Charlie Returns in Street Fighter V, Sony Partnership Brings $500,000 Prize Pool to Capcom Cup 2015

By on December 13, 2014 at 7:24 pm

UPDATE – The extended Street Fighter V gameplay trailer and stage demo have been added below.

After an incredibly exciting tournament, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono took the stage at Capcom Cup 2014 to discuss Street Fighter V.

During the presentation, the developers showed off a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming title, which took much from the previous teaser while adding some new bits here and there.

But the big reveal came near the end, where they provided a brief glimpse of Charlie.

Ono spoke of each character being more unique than they ever have before, hinting at character-specific techniques that will set them apart from each other.

Also, as part of their partnership with Sony, Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup will return next year, with one major change: a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. Yep, half a million dollars. Let’s go.

Afterwards, Capcom’s Peter “Combofiend” Rosas and Twitch’s Mike Ross took the stage to provide a quick demo of the game in action. While still very early in development, there’s some great footage here, so be sure to check out the archive below.

Source: Capcom Fighters

  • Eeeeeeerrrr… with Guile? (Like “Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3)

    • Joseph K. McCall

      I hope….the backlash for no Guile would be pretty extreme.

      • Johnny Burnes

        Yeah. It’s not like he wouldn’t go with the game.

      • Steven

        Charlie without Guile in this game would be weird for the story since Guile spent all SFIV looking for Charlie.

        • Sorrow

          SF5 is supposed to take place after SF3,Long after Alpha also means
          guile is very old.I don’t remember much of the SF story due to it being
          all messed up but I though guile was still looking for charlie due to
          him being supposedly dead

          • Daniel Song

            I want to see them finally get to re-unite with each other.

      • Flutterderp

        TBH, I’m really hoping for something like SFIII. Mostly new cast, only 2 or 3 returning characters.

        • AriesWarlock

          I very much doubt that’s gonna happen.

          • Flutterderp

            So do I, but a fella can dream.

        • Relius Clover

          Mostly new is a little much. I would prefer a solid cast of the classics with an equal amount of completely new and totally unique characters.

          Kinda like how they added about 1/4 of the Manga BB cast into Chronophantasma, except rather than keep old lame characters just replace them with the new.

          Nothing against any of the characters, I enjoy watching any of them played, but Fuerte Rufus Viper DeeJay Dan Seth Abel Decapre and Oni do not need to return. If those 9 plus maybe a few more got removed for new or pre-SF4 cast members I wouldn’t even shed a single tear. Annoying, boring, and just plain bad designs can stay in SF4, SF5 should be all awesomeness, all the time.

    • ikki

      You mean SFA3 Upper.

  • Bruno Ricardo



  • NyuBomber


  • Tonton Ramos

    Poor guy he got mind controlled just like Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine…

    • Michael Sosa

      ? It’s just a game, lol.

  • Isarael Villa

    I hope they confirm Q…..

  • Guest
  • Joseph K. McCall

    but there WILL be Guile…right?

    • Yogsagath

      No only Charlie.

      • ReddChief78

        No Guile…yeah right.

        • Yogsagath

          Street fighter 3. Done.

  • Doesn’t he die in like EVERY ending of the Alpha games lool? I guess death means nothing in SF lore huh.
    Capcom Universe == Marvel Universe confirmed.

    • NyuBomber

      Officially: Alpha 1 didn’t happen at all for anybody, didn’t die in Alpha 2, died in Alpha 3.

      Reality: Lol no death doesn’t matter CHARLIE’S BACK YEEEAAAA TOO EASY

    • geekwannabe

      Its about the time line. Its a bit messy but sf5 is now supposedly to take place before Charlie’s death to put it shortly…

      • LightSpdAeon

        That’s like saying sf4 must be before sf1 because gouken is alive…

        • Mallixin

          Gouken actually never died.

    • Bruno Ricardo

      Not really. In Abel’s storyline, he mentions that “a certain soldier” saved him. Word of God later confirmed that’s Charlie. So, no, he didn’t die in Alpha 3.

      • ThatGuy2828

        Oh yeah and because in Abel’s fight with Guile he’s like “Yo, that sonic boom I’ve seen that before”

      • Quan Chi

        Abel is a clone. How could charlie have saved him and be there right when it happened. And why abel? Fingers point to clone charlie xD

        • Edward Johnson

          No one knows. Thats the point of the new story. It could be a clone like abel or it could just be something else. I hope its not a clone

    • Ryan McGrath

      He also has Urien’s third eye and Gill’s half-blue face. Could be possessed/resurrected/a robot (hoping for Q).

    • himura

      he has the same gem in the head as Gill and Urien, remember that they can resurrect, so its not going to be the Nash we know from the alpha series…is going to be a darker version of himself >:(

    • Ben Mataakama

      He didn’t die in Alpha 1. Alpha 2 he got shot at by an Apache helo and fell to his doom into the Niagra Falls… and supposedly died. Alpha 3, he supposedly dies again. It was open-ended. In the VS series, he was somewhat brainwashed by Bison just as Cammy was and was known as Shadow so now… it’s possible he is STILL under the influence of Bison thru mind control perhaps??? Who knows…

    • ReddChief78

      Of course death means nothing it’s a VIDEO GAME, killing a character off & never returning in a game is just stupid.

    • Amer1ka

      There wasn’t a body found. Just assumed dead.

  • MikeyLNG

    From the two matches we saw of Mike and Combo briefly play, Ryu’s normals/attacks seemed ridiculously slow.

    • Luke P

      quite powerful too, to be fair.

      • Joseph K. McCall

        that makes sense- the series had been going in the direction of making Ryu a stronger Shoto, with more knock down potential, and Ken the quicker, more combo oriented character- so perhaps they want to enunciate that point in this game.

        (I know Ken hasn’t been confirmed, but come on- that’s a given)

        • The Dark Knight Detective

          Come on SFII-anime-styled-brainwashed-Ken! I figure one, it’d be cool and two, it’d be good angle to go off for bringing Bison back in a post-SF3 world. And if it does happen I hope they pull up that sketch from one of the SF4 books with the purple aura and put that in SF5, though maybe ditch the metal/steelly gauntlets in favor of the classic fighting mitts (though it probably won’t happen now seeing as Charlie could be a Shadowloo puppet but I still have my fingers crossed).

    • TiredOcean

      I’m really not liking the animations. They’ve gone for more realistic crouching kicks, which means he doesn’t fully crouch anymore when doing a cr.MK or a cr.HK. Come on, this isn’t Virtua Fighter, this is Street Fighter!

      • 七川 美華

        It’s not the first time Ryu’s had this lol, it’s almost the exact same as his SF3 Same with alot of his and chun’s moves. Along with new ones and additional properties. Like his c.HP hitting twice. For once the animations and the reels and hit stuns look amazing and waaay accurate. Sound effects are also accurate. Ryu is more precise and has powerful hits while Chun is faster and is more fluid.

  • JoanLein


  • La Lunatica

    Karin and R.Mika incoming?

    • Ren

      I voted Karin!

      • hcaep

        karin was too o.p.

    • Zepht

      Ingrid, please 🙂

  • David Eller

    Is that 500,000 spread out over top eight, or more….

  • Bruno Ricardo

    Bring Alex so I can die happy.

  • Khwadj

    More like Charlurien

  • Jon McGuire

    Hoooooly shit.

  • DoctorButler

    Don’t forget all that ramen. Lots of ramen in SFV.

  • TiredOcean

    From the demo:
    – Revenge moves are back, but they can be cancelled from normals now.
    – Characters have their own super bar lengths: Ryu had 2 EX blocks, Chun had 3.
    – The “power up” (which in the new gameplay trailer worked like a RC/FADC) uses the full super bar, and works differently for different characters. Ryu’s power up vanishes after getting hit or after using a special, whereas Chun’s vanishes after being knocked down.
    – No guard crushes or guard meter was observed
    – Ryu’s cr.HP is now two hits
    – The demo was played on PC (90% sure)
    – UltraDavid said that Chun didn’t seem to be a charge character any more
    – Stage interactions weren’t observed mid-match, however both Ryu and Chun were knocked into the restaurant after being KO’d. This means there is still no evidence as to whether stage interactions affect gameplay
    – After a character was knocked into the restaurant, subsequent rounds started in the entrance of the restaurant rather in the middle of the street
    – Chun was also knocked back in the restaurant even further, landing in the kitchen and having a bowl of noodles fall on her head. The bowl remained for the next round
    – Chun had her upkicks, and it her stomps seem to be cancellable into a “Tensei Ranka” special as previously seen. Combofiend attempted a s.HK otg as seen in the trailer but he was too late.
    – Start Menu was quite bare so it was pretty apparent that this game is still a work in progress
    – Notifications (Reveral, Counter, Technical etc.) now appear low on the screen, above the EX bars. IMO a great change.

    I get a feeling that the matches may have been pre-recorded or choreographed (i.e. Mike and Combofiend agreed on what to do before playing), which is rather acceptable (I assume they tried to show as much as they could).

    • Jesús Alonso Abad

      Actually, seems that Ryu spends his power up after the first hadoken, while Chun-li won’t lose it until she falls to the ground.

      • TiredOcean

        You’re right about both of them, I’ll update the post with that info.
        In fact Ryu’s powerup goes after both being hit or a hadouken

        • Jesús Alonso Abad

          Indeed! 😀 BTW, take a look at Chun-li’s health bar at the end of the first fight 😉

      • Hamjam

        I thought that it seemed a little steep for Ryu to lose his “power up” after one hadouken, but if you look closely it breaks Chun-Li’s guard after going through her fireball (at 2:31 in the stage demo video). This explains why there’s no guard meter: it looks like certain moves will break guard this time.

        • Jesús Alonso Abad

          Yup, I don’t know if it’s intended or just a glitch (and he doesn’t lose the “power up” after all), but his attacks look more powerful afterwards. The hadokens can’t be stopped with just one kikoken either. Also, pay attention that he delivers extra damage, but part of it is healed automatically shortly after, and the hadokens won’t do chip damage.

          It is really exciting to guess about all these little details 😀 There really will be a large difference between fighters in this game :3

          • 七川 美華

            It’s definitely not a glitch, since in 3S Denjin was always unblockable. Hence parrying. I’m loving Ryu’s playstyle this time around. If they can make him super fresh and unique then everyone else is going to be crazy hype. Like Chun for example.

      • Shabadenaya

        This means the powered up hadouken could potentially have certain properties, hopefully its not something silly like a gaurd break set up.

    • I wasn’t sure if the bowl of noodles affected her game / health / supers etc.? Or just cosmetic?

      • NyuBomber

        Didn’t notice anything other than making her look silly/bad ass when she won with noodles stuck to her head.

    • Hamjam

      At 00:56 in the video, Ryu cancels his DP into his “power up” state. I’m not sure if he would be able to land another attack after this, but it could be very similar to a FADC from SF4. Either that, or it’s a safe way to enter the “power up” state.

    • Johnny Hem

      Also, normals do gray life on block. It was super apparent when Chun blocked Ryu’s crouch fierce.

    • TS

      “- Revenge moves are back, but they can be cancelled from normals now”
      I think it’d be a bit more accurate to say that super moves are now done by filling the revenge meter, whereas the EX moves and the power up mode drain the traditional super meter. But I guess I’m splitting hairs differentiating between supers that are cinematic and ultras.

      – Ryu’s cr.HP is now two hits
      Seems to only be in his powered up mode. His regular fireball does seem to be two hits under some circumstances (7:35), and his EX changes to being 3 hits (7:40); not sure if this is dependent on button strength or low health or what.

      “- Notifications (Reveral, Counter, Technical etc.) now appear low on the screen, above the EX bars. IMO a great change.”

      Agreed. Also, I kinda like the simplified HUD in general, though I don’t think it’ll stick around.

      edit: also, the intials for a victory with the new supers is CA (as opposed to V, S, lightning bolt, C, T etc). A is Attack or maybe Art? I wonder what the C stands for.

      • Ben Mataakama

        Chip-damage win maybe? I know they had this in the Alpha series. Back then I thought it meant “cheap” cos when you finished off someone with chip damage, it blinked the words “cheap” where your notifications usually come out of! lol!

    • Ben Mataakama

      It’s his Hadouken that’s two hits, not his cr HP. At 2:42, is the cr. HP into Hadouken giving 3-hits. Nearing the end of the video at 7:35, Ryu enters a cr MK into Hadouken giving 3-hits also. Through out the game play when Chun-Li is guarding a Hadouken, you can see and hear 2-hits.

    • TempBast

      From the gameplay trailer.
      To use a Denjin Hadouken: Ryu activates his EX powerup to have lightning fists. Then he does his Revenge super and it becomes a Denjin because of the prior activation of the EX powerup.

  • SetsunaBR

    Whoaaa after all the amazing tournament so many news to ended it with all the glory that deserves! Nice one Ono-san.

  • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

    Urien will be obviously in the game.
    I’m sure the sf3 fans have noticed something very special in this extand version 😉

    • Jano Torres


    • TiredOcean

      What was it?

      • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

        Charlie’s forehead.
        You can see the same gem on Urien’s head as well as Gill.

        • Now you mention it I found this on wiki.

          “During the events of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Urien longs to overthrow Gill by creating his own army of super-soldier clones with the G-Project.”

          Looks like story mode or the cutscene “canon” could well show a power struggle between Illuminati and Shadaloo.
          Perhaps Illuminati win and clone Charlie (assuming his genetic make up or body is in Shadaloo’s possession).

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    Going to laugh if that’s not Charlie.

    • It’s clearly a Shadaloo cyborg charlie….

      • Actually. Starting to think he’s an Illuminati clone.

        See this from wiki.

        “During the events of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Urien longs to overthrow Gill by creating his own army of super-soldier clones with the G-Project.”

        Question is how do the Illuminati get Charlie’s genes from Shadaloo?
        Does Urien do a deal with them?
        Or does the Illuminati overthrow Shadaloo?

        Either way it is DEFINITELY Charlie. I mean, Ono was dressed up as Charlie.

        • Jesus

          Charlie also seems to have the “third eye” that GIll and Urien possess, or at least something resembling it. If that’s true, then your Illuminati theory holds even more weight.

  • LightSpdAeon

    Honestly, i expected them to show Alex (or hoped they did). But no, they decided to show the one character that could make me more hype. I’m still dizzy from that stunning reveal.

  • The bowl on the head thing was funny BUT please Ono do not make the game too silly.

    • If Akuma has to go a whole round with a bowl of noodles on his head….well, I just think it’s a bit sad really.
      If you include it, at least have some serious ones. Perhaps a large splinter of wood cutting through the character’s leg.

      • LightSpdAeon

        Or a Servbot head.

      • NyuBomber

        Then it should just make you more motivated to not Rip in Pasta! 😀

        • Candle Ja

          What if while the bowl is on your head, taunt takes it off?

          • Gojira Twit

            That would be nice for people who can’t live with the humiliation. Even better if it’s a long, unsafe taunt that has to be performed like Elena’s healing.

    • JeanLucAwesome

      It wouldn’t have been as bad if it didn’t get glued to her head for the following round.

      • Hunts Rattata

        Yeah, I kind thought it would fall off on knockdown.

    • Paul S

      Noodle advantage, son! You can’t handle this bowl tech.

    • pootnannies

      it might be knocked off during the next round. i’m guessing that is what will happen

  • Alan Rivarola
    • Joseph K. McCall

      You’re most likely right- but I don’t think that is because they had a similar move set- I think it’s because he wasn’t as popular- but I could be wrong.

      Do you think this means then that Guile is also not going to be in the game? I mean, we have tons of Shoto characters- I can’t see why we couldn’t have more than one charge character.

      • Alan Rivarola

        Indeed, one of the reasons it is not back in the franchise for not being popular, myself not very short remy, but if someone had hopes of returning it, should not have more. Have Guile, is an iconic character in the franchise, likely to appear, perhaps in a later version, like the alpha SF appeared in Upper (according to my memory).

      • NyuBomber

        If it can be reasonably construed that Charlie’s return is post-death in Alpha 3, he’ll probably be even more different from Guile than he already was, and that’s before we take into account any potential changes to Guile alongside everyone else just from the transition to SF5’s gameplay systems.

        In addition, it would be a massive missed opportunity for them to not interact in the game’s story, so that’s actually a case for Guile.

        But yea, RIP Remy.

        • Joseph K. McCall

          Some folks have tried to make the connection that Remy is somehow related to Charlie- (if you go by the Street Fighter Wiki) but I don’t know if there’s much to that.

          • Magegg

            Remy is most likely Abel’s son.

    • Zepht

      I want Remy back. 🙂

  • Jeremy

    The Illuminati is coming back too. Will Shadaloo also make an appearance too?

    • The rumor is Shadaloo will come to an end in SFV.

  • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

    Beside, Ono said this game will have very different (moves, game style ?) characters…
    SF3’s cast confirmed !

    • Alan Rivarola

      Oro confirmed.

      • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

        Would be great but I don’t think it will happen for a good reason :

        In third strik’s Oro’s ending, you can see Oro train Ryu, thinking Ryu can be stronger than he already is. I guess it’s like the first time they meet, so I don’t think he will be in a previous storyline, if SF5 is between SF4 and SF3.

        Anyway, Oro would be godlike, especially when you think this guy is the strongest in the entire story of SF beside Akuma. 🙂

        • pootnannies

          he’s stronger than akuma. they tied and he used one arm.

  • PringerX

    SF5 x Arcana Heart looks sick!

  • Mwisk

    The dramatic version of Charlie’s theme was a nice touch.

  • Patricia Ophelia Cross

    Ono said everyone will be more unique than we expect. I think we will have both Guile and Charlie with Guile remaining a charge character and Charlie becoming a fireball character similar to what they are testing with Dee Jay in Omega mode. This will allow him to be more of a combo/rushdown/juggle character like he tends to be while Guile remains the zoning character with followups to his Sonic Booms. Also indicates to me that SF5 Ken may be closer to Omega Mode Ken.

    I also think it will be revealed that at least part of Charlie’s DNA was used to make Abel, Seth, Urien, Gil. The gem on his forehead is a hint to how he was brought back to life; or that this Charlie may be a clone.

    • Joseph K. McCall

      @patriciaopheliacross:disqus- that’s possible. I was just thinking about Dee Jay, because as much as I like him, I don’t see him making a reappearance anytime soon in the series.

      I thought perhaps that Charlie would be more the Omega Mode Guile, while the SFV Guile character would stay closer to his roots- He’s had the same two specials since SFII- and I think they’re going to keep him that way. I might have a heart attack if they actual give him a new special move after all this time.

      But your thoughts seem to make sense also.

      Guess we’ll see.

      • Patricia Ophelia Cross

        Dee Jay is popular and actually well suited to a system which seems to favour juggles. I do not see him being part of the initial release, but I do see him possibly being added later much like he was for SF4. If and when we do get him I think he will be a lot like his Omega version.

        • Dee Jay is popular?

          • Joseph K. McCall

            he’s had a small cult following since Super Street Fighter II: New Challengers- and kicks but in Super Turbo.

      • Patricia Ophelia Cross

        Guile in Omega mode borrows Charlies Sonic Blitz but I think his rushdown move may be more a reference to EX Guile’s Opening Gunbit. I can see him keeping that move but I am pretty sure he won’t keep the Sonic Blitz.

        • LightSpdAeon

          You mean the 5 hit combo move? That’s a reference to his Total Wipeout move from CvS2.

          • Patricia Ophelia Cross

            Which is itself a reference to Opening Gunbit. Sim gets Yoga Legend and Guile gets his EX move as well. Whatever they choose to call it; it was in EX first.

          • LightSpdAeon

            Sorry, but none of those moves are similar to Opening Gambit* Opening Gambit is more like Rolling Thunder than Total Wipeout.

  • Patricia Ophelia Cross

    Noodle Fighter 5!

  • Joshua Travis

    Does this imply that SFV is going to be at Capcom Cup 2015?

    • NyuBomber

      They confirmed USF4 will still be main game at the 2015 event, with continued support.

      That doesn’t say SF5 will or won’t be there; I can’t imagine they won’t at least have new footage or announcements to reveal.

      • N12NJA

        yep they can showcase it at 2015 in a mini tournament before release to public early 2016

  • bitCrusher

    So I’m guessing Focus Attacks are gone in place of a psuedo-N Groove for each individual character. Game in general is more combo heavy but not in a janky way like SFxT.

    What strikes me are the new animations for normals, such as Ryu’s high kick and Chun-li 3 piece string. Are those actually normals? Or new command normals?

    Ryu’s play style is also dramatically different, relying on hard hits to stagger the opponent for a follow-up combo. There’s just sooo much to pick on from that match, I can’t wait till more info is revealed. But from what we’ve seen so far, SFV is becoming a hybrid SF-fighter/Anime-fighter.

    • TS

      “What strikes me are the new animations for normals, such as Ryu’s high kick and Chun-li 3 piece string. Are those actually normals? Or new command normals?”

      Ryu high kick looks like his old s.MK and s.LK in some of the older games, just posed differently. With chun, I assume the new combo opener is either a target combo, and/or a reworking of her close s.MP double slap from her post-SF3 games

  • Crash14

    Charlie with the Urien Gill “gem” in the forehead. So both confirmed too?

    • I posted this earlier but it is pertinent to your comment.

      I found this on wiki.

      “During the events of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Urien longs to overthrow Gill by creating his own army of super-soldier clones with the G-Project.”

      Looks like story mode or the cutscene “canon” could well show a power struggle between Illuminati and Shadaloo.
      Perhaps Illuminati win and clone Charlie (assuming his genetic make up or body is in Shadaloo’s possession).

    • David Curry

      Would almost confirm an SF3 prequel since Charlie wasn’t in SF3

      • He’s a DNA clone. It’s not the real Charlie. But an excuse to resurrect him.

        • David Curry

          It still would mean the project to recreate old fighters wasn’t in SF3

  • Well…time to learn SF for real now.

  • Lekill87

    Anyone noticed Charlie has a green LED on his forehead? It could be some kind of reworked Shadow or something,

    • He’s an Illuminati clone created by Gill or Urien (probably the latter). But they’d have to get the DNA from Shadaloo.

  • David Stingley


    • I think Alex will definitely come. And Oro. Based on a few clues and things I’ve heard.

  • Yamazaky Geese

    they should have put Remy
    as he is the best Guile clone in all fighting games

  • Damn. I could never get into SF4 somehow but this has gotten me excited. Cannot wait to try out SFV.

  • luis elicier

    yes!!! all day dont know where to start

  • Ndebe

    Ambivalent about the footage. Probably because Combofiend and Mike Ross didn’t touch SFV beforehand, but the game felt really slow, and the huge hitstun just felt off. That being said, I’ll reserve judgement until I get my hands on it.

  • Fist Hokuto

    Half a million dollars prize poll…thats effing crazy who ever wins that is like fuck, you could buy a decent house with that much here in california

    • N12NJA

      Remember it’s prize pool not final prize – a lot of it will be used in the tournaments in the run up to the finals. I would guesstimate the official main prize will be more like 50-100k – still great though.

  • voy3voda

    This is so good :’) , can’t wait for Maximilian and Vesper breakdowns

  • Guest

    I want SFV to be the continuation of SF3 but it needs to involve “time” ala time travel, time portal, time paradox etc. The reason why is because I want all, most or some chosen ones characters from SFs 1 2 Alpha 3 and 4 characters in the game like Karin, Remy, R. Mika, G, etc. Oh for pete’s sake bring everyone on Illuminati control!

  • Richard N

    So… does this Bison has never killed a single person?

    • NyuBomber

      Chun’s dad.

      But I forgive you for forgetting.

      It was just a Tuesday.

    • Gato_wiska

      Juri’s Parents
      T.Hawk’s village
      Juni’s parents
      Rejected body vessels of him

  • kinv

    bring them all please capcom… you got the capacity of ps4 and the money of sony… bring all the characters back… dont hold back

  • Guest

    It’s interesting to see such a huge change to how chip damage works over previous SF games. Normals do chip now, chip doesn’t kill, and chip damage in general seems to be recoverable. This should be interesting.

  • Skudd Stevens

    It’s interesting to see such a huge change to how chip damage works over
    previous SF games. Normals do chip now, chip doesn’t kill, and chip
    damage in general seems to be recoverable. This should be fun.

    • CrazyMobius

      Similar to Capcom’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

  • himura

    :____D Welcome back Nash, we missed you….what a good day to be a FGs fan

  • himura

    that Gem in the forehead….Gill and Urien may appear as well then?? things are looking very interesting….Give me makoto and im sold….wait…who im trying to fool….IM ALREADY SOLD!!! >:(

  • Guest

    Anyone else notice that normals are causing grey health chip damage?

  • graefx

    Did anyone else notice that normals cause grey health chip damage?

  • ivanchu77

    Goodbye Guile

  • RunningWild1984

    Those so called “Parries” look more like Instant Blocking/Just Guard to me.

    I’ll say though I like the high damage output in the game.

    • pootnannies

      since the characters change after activating instinct mode i wouldn’t be surprised if some had parries so that everyone has something different. who knows at this point.

  • soundsmaker


  • Spektru

    Charlie is a very cool character.

  • Dark Moyan

    while we wait for SFV, watch this and enjoy SF 2 parody

  • David Curry

    Who else has died in Street Fighter, that could be resurrected/cloned? Rose?

    I’d say Gouken but they made up something stupid to bring him back

  • Kevin Toretto

    Jesus, this looks slow. I mean, it could very well end up great, the series isn’t known for being bad but right now I can’t say I am hyped. Intrigued, but not hyped.

  • SiriusBusiness

    I’ll take Charlie > Guile at this point. Diff/new characters please.

  • pootnannies

    ryu’s animations are too slow and realistic. needs some dynamic animation. chun is looking good and that bowl with noodles thing was completely unexpected and hilarious. i liked seeing the low forward confirmation into “revenge”? either way it was cool. also ryu’s fireballs are FAST! should be interesting.

  • pootnannies

    ryu seems slower but his projectiles are faster. he hits hard leaving a lot of block/hit stun. he’s like a brawler style with fast fireballs. should be interesting

  • jelaninoel

    First Charlie was blanka, and now hes gill? Stop it capcom

    • Gato_wiska

      Charlie is never Blanka, that is a Movie and American Cartoon series thing, Non cannon

  • Kevin Giguere

    I’m calling it: Charlie is resurrected by the Illuminati, thanks to that gem of course. Guile returns to the fight to take him out.

  • void

    i might actually get back into SF

  • Trevor Clarke

    SO would this make this prealpha with Sf3 stages or is Charlie ressurected via plot?

  • LordxMugen

    all i want is Q. it would make me so happy if he was in it!

  • disqusdatbra

    I wonder why some people cried over the graphics, I think it looks great and the artstyle is a huge improvement over SF4.

    • thaRiddler

      You’re joking right?

  • Bushin_Cat

    I haven’t seen the live demo or trailer yet (waiting to get home for that); but i understand Charlie is taking Guile’s place in V. Since SFV is a
    bridge between IV and III (really capcom…4 comes before 3??)and we don’t see Guile in SFIII ,i understand. Any chance this might be ‘Shadow’ Charlie? Sh.Charlie is canon, right? And was there a hint of who the boss is for V?

    • thaRiddler

      If what your saying is true then there is no way this SFV will be better then SFIV. There just no way.


    Charlie’s back! Instant main

  • JasinWalraven

    Hope charlie turns out to be a tratior.

  • Edward Johnson

    Plot twist, what if Charlie was Q in 3rd strike?

  • thaRiddler

    Expectations for SFV have been lowered. So far game reminds too much of MVC3. Have no problem stating that entry was a complete disappointment. Presentation of SFV has to definitely change. Everybody can dog SFIV out all you want but you have to admit its got style kid. I don’t see any style in SFV.

    • Drago Umeharevich

      eventhubs leaking?

      • thaRiddler


  • chrobaciky

    So Charlie became a hindu. Good on him.

  • j95lee

    I don’t see anything really interesting or new here. Ryu and Chun Li look exactly the same. If the trailer is any indication, Ryu will probably have the same 3 special moves he had since whatever street fighter game existed in the late 90’s. Maybe he gets Donkey kick and fake fireball.

    Yeah, there will be a dozen new characters or so and JUST enough new things keep the game from becoming a complete rehash. But at a certain point, the series has to evolve.

    Way back in the day I bought FF Mark of the Wolves for the Dreamcast. It wasn’t that great, but the the SNK took the series to a different direction. They re-imagined Terry as a middle aged guy and a number of the new characters were offsprings from the original cast (the Art of Fighting representative was some Latino guy named “Butt Rodriguez”)

    Don’t you want to see Ryu as a 45 year “Takuma” – like fighter, fighting to regain his former glory? I know I do.

    • Kaihedgie

      What glory? Ryu’s never fought for anything like that

    • 七川 美華

      You seem highly uneducated. Neither characters look or play the same.

      • j95lee

        They look almost exactly the same. Same attire, mostly same special moves.

        Capcom has milked the SF2 character model for an eternity.

        I’ll eat crow if Ryu doesn’t have some variant of his hadoken or shoryuken combo cancelled into super / FADC / whatever.

    • David Curry

      The series tried to evolve when everybody from SF2 was gone from SF3. But the fans whined during beta tests, so they put Ken and Ryu back in. Then Street Fighter 3 wasn’t really mainstream popular (until Evo Moment 37). So here we are rehashing SF2 and Alpha.

  • Rockito

    Noodles in the head? Really? This game gets dumber day by day. If SFxT was for 5 years old kids, this game is for retards.

  • Mattforce W

    I’m gonna be honest, this game looks mad boring.

    • thaRiddler

      Thank you. This game LOOKS so lifeless. Like I said to my friends I’m very worried. SFIV just completely bodies SFV in a visual since.

  • Edrick296

    Charlie.. Great !!!! I like the way they teased HIm. Looks like they will do it like ki , some times after they show some new contenet on the game, They will tease who or what is next. When you figth Abel vs Guile or Guile vs Abel in history mode , Abel asks Guile about that tech ( soninc Boom,) because he , abel, remember some one that do sometning similar and maybe that will give him more info about Him and his past. So Charlie is maybe in some way related to mbison and his experiments or maybe seth.Like they sayd , this sf is after sf3 and before sf4. Is very importat that capcom pick the best cast possible for this game. I will love to see Birdie, but Zangief will be better to the game.

  • Relius Clover

    Side with MS Studios – Get no funding, no support for tournaments or local scenes, no free equipment, no control over DLC prices, minimal 3rd party support, and no control over patch release dates, just the “pleasure” of saying your game is exclusive to Xbox.

    Side with Sony – Get funded, half a million dollars of extra prize money for Capcom Cup events and local scenes, free set-ups including TV’s and games, and full control over DLC prices and game patching.

    Not sure about anyone else, but I think its obvious who deserves the support of the FGC. (HINT: its the company that actually provides benefits for the FGC rather than the company trying to suck our wallets dry)

  • Just noticed that when Charile appears a orchestral version of his theme plays.