The Luffy Beatdown Special Results

By on December 20, 2014 at 9:54 am

Unequalled Media is teaming up with Meltdown to spice up its monthly Ultra Street Fighter series, The BEATDOWN. Evo 2014 champion Luffy of Meltdown will be joining the event this month as part of the Luffy Beatdown Special. The champ will be joined by UK veterans such as Dignitas’ Prodigal Son aka Ryan Hart, Cyber Gladiators’ Problem X, WinnerStaysOn’s Andreas and more.

You can find brackets on Challonge and check out the stream on Unequalled Media’s Twitch channel.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. UM|Imstilldadaddy (Guile, Seth)
2. d|Prodigal Son (Sagat, Evil Ryu, Ryu, Yun)
3. rize.IND|Pro Fluke (El Fuerte)
4. BTM|Hurricane237 (Decapre)
5. RZR.CG|Problem X (C.Viper)
5. Real Menace (Rufus)
7. F-Word (Ibuki)
7. MD|Luffy (Rose)

Match Log

Grand Final

d|Prodigal Son (Sagat) vs. UM|Imstilldadaddy (Guile) – 2-3

Losers Final

d|Prodigal Son (Yun, Sagat) vs. rize.IND|Pro Fluke (El Fuerte) – 3-2

Winners Final

UM|Imstilldadaddy (Guile) vs. rize.IND|Pro Fluke (El Fuerte) – 3-1

Losers Semi-final

d|Prodigal Son vs. BTM|Hurricane237

Top 8 Winners

Real Menace (Rufus) vs. rize.IND|Pro Fluke (El Fuerte) – 2-3
UM|Imstilldadaddy (Guile) vs. d|Prodigal Son (Sagat, Ryu) – 3-2

Top 8 Losers

F-Word vs. RZR.CG|Problem X – 2-3
MD|Luffy vs. BTM|Hurricane237 – 2-3

d|Prodigal Son vs. RZR.CG|Problem X – 3-0
Real Menace (Rufus) vs. BTM|Hurricane237 (Decapre) – 1-3


Source: Unequalled Media