Get the Most Out of Your Dudley Reversal Punishes in Ultra Street Fighter IV

By on January 21, 2015 at 7:33 pm

It’s never a good idea to toss out a reversal if you’re not positive that it’s going to hit. The massive recovery on these attacks combined with the relatively small amount of block stun that they cause allows defenders to perform nearly any combo at their disposal to answer for the poor decision.

Allinois Fierce of Forbidden Technique noticed that, against certain reversals, Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Dudley can not only net a major punish combo in retaliation, he can also start said combo with a jumping attack. This means that Dudley can spend a single bar and get about 400 damage–sometimes nearly 500–just because he decided to stop his pressure exactly when he expected a reversal. This makes the classy boxer’s overhead an even bigger threat; should we just eat the overhead or attempt to read it at the risk of losing half of our health? Tough call.

Since this doesn’t work against every reversal, Allinois has provided detailed text overlays to show the situations during which this jump-in punish is useful.

Source: Forbidden Technique TV