Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega Mode Roundup feat. Raging Demon Combos, AVM|GamerBee’s Adon Breakdown, and More

By on December 15, 2014 at 7:08 pm

Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode hasn’t even been in the hands of players for a full twenty-four hours yet and we’ve already seen some amazing technology popping up all over the internet. Below, you’ll find a collection of some of the best videos from the community’s foray into this new, unexplored world.

Joutai wasted no time this morning and got right into training mode to see what kind of new goodies they could find. This quick clip features combos from M. Bison, Akuma, Oni, Yang, Guy, and Ken, each making use of some of the new toys that they got as part of the version select. The new Guy combos definitely take the cake for style factor–that teleport is way too cool.

And if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the soundtrack. This is our war, after all. Street Fighter IV.

Up next we’ve got another combo video that features a handful of cast members. JusticeSoulTuna took Ryu, Juri, Yun, Rose, and Decapre to the lab to find some impressive day one strings for the fighters. Get ready to see plenty of juggles that you’ve definitely never seen before.

YoraiDragon spent some time in training mode with Omega’s Makoto and Ibuki to test out some of the properties of their new specials like Makoto’s headbutt and Ibuki’s ground-based kunai, which mimics her super from Street Fighter III. The resulting combos not only look flashy, but they do some fantastic damage too.

Pr0Fluke hit the ring as El Fuerte to see what kind of new goodies they could cook up. The resulting combos involve exactly the kind of high-flying action that we’ve come to expect from the luchador. The video also takes the time to show off some new mix-up options that Fuerte has access to thanks to his EX Run.

It’s fun to see top players take a stab at things like Omega Mode. This footage features just that, as AVMerMedia’s GamerBee takes a close look at Adon’s updated tools. He explores things like the advantages of instant air Jaguar Kick and some easy day one combos that aspiring Omega Adon players should definitely check out.

On days like today, it’s easy to find small, undocumented changes to our favorite characters. Sometimes, though, we might find much larger changes that also went without mention, like Akuma being able to combo into his Raging Demon super. This technology has obviously not been fully explored yet, but it has been confirmed to only work with the super combo version–no Ultra demons here.

For full details, check out the video below.

This was bound to happen. As soon we knew that some characters in Omega would be able to parry, everyone’s mind went straight to Evo Moment #37. So here it is: theheartofbattle’s take on that classic moment.

What have you found in Omega mode? Drop us a line to let us know!

Source: Joutai, JusticeSoulTuna, YoraiDragon, Gamerbee, Pr0Fluke, CLxJames and theheartofbattle; special thanks to Szaki and Matt for sending in some of these videos for us to share.