Who do you think will win Capcom Cup 2014?

By on December 12, 2014 at 12:09 pm

While Evolution Championship Series serves as the largest and most varied fighting game event our community has, Capcom Cup serves a special role by distilling the strongest components of the scene and placing them into a smaller, high-intensity Ultra Street Fighter IV bracket to decide their fate.

As such, these leads to more widespread discussion over the outcome. Will Daigo Umehara of Team Mad Catz ride his increasingly powerful Evil Ryu to victory, or could upstarts like CNB e-Sports Club’s ChuChu and GL|Valmaster prove their qualifications on the main stage?

In order to see how public opinion is shaping up, we’ve created a quick poll for you all to take part in. Remember, this is for the event’s overall champion, so be sure to vote. After doing so, feel free to head to the comments to let us know who you picked and why you chose them.

Should you be more interested in discussing earlier matchups, One Frame Link’s first-round poll is still ongoing.