Yun and Yang? Customizable Signs? Possible Secrets Hidden in Street Fighter V Teaser’s Background

By on December 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Now, the community has done its fair share of speculation regarding what Street Fighter V may or may not include, but that’s to be expected. As the follow-up to 2008’s Street Fighter IV, the upcoming installment of Capcom’s flagship fighting franchise is a symbol of the progress our scene has made in the past few years, a dedication that has been noticed by the developers and reciprocated.

We’ve talked about Street Fighter V a great deal in the past few days, whether it be discussions about its place in the franchise’s timeline or gameplay mechanics, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to be found.

One of most noteworthy highlights in the gameplay footage had to be Chun-Li launching Ryu through a doorway and into a different part of the arena, and that got us thinking: could there be other tasty morsels hidden throughout the stage? While not proof positive of anything, here are some details we think may be indicative of a borrowed feature and, possibly, even hints towards two more playable characters.

As many of you probably noticed, Capcom Cup advertisements appears in two specific spots in the unnamed stage. This was first pointed out to us by Marden Blake, a digital artist who had a hand in designing the logo. They can be a little hard to spot, so we’ve included a couple of screenshots below.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono mentioned in a recent Famitsu interview that this gameplay footage was originally planned for Capcom Cup, but the accidental release of the teaser trailer forced them to make a last-minute decision to show it during Sony’s press conference. The inclusion of the logo, then, makes complete sense, but it could also be a hint at things to come.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, the Arc System Works title that recently made its way to consoles, launched with a very interesting feature that allows tournament organizers to customize a stage background, effectively branding competitive footage with the name of the event.

Image courtesy of a-cho battle movie
Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-‘s customizable sign (Image via a-cho battle movie)

Our theory is that Street Fighter V may come equipped with a similar feature, giving the figures behind major tournaments like Evo, SoCal Regionals, and Community Effort Orlando the opportunity to insert their own graphics for a bit of added flair.

Now, onto the big stuff: characters. While newer players may not have put two and two together as they watched the first bits of Street Fighter V gameplay footage, the area in which Ryu and Chun-Li are trading blows is reminiscent of the Chinese stages Yun and Yang call home.

Like the twins, a variety of Street Fighter characters hail from China, including Gen, Fei Long, Dan, and even Chun-Li herself. Only Yun and Yang, however, have had unique stages that include the extensive scaffolding and neon signs seen in the screenshots below.

As a reference, here are the Street Fighter III stages in question.

So, what are the chances of Capcom including some cool tools for the community to play around with in Street Fighter V? How about the dominant, Chinese twins? Let us know what you think in the comments.

(Street Fighter V images courtesy of Capcom, Street Fighter III images via Street Fighter Wiki)

  • Thirties John

    This… is really scraping the bottom of the barrel… and wasting people’s time, lol. Just wait for the weekend.

    • iantothemax

      Thanks for the feedback! I know it’s a little out there, but these are basically tidbits I couldn’t fit into our past articles comfortably and figured now would be as good a time as ever.

      • Jeff B

        I disagree I appreciate all the hype and information tib bits I can get thankyou guys!

      • biquiba

        Just not to be cynical because I feel in the way as Thirties John: SF5 is a CAPCOM title, so these things were more than expected. But I couldn’t be this unsupportive, instead I’ll thank you Ian for the dedication for writting down your stuff here, and for patience of being a SRK mod (frankly, I wouldn’t be THIS patient).

      • BulletToothTeddy

        “Street Fighter IV gameplay footage.” Might want to correct your typo?

        • iantothemax

          haha thanks. I’m so used to writing IV that I have to get used to the new game title.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Yeah, I figured as much!

    • LightSpdAeon

      This stage + ryu and chun li’s 3S moves = piecing things together. It makes for gd thought and conversation. Not a waste of time at all IMO.

    • Jake Nickerson

      As someone who didn’t spend time dissecting the trailer, this article was worth the couple of minutes it took me.

      You certainly wasted more time with this comment than you would have moving on after seeing the tagline.

    • Guest

      A lot of people find this stuff fun.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Yeah, it’s getting there…

  • David Eller

    Interesting info, but I wonder if they would over expand the cast this time around compared to their previous titles where they would either rearrange the cast or bring in new ones.

  • LightSpdAeon

    Yeah, looks like a crowded street to me.

    • David Curry

      Identifying Wood

      YEP, IT’S WOOD

      • Didn’t quite get the reference, did ya?

  • Alan Rivarola

    Street Fighter 3 returning slowly … Just missing the parry…

    • Jeff B

      Sadly I highly doubt parry will make a return but a street fighter with guard block sounds lovely.

      • CrazyMobius

        What was the defense mechanic in that fantasy fighting SNES game
        the R and D dept were playing in a previous article? That might be in SFV…

    • BulletToothTeddy

      All SF needs to become great again is a parry or an alpha counter.

  • Jumpyburd

    You know how hype this announcement woulda been at Capcup? Peoples heads woulda exploded but somebody let it leak out. Now I am tortured with the fact that sf5 may be 2-3 years away. 🙁

  • CrazyMobius

    I can’t believe they didn’t mention that the room Ryu gets knocked into is the restaurant both Yun and Yang work at and appears in SF3!

    • Jeff B

      Oh really is this true?

      • CrazyMobius

        Have a look at the video. It looked pretty obvious to me. I’ll try to post up a comparison link later.

        • Jeff B

          yeah please

          • CrazyMobius

            For what it’s worth. I guess it’s not exactly the same but I still think it’s their restaurant as it connects to a stage outside that looks similar…

          • Jeff B

            Ahhhh Second impact! You sir are a genius!

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Great catch. Just fired up 2nd Impact on the cab to confirm.

          • TiredOcean

            How did I miss this? (To be honest I’ve probably played 4 hours of 2I total…)
            Anyway, nice work man!

          • iantothemax

            I originally planned to include this but didn’t think the aesthetics were close enough. I’ll feature your comment though so more folks see it.

          • David Curry

            I haven’t been to China or Hong Kong, but the signs in Yun/Yang’s HK stages are bilingual, CN/EN. Chun Li’s China stages since SF2 only have Chinese signs. Other than the Capcom Cup banners, everything in the SF5 stage is written in Chinese.

            Also, Hong Kong is written as 香港; you see it in the SF3 and 3S stages, but not in the SF5 stage.

  • Sheynanigans

    Wait, Dan’s Chinese?

    • Justin Richardson

      He’s half Thai, half Japanese or half Chinese and half Japanese. Either way, his flag has always been Hong Kong for some reason, even when he was reintroduced in Street Fighter IV series.

      • Isn’t Hong Kong a Chinese population, though? It’d make sense.

    • Dan is ethnically Japanese but lives in Hong Kong.

  • CrazyMobius

    Double post.

  • Jeff B

    I cannot wait to Genejin, Taunt with Q, Aegis wombo combo and Juggle the living hell out of people with Oro

    • CasualRemy

      But what about chucking frisbees in front of the Disco Metro?

  • Jason Singh

    forget all this i can’t wait for SF5 yeaaaaaaa babyyyyyyy

  • CLL

    For all westerners’ information, those cabs are Hong Kong taxis. They’re modeled identically. Red and green taxis. Though they don’t cross path much in Hong Kong. Red ones run everywhere in Hong Kong, but green ones run only in the northern part of the city.
    So it is Hong Kong stage and I guess it more or less confirms the brothers will be in the game, unless Feilong pops up in the Street Fighter 3 story line …

    • Doppio1089

      That is actually interesting! Kind of cool too, but that might be since it is new to me!

  • Altimit01

    The Xrd banner has been known since it hit arcades? No options in the HK/JP console versions to change it have been found though.

    • iantothemax

      Right, I’m not reporting on the Xrd details, I’m saying Capcom may be taking a page out of their book.

  • Gpop

    Yeah this was the thing that I was thinking about the most when I saw the stage. It was very much like Yun and Yang’s 3rd Strike stage, which both led me to believe that it’s both around 3rd Strike time (either slightly before or after) and the possibility of the return of the twins, which I’d love since I love Yun’s fighting style regardless of how good he was in most iterations.

  • Andy Lopez

    What about the terrible SFxTk gameplay? What’s the lore behind that?

    • I love that SFxT was literally a SFIV base with GOOD add ons, but you call it horrible.

      • Andy Lopez

        ABC combos, gems, Disc Locked Content. Yeah, quality add-ons right there.

        That must be why it’s such a popular game with a huge community.

        • Chain combos are fucking awesome. And the fact that you could literally xhoose between those, standard sfiv linking, or mixing them together for longer strings with sfiv’s damage scaling still in place made for a lot of variety while not draining life bars like crazy.

          Add in other options like bound, ground hits, rolls, etc. etc. , and you have a game that has a system above and beyond sfiv’s while giving you the option to stick to a lot of sfiv’s basic strategies.

          Speaking of chain combos, yea… looks like they really kept games like the MVC series from being popu… oh wait.

          Gems were meh, and I thought they detracted from seeing what actual character balance was.

          Disc based dlc is the kicker here and butthurt and damning everything about the game unjustly like you’re doing now came from.

          • Andy Lopez

            The game wants to walk the line between technical SF play and chain combos into supers like the versus series, and it makes it an unfocused jumbled mess of a game because of it.

            Sure you can link combos for optimal damage, but the effort is never rewarded like it is in SF. The quick option is always the best, and said method is a game of staredown and jab baiting into links or chains.

            The tag cancels and cross assaults are all well and good until you realize that it’s the only way to have any sort of damage output. Gems kill the competitive edge of balancing, but the SF damage scaling makes the entire concept of a combo over 10 hits to be ultimately useless. Drawn out combos only benefit the inevitable Time Overs that won’t ever go away in a game like this. Patches, nerfs, and fixes only tweak a game whose ultimate flaw is never deciding what kind of game it wants to be. It’s not Street Fighter nor is it Tekken, it’s forgettable emulation of better games.

          • It’s no more of a “jumbled mess” than fighters like CVS or alpha three with groove selects. That was dumb as hell.

            Your comment on chains makes me even doubt you played the game. Chain combos were actually nerfed in that they’re only allowed to end with a launcher, and can’t be canceled with specials (it’s been a minute, but I believe you could ultra or tag ultra cancel as well?). Literally light, medium, hard, launcher. The only way to get a meaty short combos is by using the sfiv style of linking for longer hits than three that can be finished with a special at the end.

            Tag canceling is awesome feature but actually is not the best method for output because of the sfiv scaling. Without gems, it’s nothing but a waste of meter, which sucks BUT it’s better than being able to hit one combo and kill because you have a gem that meter builds and gets you an extra tag cancel or two. I wish there was a happy middle with scaling that could’ve been found. Personally I would’ve kicked gems to the curb and just had better general scaling, but I digress.

            Overall, it’s actually a very well done bringing of tekken/tag elements into the sfiv universe and if the whole dlc fiasco didn’t happen, I believe that the game would be at a whole different place today.

          • Andy Lopez

            I played the game pre-patch and after the big overhaul that had the throws wipe away grey damage and all that shit. Tag cancels are just there for combo videos and safe tags since the scaling is garbage the second you do something with it. I honestly have no idea where the game is at now, but you used to be able to cancel chains into Supers (lvl2) and any EX specials.

            The game had a whole mess of promise, but every new trailer and character reveal added more useless features that made it the mess it is now. It’s not a horrible game, but it made it a very forgettable one. It really could’ve had a long life, but I have no idea where they took their business advice because it killed any and all hype for it as a whole immediately.

  • kinv

    more news on Saturday

  • David Curry

    I’m betting that it’s just Chun Li’s stage. Hopefully Yun and Yang are in it, but it looks more like a Chun Li type of stage, with a night theme this time.

  • Guest

    I want SFV to be the continuation of SF3 but it needs to involve “time” ala time travel, time portal, time paradox etc. The reason why is because I want all, most or some chosen ones characters from SFs 1 2 Alpha 3 and 4 characters in the game like Karin, Remy, R. Mika, G, etc.

  • Despite this speculation can be subjective, I really like to read about it. Thanks for share these informations, Shoryuken!

  • PaigeMirfanda

    It feels like Tekken 7 because they’re also maybe going back or taking place from a more previous timeline.

  • Oliver Wilmot

    Finally steams will have penis and booby custom banners in their stages.