrubby thing to say. If you have in a mid level understanding of the game you’ll understand why Sol doesn’t need nerfs. Plus it only sounds like you want him nerfed because you personally can’t beat him. If any one else said the same thing they’d get called scrubs too, trust me.

          • Gogo

            Ahm… Ok, sir.
            I already said I must be a noobie-scrub, no need to go further where depth is over.

    • JimJam

      They’re not going to nerf Sol in a way that will stop him from being good. They’re only going to take away, at best, his damage.

      • Gogo

        His damage, exactly what I hate.
        But at this point, all I say about anything is bad, everyone is on “Oh, he wanted Sol nerfed! SOL!!! Let’s burn him alive!!!” mode already.

  • Evil Hayato

    shouldnt that headline say something more along the lines of adding console characters to arcade version. When I first read the tagline, it made it sound like they were adding more characters to the console version and not to the actual arcade version. its kind of misleading initially.

    • Gogo

      I agree.

    • ShinobiBrown

      It’s misleading if you don’t bother to read the title in it’s entirety. That’s on the fault of the reader.

      • Evil Hayato

        very true, although the title should be what grips the reader and essentially summarizes the topic. I feel the title didnt summarize correctly, however It was merely a suggestion. I clicked and read it. I believe others felt the same way but didn’t read it all if you look at the comments below. Who would be disappointed and negative about balance changes in this day in age of fighting games? (or even not see it coming for that matter?)

  • grezex29

    I’m mostly curious on if this is going to lead to more Leo stuff getting discovered and people complaining about him and calling him “broken”.

    • Jsp337

      Deff not broken, but a fucking annoying character to say the least.

    • ArmoredBoar

      The Land of the Free, as they say.

  • comoesa

    It kinda sucks because patch will be out before EVO and will discourage top players from Japan from coming out.

  • Guest

    Sol is nowhere near broken, He’s just whore-tier. Most of the Sols I play are pretty much the same “GET METER & DRAGON INSTALL”. So yeah, not broken just too many scrubs being mashy, learn to punish and you’ll be fine

  • Darker than Blue

    Get hype for looking forward to (very likely) drastic balance changes after the game has been on consoles for like less than a month. Get hype for waiting for ver 2.0 in yet another ArcSys fighter.

    • Smang

      but by feb it will have been out in the arcades for a year… seems like a decent enough amount of time to make some tweaks/bugfixes.

      “sign” is essentially the first annual update.

    • JimJam

      You need to remember that different people handle eachgame. The BlazBlue guy is an incompetent ass who doesn’t know what he’s doing, so he demand patches for things nobody wants and doesn’t fix what they do what.

      Guilty Gear has a different guy. Based on old GG games they have not ‘fucked over their own game’ with updates. Only BB has and that’s not related to the guy who overlooks GG.

      So, don’t worry. They won’t fuck over their real bread and butter game.

  • OmegaNITRO

    Console characters added to the arcade version? Great!

    Now give both versions some more characters please.

    • JimJam

      17 characters is enough for a 1v1 fighting game. Quality over quantity.

      • OmegaNITRO

        In an established franchise that previously had 24 quality characters, 13 of which haven’t returned?

        Nah, they should add more of the veteran cast.

  • Nicholas Quin Harris

    All these “Rebalances” and they didn’t add Jam, Johnny or Baiken….Okay…..

    • JimJam

      Do you know what rebalances mean? It doesn’t mean ‘add new content.’ It means change the old content.

      • Nicholas Quin Harris

        That’s exactly my point. Instead of changing the old content they could have been putting new content in the game.

  • Korey Mueller

    Add throw techs (even if it’s 1-frame timing, just so you get a tech if two players both go for throw at the same time), bring back negative edge, remove danger time, and change air tech to “hold to tech” (as in BBCP and P4AU), rather than the “single frame mash-to-tech” bullshit we have now. Make teching about choice, and not about randomly hitting buttons in the hopes you land on the one frame your opponent missed in their combo.

    • Gogo

      So, I’m not the only only asking for Danger Time removal, good.

      I felt the same about air recoveries, but I realized that’s the way Guilty Gear is, I mean, they kept that on purpose because GG is not BB, P4AU.

      If Negative Edge would return, it should be optional, because I personally hate it, and never have found utility for it in any game it exists, to begin with.

      • Korey Mueller

        Negative edge isn’t really about utility as much as it is about ease of use. It’s useful and effective in fighting games because when it’s there, you don’t even notice it’s there. Keeping negative edge in increases the cancel windows on special and super moves and ensures that the move still comes out even if the input isn’t 100% accurate. Overall it’s a good thing as it makes the game more accessible without damaging the depth of the game. You say you’d rather have an option to remove it, but if you play other fighting games chances are you’re using negative edge.

        And the “hold to tech” change in BB and P4A originated in P4A and was adopted into the BB series in it’s third major installment (Chronophantasma). Before that, BB used the old “mash to tech” option and it was messy. I want to say this feature was adopted in UNIEL as well, but I’m not certain. I don’t think GG isn’t using it because it wants to differentiate itself from other games but because the devs seem a bit detached from the community of players who are tired of mindlessly pressing buttons in the hopes that something will happen. It also causes unnecessary wear and tear on our buttons.

        On that subject, I’m not sure why Capcom felt the need to add “mash the buttons for higher super damage” in UMvC3. Why not just make the base damage of the super the max and let players relax their hands for a split second? I’m convinced these stick companies bribe game devs to implement the features that increase wear on our buttons so we need to replace them more often. Conspiracy…illuminati…stuff…

    • aasr

      isn’t “hold to tech” just havin’ the game tech for one instead? input to tech kinda involves timin’ understandin’. one can mash too for reversals, mid-combos etc… but somehow if workin’ on rather precise execution one can just “piano” around the 1st frame of possible recovery, sorta same as timin’ reversals or links/chains/special moves mid-combo

      how often are Black Beat combos seen in mid/high level Guilty Gear? so instead of buildin’ it up and catch up to them, let’s just take such requirements out so “I can (artificially) keep up w/ them”?

      • Korey Mueller

        The problem there is if you piano the input, you run the risk of hitting the tech on the first frame and throw out a random attack on one of the following frames. This isn’t an issue in hold to tech.

        As for dropped combos….I think we see plenty of dropped combos at all levels of play in pretty much every game. The high execution requirement in Guilty Gear isn’t going to make this anon-issue. I can understand that some people wouldn’t want this to change, but I think there is a valid basis for the argument in favor of this change.

        • SpiderDan

          I want to say that techs ignore input on the first few frames, as I have not gotten nearly as many whiffed normals as I should have when mashing tech.

        • aasr

          guess dropped combos kinda different from black beat combos

          • Korey Mueller

            Not really. If you blackbeat it’s either because you missed your combo and the opponent failed to tech, or because you were going for a reset and the opponent didn’t fall for it. Either way, it relies on the opponent failing to mash out on time.

    • JimJam

      They’re not bringing back throw techs. They took them out and they’re keeping it that way. It’s a system mechanic at this point and they’re not going to develop new animations for something that has very little effect on the meta.

      • Korey Mueller

        I think it’s a obtuse to make the claim that adding throw techs would have “very little effect on the meta.” Firstly, the lack of throw techs forces each player to option select a normal in the hopes that if their grab fails their normal will beat out their opponent’s. I don’t think intentionally designing a game with option selects in mind is the proper design flow; typically developers want to design their games around the concept of making players commit to choices (in this case committing to a throw) and the discovery of option selects happens after players get their hands on the game. ArcSys openly stating that using option selects is the “proper way to play” is doing things backwards in my opinion. And removing that by adding throw techs would certainly affect the meta in a large way. Throws are very good in Guilty Gear Xrd, so you’re going to see a lot of them. Affecting the option select design of it will definitely change the game’s meta. You can argue in favor of or against the change, but don’t make your argument on such a weak foundation.

        Secondly because ArcSys is using 3D character models in Guilty Gear Xrd, it’s considerably cheaper to develop new animations. Manipulating an already existing model is far more cost-effective than drawing new sprites from scratch (which is what they would have to do if they were using 2D sprites). I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think that they wouldn’t be able or willing to add new animations for any changes they wished to make in the future.

  • Martin Christopher Tan

    Dizzy and Johnny already have 3D models, and I guess Gabriel will eventually become playing due to his bad-ass display of power against Bedman.

    • Gogo

      The same thing I thought about those 3, but that leaves still 1 free space for a character slot on the selection screen… Paradigm?

    • Julian M Williams

      I want to use Gabriel!!

  • bigdickfreak10


    – Make Task A slightly faster so u can at least combo into it from a 5s or 5hs

    – When in Deja Vu A, you should be allowed to Task A still. Two projectiles on stage. Man Bedman needs all the help he can get lol (i don’t think it’d be fair to allow that for Task B/Deja Vu B tho)

    – Sinusoidal Helios needs to either do more damage or have a wider attacking range. i get that it’s the ultimate reversal, be it feels hardly rewarding hitting someone with that when any follow up scales to shit.

    – Start up on forward dash should be a lil bit more faster. Then on wake up he could time better dashing out of the corner. since Bedman has very shitty meterless wake ups smh

    – And finally…


    It is absolutely unnecessary and really ruins his mobility and fucks up all execution when in the critical segments of a match. Its so fucking dumb lol


    • Angelica Dos Santos

      Ability to do Deja Vu in the air. Air bed slam needs more priority. Needs better supers. Deja Vu should be less telegraphed.

  • PLEASE don’t “update” de console version with a retail release. Make it a DLC update, like +R and AEv.2012. I just bought the game, I don’t want to see a GGXrd -EXTEND- for $40/$50 being announced in less than 12 months of console release.

  • La Lunatica

    And so the endless Guilty Gear updates begin.

    • JimJam

      They’re just balance patches. Jesus, you guys are so dumb sometimes. Name one popular fighting game that hasn’t had a balance update? Trick question, none have except in the real arcade era.

  • Yassine Karma

    I just hope that the fact GGXRD will be at EVO this years confirms in some sort that we’ll get this patch on consoles before july.

    Or else i’ll probably just drop the game for now until the patch arrives because i just can’t stand the idea of playing an outdated game ( BBCP syndrome ).

    • ForteWily

      I will be honest, as much as ASW does give a damn about Evo… I would question on if they are rushing to get the arcade patch out by Evo. Honestly, since this is towards arcade cab’s and such, I would doubt that they have Evo as a release time line.

  • twenty-one?

    I wonder if they’ll nerf Sin’s Elk hunt (236K)

  • ivanchu77

    I hope they don´t nerf Ramlethal too much….

  • disqusdatbra

    PC Version? :<

  • Smang

    i wish i could patch in ‘reading comprehension’

  • Julian M Williams

    Elphelt nerf?

  • Shon Burke

    This is pretty cool. I just hope they don’t nerf anyone, and instead buff the characters that need slight buffs. GG has always been a game where all the characters are insanely powerful and I hope they keep this trend with Xrd.

  • Mabo_kun

    I cannot believe people aren’t reading this right.

    They’re bringing the Arcade’s build up to the Console’s build.

    No new characters

    No rebalance of the game yet.

    This is an evening of the playing field and that’s it.

  • Clinton Whyte

    And I’m just sitting over here waiting for them to finally announce a DLC expansion with characters…

    Baiken, Testament, Johnny, Dizzy… COME BACK TO ME!!!

  • Kageromaru

    I read only the first few words of the headline, before clicking. Adding console characters? JAM?!?

    Disappointment soon followed.

  • Gogo

    Potemkin buffs I think he needs:
    -2S vacuum effect like in AC.
    -j.K hitbox extended to the back leg like in previous games.
    -Heat knuckle knockdowns the opponent in front of Potemkin again.
    -Trishula startup reduction from 25f > 20f.
    -Trishula absorbs proyectiles during the whole attack.
    -Trishula now air untechable on counter hit.
    -Trishula horizontal hitbox extended.
    -F.B.D. reflected proyectile travels faster.
    -Giganter EX invincible frames extended so it could be used as a proper reversal.

    I’m sure this is not all Potemkin needs, but I think this should help.
    Other Potemkin players more experienced than me could help to address the rest.

  • Mannnnn, these comments. Did/Do any of you -REALLY- play GG? Or even arcade games for that matter? This is ALL standard. Firstly, they have to introduce the Console Characters back into the Arcade ecosystem. Secondly, the exclusive characters aren’t fully “tested” and need balance anyway.

    The GG team has always been really good about balancing the cast of characters (something which I’m sure you’re unfamiliar with seeing as it seems that this is your first GG, and that’s ok).

    Lastly, it’s a fighting game. We need these patches and new iterations to ensure that we don’t end up with things like, Soul Calibur 3. Besides, the more they announce things like this the better off us players are because that tells us that they are continuing to support the game!

    PS: The GG team isn’t known for “knee-jerk patching”. Relax.

    • “Did/Do any of you -REALLY- play GG?”

      No but I wanna complain anyway.

      • Totally fair. Thanks for being honest, straight up.

  • JimJam

    Ok, guys, they aren’t removing danger time. It’s not happening. They put it in knowing people would complain about it. Just accept it’s in the game and move on. The slow down from RRC’s and YRC’s are staying as well. ASW’s are not going to keep the game in a stagnant form because “this isn’t like the old guilty gears herp derp.”

    If something is going to be patched it’s going to be stuff that absolutely needs to be changed. Millia is most likely going to take a huge hit in her OKI game. I doubt Sol will be touched much. Ky might get something changed but I doubt ASW’s considers his OKI game to be unfair. I doubt they can do anything about Zato because he’d probably be top tier even if they tried to nerf him.

    I think Sin, Elphelt, and Leo are going to take huge hits in the update. For two reasons, 1. Elphelt is unarguably top tier and Leo is in-between but still does well in tournaments in ways that I doubt ASW’s intended. 2. They are porting them over to the arcades and because they’re new to this format they might decide to change them more than the characters that have been on the arcade format for as long as they have. 3. Japan has made a habit of unfairly nerfing console exclusive characters because they feel they need to make up for lack of character match up knowledge int eh arcade scene (kind of the same thing as I said in 2).

    That’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

    • Gogo

      Everyone knows Danger Time will stay, is simply part of GGXrd.
      I was the first one on this post to say to want it removed, and still, I said I know it won’t be removed.

      In fact, none of what we ask here won’t happen, or at least, not by our influence, so some people should chill out a bit.

  • Adiuro

    Venom buffs please.

  • Mattforce W

    *Sigh* please don’t be what I think this is. Arc systems is making capcom look like company of the year with all this bs they’re doing smh

  • jakdripr

    Damn, so a balance patch? After playing UMVC3 for 3 years without a patch this is a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to reading the changes.

  • KingBlackToof

    I’m not a GG Xrd master – just an amatuer.
    But I hope Bedmans Deja Vu attacks get changed so they don’t dissappear on block.
    I mean, I Deja Vu throw my head. Block an incoming attack and it disappears.
    Where’s the pressure in that?
    (I understand dissappearing on hit but not on block – It would add an element of Pressure to Bedman and a way to get the opponent to stop hitting you.)

    • RazingPhoenix

      I don’t think people realize how ridiculously powerful Bedman’s task A/deja vu a would be if that didn’t dissapear on block. You could never pressure a Bedman with it out. Bedman has deja vu/task A setups. Tho only chars I think REALLY need buffs are Pot, Venom, and Axl (emphasis on Pot. That char is obviously trash).

  • SolBad Gay

    My request: Nerf Ky, Axel, May, Faust and delet Elphet from the live. Thank you.

    • Balmungofsky

      Or you know, you could always stop being free.

  • Keron Kamiley

    Great because all the new characters need to be Nerf!!! Especial ram and Leo

  • woot woot!

  • Guest

    Man, I will go full old man mode if the YRC option select is still in the game post patch.