Microsoft Gathering Community Opinions on Porting Killer Instinct to PC

By on December 10, 2014 at 10:36 am


While Killer Instinct has made great strides in the community since launching last year, its exclusivity to Xbox One continues to be a sticking point for folks looking to get into the title. Having to purchase an expensive gaming console and a brand new arcade stick in addition to the game itself is a huge barrier to entry that keeps many from experiencing competition for themselves.

Fortunately, it appears as if the developers are taking note of this issue. Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen recently took to the official Killer Instinct forums to consolidate a number of threads centered around discussion of a possible PC port, even going as far to put together a poll to gauge the community’s reception to the idea.

In my opinion, the potential boost this could give the competitive scene is priceless, especially if they implement some sort of cross-platform netplay feature that will keep those already playing from dividing.

If you’re interested in having your voice heard, be sure to visit Ultra-Combo by following the link below and take part in the poll.

Source: Ultra-Combo, tip via Tucker W.

  • DO IT

  • Joel Cameron


    • MichaelPayneV

      TO DA CHOPPA!!!

      • ermonski


        • Loadcartoons


          • YOU SON OF A BITCH

          • ermonski

            Okay, okay! you don’t have to scream! damn it what is wrong with you?

  • Quan Chi


  • Ricardo Nasta Villaseñor

    Yep I agree, DO IT! 😀

  • Garland Steele

    Without question do it.

  • Rocki Maeve

    In the span of a few *short *weeks** KI has officially become the only fighting franchise with 0 representation on steam. this needs to happen

    • But there’s no Mahvel on steam. or Virtua Fighter, or Soul Caliber.

      • Rocki Maeve

        that’s probably more due to the marvel license that got revoked, giving them no time to do it, than to capcom, who brought sfxt to steam

      • xCROOKEDx

        Actually, Virtua Fighter has some representation on Steam – VF2 is playable in the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classic.


  • MaskedHeroxx

    This games is for casuals.. Yea you guys are sooooo good at button mashing. the characters are cool way better than what mortal kombat. Has… But buttonmashing the entire time is weak

    Casuals get some skill and play a real fighting game (street fighter) try doing some 1 frame links.

    • R.D. Covenant

      ….any fighting game is button mashy at low level. Play better people.

      • MaskedHeroxx

        That’s not true button mashing is jus pressing random buttons idiot

        • Umm yeah that is what he said, why resort to name calling? He is saying if for example, I being a pretty noobish guy at fighting games were to play Street Fighter I no doubt would start button mashing, however when I play Killer Instinct (SNES version, the only fighter game I play, I am okay at it) I can pull of combos and don’t button mash.

          All fighter games can be button mashing, it depends on who you are playing against, if you played KI with pro players they are not button mashing, they are comboing moves.

          EDIT: I think your a troll, I try not to throw that word around, but no way someone can be in so much denial. But feel free to prove me wrong, type out a well thought out reply with no name calling, I dare you.

          • MaskedHeroxx

            Oh god smh

          • MaskedHeroxx

            Jus shut up

        • JasinWalraven

          I’ma street fighter layer for life, but you give Street Fighter Players a bad Name. KI is often brought to the Walraven Weekly in Detroit and the game isn’t button mashing, in fact there is a mechanic that punishes mashing.

          • FinchoMatic

            Ain’t it the truth 😉

          • MaskedHeroxx

            Go away it’s over

      • Amer1ka

        Don’t feed the troll man. It’s soooooo obvious.

    • Kenneth J. Pettigrew Jr.

      Whatever dude. Akuma was finally proven to be a weak character at Eventhubs.

      • MaskedHeroxx

        Is that so well tell infiltration that. Winning EVO and many other tournaments in the past few years… Among other to akuma players

    • Troll harder bro.

    • Diss Willie

      If you think KI is for button mashers than you REALLY don’t understand the game and you should keep quiet on something you don’t understand. I can tell you this about KI there are no hundred hand slap or lightning legs type of moves in this game.

      • MaskedHeroxx

        Lmao everyone has lighting legs in ki

        • MaximMillion

          Incorrect; no moves of that nature at all in KI.

          • Amer1ka

            Don’t feed the super incredibly obvious troll.

          • MaskedHeroxx


    • BulletToothTeddy

      Learn how to play higher-level KI before you start ranting like an ignorant idiot.

      • MaskedHeroxx

        Naa u garbage ass ki player

    • Cyfnos

      Don’t feed the troll guys. He’s hungry for attention.

    • MaximMillion

      You haven’t played it have you. The new KI is not button mashing at all, pretty much every move needs to be timed. Watch some of Maximilian’s Assist Me

      KI videos and you’ll see it’s not button mashing.

      • MaskedHeroxx

        I have played it alot especially when it first came out a week straight. My area even runs tournaments for the game.
        What got me hating ki was thr seasonal character release dlc. I can’t believe they did that.I don’t care how cool spinal or fulgour is. No thx not watching video.

        (Pc master race)

        Your mahvel videos with doom are hilarious

        • JasinWalraven


          • MaskedHeroxx

            I did my friend gots a shit box one…

    • ChinnyChinChinChecker

      You clearly know nothing you are yapping about.
      You cannot button mash and win on the new KI, not even against the CPU. If you do not know how to combo and break combos you lose.

      You actually need to know how to open, link, auto/manual, link and then end to cash out the damage.

      Please come online with that whole button mashing deal and see how it works.

    • ermonski

      so if it’s a casual game and casual players wants to mash…. they do not have the right to play KI and that it’s a mortal sin to port it to PC? This is awesome!

  • kturbio

    DO IT!!

  • R.D. Covenant

    Oh, I want this to happen. But I have to admit, that it would greatly diminish my interest in getting an xbone….and I already want a PS4 more; though, I have to admit that money would still make it’s way into MS pockets.

    • Calvin McQueen

      I was thinking the same thing. If this comes to PC, Xbone is dead to me.

    • ermonski

      hey, with SFV coming out, I don’t mind having two great fighting games on my PC.

      • jopamine

        and no need to get a new stick!

        • ermonski

          yay! more money for beer and fight nights!

  • NyuBomber

    I’ve been interested since the announcement. Put in crossplay and you’re good to go.

    • I feel the exact same way.

    • Stoogie


  • Albirieo

    Yes a thousand times yes. The cost of a Xbone will kill the scene.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      XBone is only $349. Well worth it. Just get one already and stop whining about exclusivity.

      • 咲夜P #IDOLSPORTS

        Getting a new console for one game is just, no.

        I’d like to play KI but I have no interest in any other Xbone games. They’re all in PS4.

        • MaxKill

          Forza 5
          Forza Horizon
          Halo: The Master Chief Collection
          Sunsent Overdrive.
          Halo 5
          Quantum Break
          Yep,One game only.

          • CookieSoup

            That wasn’t his point. He clearly said no other titles interest him. Even if a console would be swimming in good exclusives, which is not even the case for the Xbone as of now, it’s still a huge waste of money if none or barely any of them interest you.

          • letsgoiowa

            The only reason I’d get an X1 is _maybe_ Halo 5 because MCC is pretty broken right now. Those are the only 2 that interest me. I’m not interested in paying over $500 just to play 2 games while I paid half that amount for 200+ on Steam and Origin.

          • 咲夜P #IDOLSPORTS

            None of which I like.

            Comparing it to the PS4…

            Persona 5
            Guilty Gear Xrd (which is already out)
            Order 1886
            God Eater 2
            Neptunia V II
            A new iDOLM@STER game

          • Hailstorm

            Not to mention SF5, Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4 and Deep Down coming up…

          • Edwin Obando Chacon

            Im pretty sure PS4 has better games…

          • Yogsagath

            I think there may be reason those were not listed on that list. And what the fuck God Eater 2 O_O. Kinda glad I have friends for the PS4 for Destiny or else I would have not got the damn system to start with. Though I would have to say Xrd and Persona 5 may have motivated me a little bit more.

          • Edwin Obando Chacon

            Try harder…

          • Yogsagath

            Out of that list I would only play one game out of that list. That being Sunset Overdrive. And before you say but Halo 5 I think that series should have died at Halo 3.

          • luggage lad

            Phantom Dust

          • Bezki

            For you. I don’t care about them. BIG SURPRISE.

          • pandemlc

            Yes, because everyone wants to buy the same games as you. Flawless logic.

      • Dex ⚡

        Yeah no thanks. I’ll be fine with my PC and I won’t be getting a machine that can’t even properly run 1080p60 on most games.

      • Yogsagath

        Get for that 30 frames per second and 720p power house Kappa.

  • WrathChild

    If it does happen, consider me sold. It’ll probably look like crap on my laptop, but I want to play this game so badly I don’t even care.

  • King9999

    DO IT!

  • Eric Nguyen


  • Christopher Velasquez

    You have my vote on this! lets go Microsoft!!

  • yes please the more people who can play it the more feedback they get the better the game will become (hopefully)

  • While it’ll diminish its value as an Xbox exclusive, this decision has the potential for expanding the game’s community and money-wise, attract more revenue. If they can raise the game’s resolution, I would have to agree with it being on PC.

    • Yogsagath

      But it would also Boost sales for KI, They already did it with Dead Rising which is awesome and Ryse (though that was still shit) to the PC honestly they were both great ports. So honestly I would love to see what would happen with a KI port.

      • Well, I’m kinda mixed on it. On one hand, it will do what you and I explained, however, it also encourages less people to buy the Xbone for KI. But since KI isn’t on the scale of Halo or other 1st party franchises Microsoft has, I guess it wouldn’t hurt for a PC release.

        • Yogsagath

          I’m sure Xbox one will sell well I personally Don’t see a reason to buy one. But one day they find some new IP to get a new market rather than the dude bro gamers and who knows It will sell well. Or here’s something another Banjo and Konker game may help drive sales? Probably not but It would get me interested.

    • luggage lad

      it’s sort a myth that PC ports hurt console sales. the console market doesnt give a shit if the game is also on PC. They only care about Xbox vs Sony in their decision making.

      Only thing it does is hurt the ego of the console-fanbois who post in places like this

  • J.D SRK


  • Dark Moyan

    Do want



    i love Ki but never going to buy an X1 to play this… but on PC i will make sure to buy it on release ! and cross play must happen !

  • BulletToothTeddy

    XBone is down to $349 now. No more excuses, guys.

    • ArmoredBoar

      That’s $309 too much to play KI.

      • Acefondu

        Plus $50 for Xbox live, plus $200 for an Xbox One stick….plenty of excuses. Would love a PC version.

        • BulletToothTeddy

          Sad that you’re missing out on a great game because you refuse to purchase a console based on your PC and/or PS4 dedication. Hey, poor people problems aren’t my problem.

          • Acefondu

            I didn’t refuse to buy a console because of some weird loyalty. I didn’t buy an Xbox One because there’s only 1 game on it I want to play which is KI, that doesn’t warrant me spending $500 on one game. I like my hobby, but I still have to feed the family.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            It would be $349 for the console and about $4/month for Live, plus $60 for a CronusMax to use your current stick. Or the XBone controller works great. Just so you have all the correct information. Sorry to hear about your financial situation. Might I suggest a better job, a second job, (the same for your spouse) or better budgeting of your funds?

          • Unemployment Master

            Wow, someone just ban this piece of shit. Terrible troll.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Don’t take things so seriously. Stress will take a terrible toll on your body.

          • Don’t you think it’s silly to advise someone to get a second job just to play a single game?

          • Rocki Maeve

            he doesn’t need another job to justify wasting $400 on a $40 item.

          • lesrima88

            2/10 troll,well atleast you tried

          • luggage lad

            ChronusMax has input lag you scrub

          • Edwin Obando Chacon

            LOL, everyone get two jobs and why not, send you children to sell lemonade so all the families of the world can have a XBONE. HAHAHA, OMG this is so hillarious!!! This surely deserve a meme…

          • Dragonfall

            Not all of us live with our parents and have them buy things for us.

      • Rocki Maeve

        amen, brother, spot on!!! love the game but it’s not a $400 game (factoring in xbl)

    • tickles

      To play a single game, when I can play every other fighter I want on last gen or pc? no thanks.

    • Edwin Obando Chacon

      Your fanboyism is actually bad for the console, when something goes bad it will end bad, XBONE sucks, is not even nearly as good as 360 was…

  • shakaz

    yes, i will never buya xbox one, so if is on pc , i ill give it a try

  • Edensuko


  • I just hope I can run it at 60fps doesn’t seem like my system is as next gen ready as I thought.

    • ArmoredBoar

      If the prototype was able to run on 360 smoothly, I figure the average SF4-running comp could run it. Maybe even better.

      • Uh… we wouldn’t be getting a prototype though. That’s completely different from a final build.

        • ArmoredBoar

          I’m saying if the prototype ran well on 360, surely there’d be options for PC to tone the graphics down and play at a stable framerate.

          • That’s not what a prototype is.

          • ArmoredBoar

            I never said it was. The point was if it could run on 360 looking like it did then (which is to say it didn’t look all that different from final), it’d run fine on PC like it does now on its own platform, and that video options to match the former’s quality would mean KI could run on a potato.

    • Osei TheTalent Tyson

      KI has been running 60fps from day one. Started at 720p res but has bumped to 900p

  • Jimmi Zansetsuken

    I remember when they were previewing KI at the M$ store in Orlando, it was a PC unit, hooked up to an LG monitor and 360 sticks, all shoved into an arcade cabinet. They can easily make KI for the PC.

    • ArmoredBoar

      That’s because XBONE is based on a cooked Win8 setup with a new architecture.

      • Jimmi Zansetsuken

        I know what it is, I’m just saying it’s was gonna happen at some point, most likely after KI:S2 is complete. Everything now is just hype built with wishful thinking.

  • Relius Clover

    Title should read “Microsoft doing any and everything in their power to stay relevant in the gaming world”

    • Loghorn

      Exactly, LMAO. Having this being on PC is just another reason not to even own a Xbox One over a PS4 at all, because Microsoft can’t seem to keep games exclusive on their platform.

      Also, Street Fighter is still bigger than Killer Instinct is.

      • Rockz

        I find it funny how people whine, get angry and, constantly port-beg Microsoft for exclusives on PC.

        And yet, they then turn around and scream, “HA! HA! 360/XBONE LOST ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE! LOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ!!1!!1!!!!!111!!!” when MS actually gives in to their demands.

      • mastermalone

        The same could be said for PS4 regarding Street fighter V. It’s coming to PC at the same time. What is the incentive to buy a PS4 for SFV if I already own a very strong PC that I built last year. I suppose if people are console fans, they will just say things that make sense to them.

        Because, by your statement someone else could say: Having SFV being on PC is just another reason not to even own a PS4 over an Xbox One at all, because Sony can’t seem to keep games exclusive on their platform. (Although Sony does a better job keeping exclusive games…exclusive in most cases).

        By the way, when you buy PC games, you are still giving Microsoft your money. PC games are running on Windows (a Microsoft product) and are built using the Games for Windows SDK (Also a Microsoft product). There is a cost to use these Dev kits and sell products developed with them. Microsoft gets a little slice of the pie for each game sold that runs on their software.

        I will never understand the hate for Sony or Microsoft that I’ve seen over the years.

        • Loghorn

          The difference is, is that Sony (as well as Nintendo) keeps most of their games exclusive to their platforms, including most Japanese 3rd party games.

          Plus the only reason why this is on PC, is because Capcom wanted this game to be on PC & for cross compatibility with the PS4 version.

          By the way, when you buy PC games, you are still giving Microsoft your money. PC games are running on Windows (a Microsoft product) and are built using the Games for Windows SDK (Also a Microsoft product). There is a cost to use these Dev kits and sell products developed with them. Microsoft gets a little slice of the pie for each game sold that runs on their software.

          Entirely false. They’re not the ones getting paid off of 3rd party games for PC, the companies that provides the games do. Plus if anything, most PC gamers are buying games on Steam, & not on Games for Windows.

          I will never understand the hate for Sony or Microsoft that I’ve seen over the years.

          IMO, I wish that a better company other than Microsoft were to be in the gaming industry. The gaming industry was just fine with Nintendo, Sony, & Sega being around before they came. And they also have a very bad reputation with the PC gaming community at large as well.

          • mastermalone

            If you play games on Windows, you gave Microsoft your money, steam or not. Unless of course you are playing on a pirated copy of Windows ;). If you’re put off by Microsoft as a company, fine. Regarding Sega and Nintendo, they were the defacto companies for gaming back in the day. It was Sony who came in out of nowhere and pushed their way in when Nintendo shunned their CD-ROM project for the Super Famicom. Sony, a company known for making the Walkman and TV’s at the time decided to get into the gaming industry. That was weird to everyone… the time.

            The sentiment that you feel towards Microsoft, is the same way that I as well as many others felt about Sony’s announcement back in 1994. Needless to say, what I felt was silly towards Sony. Sony turned out to be great for gaming. The same can be said for Microsoft. Without them, console online gaming would not be where it is at today, but they have Sega to thank for the idea (Thank you Dreamcast!).

            In any case, my point was to get you and others to see that hate towards a game maker is silly. These companies make games for entertainment as well as profit for their bottom line. The games produced, when good, provide memorable experiences for years. I have played games across many gaming platforms over the 30+ years that I’ve been playing. I have memories form the Atari 2600- Current Gen.

            Long story short, don’t limit your experiences based on silly biases towards a console manufacturer that literally has done nothing to harm you in any way, shape or form.


  • SavingPrincess

    Yes. Go vote people.

  • luis elicier

    hell yes since im building a pc this year…

  • Tucker Wilkin

    Thank you SRK. this is the only fighting game i’ve ever been interested
    in and to see this brought to a big FGC website literally brings tears
    to my eyes. thank you to everyone.

  • Damiano De Titta

    that shit is far from official. I dont get why shoryuken is reporting it as if microsoft was listening. Of course portbeggers are on full force.
    Annoying shit.

  • Thirties John

    Uh, yes, please.

  • Heehahou

    Would be great, I wouldn’t play it otherwise.

  • ArmoredBoar

    A shame that a lot of KI players hearing about this right now are disagreeing with this as a means to justify their console purchase.

    If this happens, be happy the playerbase could be even bigger, since Adam explicitly implied crossplat in the poll.

    riptor hype doe

  • luggage lad

    DO IT (preferably with CROSS PLATFORM)

  • Cyfnos

    This and Sunset Overdrive were the only games I was interested in for the XBone. If it moves to PC, this will further my hype.

  • Leandro Moreira Duarte


  • Guest

    360 first Do it!

  • Mithan

    How about release the full Halo series on the PC?

    K thanks.

  • Ironlegend

    Do you have to get a KI account thing to vote in the poll?
    don’t see option to vote on site

    • Rocki Maeve

      yeah you gotta sign up. i think like 50 have signed up and posted since this was announced XD. the pc-holdouts are strong

  • Guest
  • Angry Canadian Gamer

    I’m in… only as long as it that doesn’t mean the return of GFWL.

  • Bezki

    Gathering Opinions.


  • s1g@phnx

    Do it? You should’ve BEEN did it! (Pardon my bad grammar)

    Honestly, though, this just seems like a reaction from MS to Street Fighter 5’s announcement. If you were REALLY serious about it guys, you would have had your IP not only on the console that you made, but the market that you still pretty much OWN at this point! It just makes sense!

  • Historian_CM

    Consolidating a few threads does not equal Microsoft Gathering Opinions. It means there were a bunch of threads that got consolidated.

  • Jaded X

    Don’t Do it. Keep it exclusives. If these people want the game make them buy the xb1. The goal is to not sell one game but to get more people buying into xb1.

    • Dragonfall

      You must be a major Microsoft shareholder.

  • Gabriel González

    It would be a good move, that way they can Implement Cross-Play functionality.

  • disqusdatbra

    Releasing it on PC is the best investment to keep that game relevant. Lets hope others (hello Arcsys) will follow, making a Fighting game platform exclusive is a stupid idea to begin with.

  • Guest


  • Isaac Hudson

    ehrmagawd DO IT

  • ragnarok954

    As hundreds of others already said, PLEASE DO IT!

  • suicidalpixel

    I don’t have Xbox One or any other modern console, those things are way too expensive here, but I’d gladly pick up PC version of KI. I have fond memories of the original.

  • Dex ⚡


  • a__sorrow


  • Joe Silva

    Do it and add crossplay

  • Just do it.

  • I’d buy this game DAY ONE!!! Im so interested in this game… since the beginning, but would never buy an Xbox One just for this game. Not interested in any first party game xone offers. if there`s any!

  • Evil Hayato

    KI has been the only consistent game Ive solely wanted that is exclusive to XBox1. If they do this, count me in on day one purchase.

  • TruenoGT

    YES Please. Would love to use my existing arcade stick to play this. In fact just go ahead and merge the platforms when Windows 10 is good to go. I understand the impracticalities, but it seems like such an obvious strategy to help the MS platform take over on both sides.

  • Bob Smith

    Ah, so now that PS4 has exclusives, MS wants to reach out to us PC gamers. Not sure if I’m going to fall for that one. Maybe when the game’s dirt cheap.

    • The game is free, just download it!!!

  • Cyber qwimby

    i have been waiting for this since its announcement yes please!

  • Amer1ka

    If they released it for PC and it had cross network play? It would be MONSTER for the game as a lot of people are interested in it but there are a number of barriers to actually playing it (XB1 cost, XBL cost and stick cost for those who play on stick).

  • DragonSix

    Do it

  • D’Wayne Hopkins

    There’s no link that sends me to the poll. It only sends me to the post saying that he made a poll. I can’t find it on the board. Where is it in the thread?

    • luggage lad

      it’s at the top of the page, scroll up (also register and vote)

  • Daltykun

    DO IT DO IT DO IT. No ones buying a console for just KI, so ante up microsoft.

  • gigantor21


  • Osei TheTalent Tyson

    This would be excellent. Best modern fighter out and the best fighter since SF3

  • Flavored


  • Universe

    I’m not a big fan of the genre, but why the hell not? There’s a huge community hungry for fighting games on PC. I’d eventually get it on sale.

    I’d buy Halo: TMCC in a heartbeat tough.

    • luggage lad

      why on SRK if you’re not a fan of the genre?

      • That’s exactly what I thought….. da fack r u doing here lol???

      • Universe

        A gaming news website brought me here.

  • penzoom moto kaiX


  • KagatoAsuka

    DO IT!!!

  • Mrdante Bloodwolfe


  • jpgnotgif

    Yes please. I will buy a PC if this happens

  • Gailim

    I have seen enough of this game on Max’s channel to know that I would definitely buy it were it on PC

  • Nemanja Djukic

    Red the KI comments on the forums it was hilarious how much Xbone owners would rather have a exclusive to brag abut than expand the player base because of the possible crossplatform support for the game.

  • Leahelm

    Hmmm, they bring this to a vote right after Street Fighter 5 is announced for PS4 and PC, that’s not coincidental timing at all 😛

  • Luke P

    this, along with a guilty gear xrd port, would make my recent decision to build a desktop one of the most timely decisions I’ve made.

  • Gathering opinions? What are they, daft? OF COURSE WE WANT GAMES ON PC!

  • Tim

    I don’t own any consoles anymore, so of course I’m FOR this.

  • Felipe Pereira


    • Felipe Pereira

      Now that I’ve read the article, I change my answer.

  • RunningWild1984

    I’ve been wanting to play Killer Instinct for some time now, but getting a new console AND a new arcade stick doesn’t appeal to me.

    On the other hand if it came out on PC, it would be perfect.

  • ermonski

    PC gamers also deserve some Killer Instinct love!

  • Damiano De Titta

    So many beggers I almost feel robbed by just reading this shit.

  • Friendly_PC_Gamer

    for the love of god commenting here won’t change ANYTHING click on the link THEN say yes and maybe it will happen DO IT NOW GAWD DAMN IT !!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Sosa

    No thanks, you can keep the retarded ccccccombo breaker yo yourselves.

    • Rockz

      What’s “retarded” about it?

  • Curtis Davis

    DO IT! So I don’t have to buy that trash Xbone!

  • Hailstorm

    I want it NOW, not in a year, not in a month, not in a week…
    I’ll open up Steam right now and I wanna see KI pop up my screen in 5,4,3…

  • dub

    Fuck, yes please, but with Win7 support!!!!

  • Eric James

    YES! YES! YES!


  • Edwin Obando Chacon

    Look at the comments on the pool, theres a lot of butthurts because they bought a X1 for KI then the actual possibility of the game being on PC feels bad for them. We are in the times when some people love more the box than the gaming itself…

  • Vicar In Ubuntu

    Um yes? Why would anyone not want this to come over?

    • Edwin Obando Chacon

      Look at the forums, most X1 owners are in rage because they are loosing the most “successfull” exclusive franquise X1 have.
      But no matter how much they cry, there is a reason why Dead Rising and Ryse came to PC, because Xbone isnt selling games. Those dudes thinks that if 5 million of X1 has been sold is the same quantity of KI. Its like to said that GG XRD has sold 14 millions of copies because PS4 sales.
      God, people are so stupid there, then you know why they bought the most crappy console ever made behind the Atary Jaguar or the nintendo virtual boy…

  • Felipe Henrique

    DO IT

  • Arrahdre

    awe man, I would seriously get into this game if I had the opportunity to play it on PC..i really liked season 1 when i played it on xbone at launch..

  • Cold Crow

    No, Port Halo 3, ODST, Reach and 4 instead. 🙂

  • Yogsagath

    Do want also allow people to mod that shit too I would love that.

  • kinv



    They don’t deserve this game

  • Kameron Smith

    Dont do it Leave it as an exclusive like its ment to be. porting it will ruien it

  • Phoenix Hope

    It’s amazing to read posts on that forum of people against it. Even if you own it for Xone you should still want it to go to PC, and not a year from now but ASAP.

  • Please make a PC version, give gamers option.

  • hypnotica420x

    first DOA and now this, long live the glorious pc master race

  • Tiberian_Fiend

    No GFWL, please.

  • ivanchu77

    I like Killer instinc but i hate the xbox so i would love if they port it to PC

  • Heitor Souza

    DO IT NOW!

  • ChinnyChinChinChecker



    • ermonski

      you typed it wrong.


  • chrobaciky

    Don’t need to port it, it was running on pcs at all the gaming shows leading up to release.
    But yeah I’d love to play it on pc.

  • Guest

    PC players deserve some Killer Instinct love!

  • JeanLucAwesome

    I’m for it, I’d love to see all the costume mods. Including the retro costumes that the devs didn’t want to make like Orchids. lol

    • ermonski

      inb4 Sadira, Maya and Orchid nude mods

  • rantechradio


  • JeanLucAwesome

    For console war-tards, it’d still be exclusive on console. Nothing wrong with a PC port. Please gtfo.

  • ermonski

    I hope Microsoft realizes that they are starting to alienate the market that made them what they are = the PC

  • izael

    Com certeza um jogo que vou comprar para minha coleção!PCFOREVER

  • Viky

    Wow the console fanboys there are literally cancer. I don’t give two shits about KI anyway. PS4 is the console for the FGC

    • ermonski

      any console can be the console for the FGC.

  • sccrxer

    LOVED this game for N64. I’d buy it in a heartbeat for pc.

  • R.Tyler

    Do it and make it Cross play like SF 5….woah nelly.

  • HisDivineOrder

    If Microsoft wants to grow the franchise, they would be wise to do this and make the game crossplay compatible with the Xbox One version.

  • Hoover1979

    So it is written, So it must be done!!

  • AL Pasas

    KI Needs a better home and PC is the best for any game 😉

  • David Shaw

    PC gamer here.. DO IT!

  • Travis Lynn


  • ermonski

    still no progress for PC version?