Stage Transitions, Guard Breaks, and Mysterious Power-Ups – What Street Fighter V May Have in Store

By on December 6, 2014 at 1:41 pm


After the accidental release of the Street Fighter V teaser yesterday, we published a fun piece positing the game’s place in the franchise storyline. But now that we have a longer piece of gameplay to check out, there’s only one thing to do: endlessly pore over every frame for details on the system mechanics.

While I’ve been messing around with Street Fighter for most of my life, I wouldn’t really classify myself as one of the most knowledgeable players around. As such, this breakdown shouldn’t be seen as exhaustive in any way, shape, or form. Still, it should work as a fun discussion starter, so let’s get going.

(A couple of quick notes: like yesterday’s article, this write-up will feature numerous GIFs. In an effort to cut down on load time, you will have to hover over each image to see it in motion. Also, as this is very early gameplay footage, what we see here may not be indicative of the final release, and many things may change between now and launch.)

First off, let’s just take a moment and appreciate these fireball collision graphics. Fellow new generation fighter Killer Instinct opted to go a more…spark-y route with their projectiles, but Street Fighter V’s graphics are a bit more fluid. I’m not going to go on record and say one is better than the other, but the image below sure is pretty.

Next up, we’ve got a quick Chun-Li combo (incorporating the Street Fighter III-esque air special) that demonstrates a few interesting things.

First, it seems as if Street Fighter V will feature launchers that can lead into juggles and true air combos. While a cut is introduced between the moment Chun kicks Ryu into the air and continues her attack, it seems as if this is all one string.

Second, after knocking Ryu back to the ground, Chun attacks him once more while he’s on his back. Whether this will function as a way to OTG opponents or is simply a combo ender for extra damage is currently unknown, because that’s where the combo ends.

In the earlier teaser, Ryu showed off an interesting technique, surrounding himself in electricity and ink swirls (reminiscent of Street Fighter IV). At first, this seemed like a simple intro animation, but the new gameplay has changed my mind on this.

As you can see above, Chun-Li appears to have a similar animation, replacing the wandering warrior’s electricity with what appears to be flowing water. While quite nice in an animation sense, I believe these are our first glimpses at a new gameplay mechanic that powers up a fighter’s abilities.

As you can see in these clips (all of which come after the “power-up” animations), each attack has been granted some additional flair. It seems as if the trailer is making sure we notice there are differences (two fireballs instead of one during Chun-Li’s Kikouken, Ryu’s Hadouken causing knockdown) by showing them later in the trailer, following the normal versions.

But the characters aren’t the only pieces of Street Fighter V possibly receiving some updates. At one point in the trailer, Chun-Li is shown knocking Ryu through a wooden door, seemingly opening up another area of the stage to continue the fight in.

As health bars aren’t included in the footage, we can’t tell if this is a way to inflict additional damage on opponents (after which they will, presumably, return to the main fighting area), a stage transition similar to the Tekken series, or even an animation unique to knockouts.

And, last but not least, this beauty: guard breaks! Obviously, we can’t be certain of this, but the piece we’ve included above looks an awful lot like Ryu is punishing Chun-Li for blocking too much. The use of a special attack (instead of something like, say, a focus attack), leads us to believe Street Fighter V may include this mechanic alongside a much-desired guard meter.

There you have it…all the random stuff I was able to spot in Capcom’s initial batch of gameplay footage. We’re guaranteed a closer look at the game come Capcom Cup later this month, so stay tuned for more.

Of course, we also want to hear from you, our readers! Did I get something completely wrong? Have you found something I missed? Let us know in the comments.

  • NyuBomber

    Delicious. Can’t wait for more concrete info.

  • Hamjam

    We only saw the characters use a Super Art while they were in this “powered up” state. Not sure if that means anything, though.

    • Hamjam

      When Chun-Li finishes her Super Art, the blue effects on her hands disappear.
      Maybe when you use a Super it takes you out of the “powered up” state.

      • d3v

        Would make sense, that’s how CC modes worked too in CvS2 and A2.

  • s1g@phnx

    I think Guard Break is an excellent decision. Should mean more fast paced matches.

    I wonder if this means Capcom is open to introducing Vs. mechanics into the game similar to Rival Schools, which also has air combos and such. Either way, good stuff.

    The artstyle I’m still not feeling. I think Capcom really needs to take the ball from ASW and Xrd and run with it.

    Hopefully if the music in the gameplay is any indication, the OST will be back up to its previous levels of awesome.

    And one more thing…PLEASE NO MORE TRAINING STAGE BibleThump

    • pablofsi

      “-Some kind of super charged mode. Appears to change properties of different moves.”

      SNKP did this first with AOF/Fatal Fury then later KOF ’94 and onwards. I
      bet Street Fighter fanboys will go around thinking this is a new feature
      or that Capcom just created it…

      “- @0:30 Ryu takes some stance.
      Not sure what he would’ve gotten out of that, but he clearly takes some
      stance and gets smacked out of it’s cooldown?”

      He’s activating the super bar on himself. It’s the powered up state from filling the super bar with your charge in KOF 96 to 98. I’m not saying Ryu has to load his super bar through that stance, it can be a just activate and you are ready thing.

  • PikminExpert

    I think some other interesting things worth mentioning are Ryu’s parry stance and the fact that Ryu’s “power-up” mode adds an electric element to all of his attacks. It would be interesting if it even “powered-up” his Shinkuu Hadouken into a Denjin Hadouken.

    • TiredOcean
      (Note Ryu’s stance)
      Is this what you’re talking about? I’ve only noticed it in the last hour or so, and I’ve been intrigued by it.
      I actually think that someone fucked up and it’s an animation oversight, as Ryu seems not to be animating at all (apart from his belt flapping a bit, which could actually just be physics effects).

      I’d actually wanted to point out that a few hitstun effects seem to be partially physics based, which is interesting. I don’t really like how they turned out but it’s cool to see Capcom trying something different.

      • Gojira Twit

        It seems like his Personal Action from SF3.

      • Unemployment Master

        If you very closely, you can see Ryu’s right arm and hand moving a few pixels to right, like charging something.
        So, he is not stationary and is animated.

      • I would be very surprised if it turns out to be anything more than an idle animation. Lots of characters in SF4 go into different poses after standing still for a while.

        • Kageromaru

          This is what I think, as well. Ryu may be borrowing from Akuma from SFIV. After a few seconds in the usual stance, he’ll step into this wider stance.

  • TiredOcean

    In terms of gameplay, it’s a good idea to highlight the last combo in the gameplay trailer (which is actually shown in one of your gifs)

    As we can see, these are all links, and then a cancel into (a briefly cinematic) Denjin Hadouken. This tells us that long link combos are still in SF5, so the combo system will be somewhat similar to SF4. Personally I’d like there to be an input buffer system like in Virtua Fighter 5, since I didn’t enjoy learning links in SF4.

    More interesting is the fact that Ryu cancelled straight into Denjin Hadouken, despite it being cinematic like an Ultra combo. This either means that Ultras are now cancelable, or that Ultra combos are now gone, and Supers have cinematics instead. Hopefully it’s the second.

  • Alan Rivarola
    • Christopher Kelly

      Freaking wow.

    • shopped. those words were not in the original picture

  • Deathdeliverer

    This shit looks incredible. True strings possibly? OTG pursuits? Power up states that my possibly change the way a character is played? People can hate all they want, but one thing cannot be disputed. If you are a fighting game player you have no choice but to game on Playstation. So glad they improved the online leagues over the PS3 times. Guilty Gear Xrd is a testament. Ultra SFIV will be the first chance to silence any nay sayers and quell any fears for people that play SF exclusively. I have no doubt that it will go without a hitch. Remember, PS3 IS NOT PS4. Seperate the two.

    • Sentsuizan

      “If you are a fighting game player you have no choice but to game on Playstation”
      Nope, I play fighters almost exclusively on PC these days except for Marvel and Soul Calibur.

      • Deathdeliverer

        You’re the exception, not the rule. Console sales of any version of SF or fighting games period are far and wide more than the PC version. With that being known, I was speaking of the majority not the minority. Almost all players that play fighters will need to get a ps4. The few, in comparison, will have a huge player pool and games online life will be extended. I’m hype.

  • Fist Hokuto

    This stage reminds me of yun’s stage in street fighter 3 new generation the chinese restaurant stage. And for some reason chun li moves remind me of how this new omega mode of street fighter is about to release…maybe omega mode is a hint of how V will be like

  • Jon McGuire

    Guard break, nice. That will help differ V from being more of a turtle game like IV is.

    • LordxMugen

      i dont see why they cant have something similar to KI combo breakers (that doesnt knockdown but simply gives you a priority swing) instead that give someone on the defensive end a way to go on the attack instead of merely “waiting their turn” for their opponent to finish their string.

      • mspence1651

        That’s the whole point of the guard crush, to penalize you for blocking so much by leaving you vulnerable. Makes the player more inclined to balance there offense and defense.

        • LordxMugen

          no im saying something that gives someone on the DEFENSE side something to do without having to “wait their turn” on a block string like how it is with SF4. cause thats something i detested about the game.

          • d3v

            You can already do this in IV by mashing a reversal on their block string.

      • Deathdeliverer

        Im pretty sure a alphacounter-esque move will be in the game

    • Jason Slade

      SF4 is not at all a turtle game. wtf

      • d3v

        Actually, the system itself pretty much favors defense over offense. Most of the offensive tech players have been using are all just to overcome that.

  • iantothemax

    Thanks for all the great discussion folks.

    I actually have one question about the format of these past few articles: do you like the way GIFs are being utilized?

    • Bruno Ricardo

      Hell yes. GIFs are an excellent add-on for the articles.

    • Gouki Mishima

      I think this format is pretty good. I dig it.

    • TiredOcean

      They’re pretty good, but I’d prefer webms to be used instead. They load far, far faster which is great when you try browsing. I don’t know if they support the “hover to animate” thing you’ve got going on there, but IIRC webms were actually used on SRK before, for an article about Project M’s costumes/animation.

      • CookieSoup

        Webms can be made to start playing when hovered over. Their one downside is that the website displaying them needs to be utilizing HTML5, thought I’m pretty sure SRK is.

        • TiredOcean

          I’m pretty sure HTML5 support is based on the browser that’s viewing it, not the server that’s hosting it.
          Anyway, I found the article I was talking about.
          @iantothemax:disqus It turns out you’re the guy who wrote the article in the first place!

          • iantothemax

            Ah yeah, those were uploaded by the Project M team themselves. During the creation of these past two articles, I couldn’t get that website to work.

        • ForteWily

          That would be a browser end thing, nothing SRK needs to do aside from utilizing the CSS3 element for player control. Which last that I checked, unless it’s Safari or IE, you happen to have that…

          Unless it’s a Media Source Extension (MSE) control…. which I don’t know alot of.

      • iantothemax

        Thanks for the feedback! Not too knowledgeable about webms but I’ll look into it.

        • Unemployment Master

          just use ffmpeg man, it’s really use to create one from snipets out of a movie

          here’s a ready code to use, just made it

          ffmpeg -ss 00:00:00.000 -i “location:input.file” -t 00:00:00.000 -c:v libvpx -crf 4 -b:v 800K -qmin 0 -qmax 35 -vf scale=-1:720 “location:output.file”

          -ss = starting point, can be left out

          -i = input file
          -t = duration of the output file (this is my only complaint when using ffmpeg), can be left out

          -c = codec / libvpx is the webm encoder
          -crf = quality settings, lesser number equals more quality
          -b = bitrate
          -qmin = minimum quantisizer
          -qmax = maximum quantisizer
          -vf scale = resolution change, if you want. -1 means it will retain a aspect ratio similar to the input file, can be left out

          ffmpeg has a very extensive documentation, if you need more in depth information, they’re very easy to find.

    • s1g@phnx

      Hover to animate GIFs work pretty well with me. They’re used a lot in the articles I browse.

    • The GIFs seem like a cool idea, they’re not working at all for me though. All of them animate as the page loads, then they all stop and hovering over them does nothing. 😐

    • Mash Harder

      these hover gifs seem like a good idea but they seem to only work sometimes or not at all (chrome).

    • tickles

      Yes but they aren’t animating properly for me.

    • CompetentFGC

      Use high def gifs ftw

    • d3v

      For some reason, the GIFs all autoplay for me.

    • Gojira Twit

      It’s a good idea but they’re not really working right for me. They play fine the first time but after a while they all just stop working entirely.

    • Dark Moyan

      GIF’s are not working properly and it’s damn slow

  • LightSpdAeon

    How would people feel if ultras were taken out, and it went back to just super arts? I’m all for it, personally.

    • Bruno Ricardo

      Me too. Never liked the Ultra “get beaten a lot and gain a free Super” System.

      • LordxMugen

        id be okay with it because at high level, most ultras rarely figure into a match.

    • NyuBomber

      I don’t mind the idea of Ultras but at this point I just want straight Supers.

    • Jon McGuire

      All for it, Ultras don’t need to come back.

    • Ultra Combos are part of SF4’s identity, just like Custom Combos belong to Alpha and parries belong to SF3. The return of Ultras or Focus Attacks would be a huge disappointment to me – not because I don’t like them, but because they are and should remain the trademark of the SF4 series.

      I want, and expect, SF5 to bring its own set of trademark mechanics.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Yes to bringing back Super Arts and to ditching Ultras.

  • Guest

    Since Sony is paying for this Capcom better make this game drool inducing.

  • John Doe

    Ugh, please no guard nreaks. If I wanted that Id play kof.

    • 7/11 Truther

      Guard Breaks are fun, they force action and for people defending to think even more so. It makes getting cornered really, really scary.

  • CptMunta

    My guess it’s like N or K Groove mixed with a touch of A.
    Player activates powered up state (indicated by animation in trailer)
    All special moves are now Ex (chuns/eye’s 2 hit fireballs, ex tatsunoko, shin shoryuken etc)
    Chain combos or some variation
    Player can use Ultra while in this state (like how N Groove uses level 3 super while with enough stocks)

    I think a powered up state would be really sick. Rather than being one move to make a comeback you are powered up and more deadly. It could be X factor all over again or what Pandora was trying to be.

  • AriesWarlock

    I hope there aren’t OTG’s, that’s one thing I don’t like about MVC.

    • d3v

      What we have here seems to be a ground bounce though, not an OTG.

      • AriesWarlock

        I am cool with that. Hopefully, that means Juri will get her ground bounce attack from SFxTK.

  • RunningWild1984

    Pursuit Attacks? I like it.

    I hope get a character with a OTG grab like Geese Howard.

    • 7/11 Truther

      Or Daimon

      I hope Juri gets a stomp move.

  • Jason Slade

    There’s no need to include guard breaks in a game. If mixups are good enough it prevents the game from becoming turtle heavy.

    I really don’t see the benefits of adding guard breaks.

    • Sincerely, The Jerk

      Right? It basically punishes you for blocking correctly.

      • Hoang Nguyen

        Alpha Series was great because it had it. GG actually REWARDS aggression. It’s been proven to work well as a mechanic in other games. Try not to cry.

        • Jason Slade

          Guilty Gear doesn’t have Guard Break though.

        • Sincerely, The Jerk

          I don’t think it is that big of a deal, it is something I dislike but it has its positives. Guard crush punishes you for blocking correctly but it also punishes you for not pressing buttons. I do like GG’s guard bar alot because it doesn’t punish you for blocking correctly but it does punish you for not pressing buttons should you block incorrectly after blocking for a while.

    • NihilistZerO

      For the characters who aren’t vortex or mix-up built, it allows a more offensive game. Could make frame traps even more useful as you have to take chances throwing something out their during an offensive barrage or get guard crushed. If they are going with an Alpha 3 like system in SFV count me excited. Alpha 3 is one of Daigo’s all time favorites as far as balance and mechanics.

      • Jason Slade

        Even Guile, who is the poster child of being a defensive based character, has options to open people up in SF4 that work pretty well. Just look at how Knuckle Du plays. On top of that he’s got ultra-safe chip damage available to him.

      • Jason Slade

        And ultimately the characters who have the best offense, like Dudley or Yun would benefit the MOST from Guard Breaks. Not characters like Guile. They would actually get weaker due to having to deal with guard breaks.

        • abcdefgqwerty

          What if Yun has 20 guard points verses guile with 100? It can be tuned by character for fairness. Lots of ways to do it besides just saying its not a good idea. Its all about the details and its how its implemented.

          • Sincerely, The Jerk

            What about if a move’s start-up if 4f you get -4 from 100 guard gauge (100 or whatever for everyone universally) and if a move has 17f start-up you get -17 from guard gauge. Punish defensive players based on how long the offender can convince them not to press buttons. If you want to get more advanced you can say take a move’s start-up and subtract frame advantage or add frame disadvantage depending on whether the move is advantageous of disadvantageous and subtract that from guard crush gauge. What that would do is make safe strings crush less than neutral and unsafe strings. The dumb side to it would be if a move is 3f start-up and -103 it would auto-crush but if crush only lasted for like 20f+knockdown&wakeup and dumb moves like that are supers only than it wouldn’t matter much. Not saying it would be any good but it would make the system more universal than what you suggested which could make more people pick up and learn the game easier. Anyhow crap or decent?

          • Jason Slade

            You add all that extra layer of complexity to your game development and balance to gain what, exactly?

            Its really easy to mess it up, and even easier to solve the turtling problem in ways that aren’t as likely to be broken somewhere.

          • Sincerely, The Jerk

            The idea was that if you had to go with guard crush (personally not in favour of but not the point) that this would be a universal mechanic compared to what I replied to which was a character specific version of the mechanic. The idea behind this version is that if you bully your opponent into turtling you’d get more crush by taking more risk. Move with 3f start-up and -2 would be 5 crush, move with 3f start-up and +2 would be 1 crush, move with 3f start-up and -0 would be 3 crush, etc. Honestly though removing crouch-techs and speeding up overhead start-up is all you need to make SF more offensive. Nerfing reversals would help a little too. Faster forwards walkspeeds and dashes would also help.

        • 7/11 Truther

          The Guard Bar’s length would probably be different depending on the character, this is even true in KOF 13.

          Cammy/Yun having the same guard bar length as Guile or E.Honda would just be a really bad idea.

        • NihilistZerO

          If Alpha counters are in the game I don’t think it’s THAT much of an issue. SPAMMING offense would be pretty punishable and you’d have another fun mind game.

      • batsman

        Yea I love Alpha 3, it’s the SF title I spent the most time playing when it came out for ps1, I love everything about it, all the different ISMs, the huge roster, air blocks, air counters, I also liked how some characters using different ISMs would also have different normals. I heard Ono talking about releasing a digital version of Alpha 3 for xbox live and psn where you could play online, I’m still crossing my fingers hoping they’ll release that one day.

  • Sincerely, The Jerk

    I hope everyone pesters Capcom on twitter for the PS3 stick driver to be included.

  • fohstick

    use the webm format instead of gifs

  • swordsman09

    True strings? OTGs? Cinematic supers? Is game going to be SFxT on PS4? jk

    This could just be me, but this game looks incredibly similar to KI. Everyone looks like they get their own little instinct mode that gives them a specific buff, and I’m pretty sure I saw a manual in the last combo Ryu did. The true strings look like auto-doubles and the ground-bounce looked like an aerial recapture.

    Sorry, I just wanted to say that.

  • General_Awesomo

    I don’t agree with Guard Crush in Street Fighter V. Some characters, like Vega, have to block opposing pressure. They don’t have invincible reversals.

    Say, for example, you are correctly blocking all your opponents pressure. But you are being punished for blocking correctly because GUARD CRUSH. You are at the limits of your Guard Power Gauge, they knock you down, and perform an EX Shoryuken or something similar on your wakeup. That’s free chip and Guard Meter. All this because of GUARD CRUSH.

    On an unrelated note, and hopefully Vega makes it in, I hope he doesn’t retain that stupid lose your claw/mask crap, or at least not lose it when you’re blocking. Why get penalized for blocking correctly?

    If they must add Guard Crush, then they also most add parries. You need to give people an alternative to blocking, and back dashing and such doesn’t always avoid everything. I’ll finally try to get good at parrying if it means I have to escape situations where it would be next to impossible to escape without parrying.

    On one more unrelated note, Capcom could add in the Stun Gauge from the Street Fighter III series. It wouldn’t hurt.

    • Hoang Nguyen

      Welcome to the Alpha Series. Stun AND Guard would be optimal.

    • solgen9

      this!!! please put in a stun guage! I’m not sure why it was never in SFIV…

    • abcdefgqwerty

      I think the concept of a guard meter is a good idea. Give vega 50 points of guard verses yun with 40 or whatever. Each character can have different amounts, but it discourages the heavy turtling a lot of people do and controls the pace of the matchups.
      I dont agree that mixups are the equivalent of limited blocking. Lots of people online do nothing but block and it get pretty boring. This helps force action

    • Joseph K. McCall

      I would think he’ll (Vega) makes it in. I would be shocked if he didn’t.

      Everyone from the SFII engine made it into SFIV, and even though some people keep talking about the storyline, Capcom is also a company, and I just don’t see them getting rid of any of the original 12…..but could be wrong.

      That said, Vega has always lost his mask and claw (SFII series)- although picking it back up was new in SVIV.

      Then again, I turtle a lot, and I can’t fault those who do- it’s a valid strategy that can bring a lot of positive dividends.

      • batsman

        I remember Vega being able to pick his claw back up in all the older versions of SF, not sure about the mask though.

    • Seems like you are assuming a lot by saying that Vega wouldn’t have some sort of invincible reversal in SFV. It would help your logic process if you tried to not apply the new mechanics we saw into a previous iteration of a character from older games. Say what you want, but I do recall Capcom really working to rebalance almost every SF game they have made. I wouldnt let it bother you too much until you get a good look at all of Claw’s tools if he is in this version.

    • d3v

      Funny enough that Vega was top tier in the games with Guard Crush.

  • Jeramie

    I was thinking that I noticed something a little more Killer Instinct-esque during the trailer. After Chun-Li takes out Ryu by knocking him through the house, you can hear Ryu’s death sound as he falls to the ground. But it didn’t look like the characters’ position reset when they flashed to the next scene of Ryu doing his hadouken. Even though it said Round 1 at the beginning, do you think they’ll be going the Skullgirls/KI route of not having a Round 2, and just having 2 life bars per character?

  • It feels like 3rd strike/sfxt gameplay with alil sf4. Interesting to see whok will make the cut or will they bombard with everyone.

  • LOLITA_69

    Am I supposed to open the gifs in a new tab? Nothing happens when I hover over them.

  • Guy Incognito

    I lost my shit at the gameplay. I literally had a dream 10 years ago about a SF that played not unlike this.

  • d3v

    Chun could always air combo with her toe taps. What’s show here could simply be an ender more/target combo for her out of it instead of air combos for everyone.

    Nice to see sideways stage transitions return since the last time they were in a Capcom game was the original Marvel vs. Capcom.

  • Gojira Twit

    If you watch more closely, the second-to-last hit of that Chun Li combo actually bounced Ryu off the ground for the last hit, so it wasn’t OTG.

  • Dark Moyan

    OMG!!!! Denjin Haduken!!!!! So Excited.
    BTW I think SF V is using Unreal Engine 4.

  • StriderVM

    For those who are curious about your possible character changes/strings. Omega Mode for USF4 will be the tryout stage for it. Just as Tekken Revolution was used as the testbed for Tekken 7. 🙂

  • SiriusBusiness

    I just assumed the “powered-up move” sections of the video were just the new EX attacks.

    Anyways I hope they don’t decide to add 10,000 new meters to the game and keep it more about the fundamentals and mindgames vs accounting level meter management.

  • abcdefgqwerty

    I think it would be cool if they brought back parries somehow. I think the graphics look good. You dont want to stray too far from sf 4. I just hope they add new some innovations and unique ideas. You have to change the game up some to keep it fresh

  • kinv

    this is awesome

  • Guest

    Time War Arc Storyline for Street Fighter V…

  • Arnoldo Lazaro Rivera

    Where can i get the full resolution of that Ryu picture you used for the artice?

  • Guest

    One interesting I noticed was how the characters had their 3rd Strike normals.

    Look at Chun Li’s standing fierce (which hits after the ground bounce).

    And both characters’ crouching forwards.

  • d3v

    What’s interesting to me is how they have their 3rd Strike normals.

    Look at Chun Li’s stand fierce (which hits after the ground bounce), as well as both characters’ low forwards.

  • Yüce Görkmen

    Who is that smart person thoght putting flashy .gif in a article. Cant even read. Its bugged cant stop them

  • Ren

    GIFs are fine, but speed is too fast.