Street Fighter V May Take Place After Street Fighter III

By on December 5, 2014 at 9:51 am


(Special thanks to fiendmaw and Alex Sanchez for their keen eyes.)

Fighting game narratives can often be a mess to keep track of thanks to arcade modes that have to be padded with fights against various cast members and conflicting storylines. Most of the time, fans won’t find out which of the endings should be considered canon (a term that denotes official information in fictional universes) until a sequel or similar follow-up is released.

That being said, various details, like a character’s moveset or relationships with other fighters, can typically provide a good foundation for where a title falls in the franchise timeline before official word is released by the developer. Such is the case (maybe, possibly) with Street Fighter V.

By now, I’m sure pretty much all of you reading this have see the Street Fighter V teaser Capcom accidentally released earlier this morning; honestly, if you haven’t, please stop reading and go check it out now. While there wasn’t a whole lot of footage of the upcoming title, what was shown may shed some light on when it takes place in the series.

First, a quick history lesson. Street Fighter debuted back in 1987, introducing characters like Ryu, Ken, and Sagat to the world. A few years later, Capcom improved on that initial formula with Street Fighter II, expanding the cast even further and providing a continuation of Ryu’s journey.

Canonically, however, Street Fighter II wasn’t the very next game in line. Later on in the 90s, Capcom would begin a brand new Street Fighter series, denoting its place in the story with the Alpha subtitle. As such, minor characters from the first Street Fighter, namely Adon and Birdie, reappeared as playable characters.

Street Fighter III hit the scene near the end of the decade, but it would take Street Fighter IV’s release in 2008 for fans to find out the former takes place after the latter. Street Fighter IV’s closer proximity to Street Fighter II would be reflected not only in its story, but also in the way the game played, doing away with Street Fighter III’s parry system and super selections in favor of gameplay that more closely followed the original classic.

Still with me?

To put it simply, the official timeline looks something like this: Street Fighter – Street Fighter Alpha – Street Fighter II – Street Fighter IV – Street Fighter III.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the early gameplay footage included in the Street Fighter V teaser, starting with franchise poster boy Ryu.

(Hover over GIF to see it in motion)

Some of you may recognize the above attack as the Denjin Hadouken–the signature electricity should be a dead giveaway. A more powerful, chargeable version of the iconic fireball, this move is utilized by Gouken in Street Fighter IV, but Ryu has only had access to it in one game: Street Fighter III. This leads me to believe that the wandering warrior leveled up sometime between the two games, either on his own or with help from his former master.

(Hover over GIF to see it in motion)

But that’s not all. In addition to Ryu, the teaser also featured glimpses of Chun-Li, most notably another attack that has only made an appearance in Street Fighter III called the Tensei Ranka–at least a part of it. While the beginning is modified a bit (possibly a combo involving her Yoshokyaku headstomps), the unique airborne spin is very similar to the aforementioned super art.

At first, the Street Fighter V teaser may have seemed like a quick promo (apart from the beautiful tribute to the community, of course), but I think these two tiny bits of gameplay may just provide some hints as to when the title takes place in the universe of Capcom’s titular fighting franchise.

What do you think? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

  • NyuBomber

    Sounds as legit as anything else we have to go off of, good job.

    Also maybe worth noting is that the stage Chun and Ryu face-off in is slightly reminiscent of Yun and Yang’s Third Strike stage.

    • Pregnant Woman

      You can also see Ryu’s face in the reflection of her wrist guards, now THOSE are visual effects.

    • Michael Sosa

      Don’t know about ryus super being the denjin, but chun def used the sa3 from TS after her mk air stomps. Here’s hoping to see ryu with more moves like the donkey kick and maybe even the axe kick. At the very least I hope we get a roster as big as usf4, if not, fuck em. They already have ALL the data, only thing needed is updating the graphics, which should be easy as they’re basically almost still the same style. Which is a shame if you ask me, sf3 ng and so had the best art designs in any sf to date. Even TS looked far better than 4, shit, even alpha had better art design than 4 and 5.

      Also we don’t need sean, we need mell masters, the chibi shoto.

      • Setsu Oh

        he says it there are sparks what else d u need??
        and the animation is way better than sf4 i wouldnt be suprised if it was made from scratch or close. is it U engine btw, chat?

        • Michael Sosa

          I made this statement when the first trailer got released, not the gameplay trailer. He wasn’t saying a bit back then.

    • Setsu Oh

      sligtly because Y&Y’s is way upper grade

  • IFD|Humbag

    Oro pls

    • BulletToothTeddy


      • Jason Brunson

        Q is definitely needed with more back story of him.

        • Shockdingo

          Agreed, I hope they add more about his story, but slowly reveal things

          • Setsu Oh

            el fuerte sits on his bed, exhausted. looks over to one of his drawers….walks to it ….gets the mask of SKULLOMANIA.

          • Shockdingo

            Hah, that certainly would be an interesting turn of events! That reminds me that some one made a Skullo skin out of Fuerte for the PC version.

    • Tod S

      Yes please. I would like my main back.

  • Pregnant Woman

    It’s time to unleash Sean, Master Ken!

    • d3v

      Here’s hoping that he’s low tier again.

      • iantothemax

        What’s wrong with you.

        • d3v

          Alot of things.

          But really, Sean always struck me as a Dan-esque character. Also, nightmares of 2I Sean.

          • Pregnant Woman

            You could have played as him, he wasn’t even Dan esque until 3S. But whatever, it’s your opinion to dislike the character.

          • iantothemax

            lol I was just messing with you. I really like Sean.

          • d3v

            Hey, look at all the replies. MAXCPM achieved.

          • Shoryuken_Dat_Ass

            He’s nothing like dan. He’s all mix ups and hit and run.

        • Pregnant Woman

          He don’t wanna see a Brazilian at the top. Typical republicans.

          • Gamegeezer

            Thanks Obama

          • Pregnant Woman

            Are you implying Obama’s a Street Fighter player?

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Clinton was a (terrible) sax player. Obama does like to play some ball with the SS.

          • CompetentFGC

            He also likes to play with Michael (aka Michelle)’s balls.

          • Gamegeezer

            Gotta learn your memes bro

          • Pregnant Woman

            Political parties and figures aren’t memes, don’t make excuses for your stupidity.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Sean was never interesting. We need someone with an original moveset who would look and play great in a new engine – Oro for sure! Also could use a new Urien or Necro. Q would be amazing. Forget Alex, Twelve, Remy, Sean…

      • Pregnant Woman

        Sean’s fighting style is the most original take on the shoto design in my opinion, Dan was an obvious joke, but Sean plays like a ground fighting shoto, Capcom noted this by giving him a BBJ background in his backstory, Sean Tackle? They could incorporate this trait in V and give him some REALLY cool ground grapple options, something that hasn’t really be explored in fighting games. Imagine Sean KOing you with a Sean Tackle and instead of him punching he just submits the opponent and the opponent taps out as a special KO animation. He’s a an athlete who loves sports, so Capcom incorporated a basketball to his design to make up for the fact that he couldn’t throw a Hadouken yet, he’s still training with Ken so he lacks the Ki control. I think Tornade looks sick, and is a more realistic looking Hurricane Kick. His upper cut used to be cool in NG – 2I but I think the double fist animation is okay for him to be different, as long as he dunks them back into the ground like the golden days. Sean is cool man, he has sooooo much potential that Capcom has sitting there in his character.

        • Alan Rivarola

          my english is not good, but, Sean is the unique Shoto was have unique identity in the moveset, he isn’t a sprite of ryu with an 1/2 moves added(akuma) or only with hadouken, shoryuken and tatsumaki(Ken), it just needs refinement that had not in all SF3-phase.

        • BulletToothTeddy

          Yes, I realize he has some “ground grapple” kind of game going on, but he just doesn’t do it for me. The tornade is much more Dan-like and pretty useless unless the opponent really wiffs something and you use tornade instead of more damaging combos. Of the un-revived 3rd Strike characters, I would put Sean well below Oro, Q, Urien and Necro. Hell, I’d rather see a 12 than bring Sean back. Plus, Sean’s always free in 3SOE anyway. We all have opinions…

          • Pregnant Woman

            Your looking at the tornade from a gameplay aspect rather than a practical visual aspect. It’s properties can easily be made to be good like they were in 2I, but by no means is this a Dan-esque special kick. Sean actually spins and gains realistic momentum by throwing a full 360 kick first, and continues to do 180 kicks to maintain momentum, Dan simply flails his legs into the air. Yes, we all have opinions, but it’s how we present them that brings out reactions from people. Oro is dead of age by V.

            In fact, Ryu was using a similar move visually instead of the actual hurricane kick in SFEX because because it looked more realistic anyway.

          • dj_jm09

            Could you please tell me why you think that Q would be an amazing addition to SFV? I do not see how he would play any different that Balrog (Boxer). He literally shares half of Boxer’s moves except he does not have a Dash Upper or Buffalo Head.

          • vernon

            Balrog’s damage comes from the normal footsie game but Q’s damage came from command throws and whiff punishes with super.

          • Joseph K. McCall

            I would like to see 12, with all the advancements in graphics that we’ve had.

            He could look amazing.

      • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

        Remy and Sean I can understand.
        Twelve, well it might be hard for Capcom with this one.
        But forget Alex ? He’s unique so, I don’t get it.

        • Pregnant Woman

          I think he has a thing for old guys.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            I think he sucks at 3.3, or a so salty to lost to Alex that he hates him. Beside, comparing a brand new character like Alex to a cheap copy of SIm/Blanka just show how clueless the guy is.

            For him, it doesn’t require skill to win with Alex, I’m sure.
            Poor guy…

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Serious lol guys

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            Va apprendre à jouer a 3.3, reviens ensuite me parler.
            Espèce de trou d’balle.

      • Shoryuken_Dat_Ass

        Sean is actually fun as hell when you get momentum. The only real shoto clone thing he has is the hado burst.

      • Bushin_Cat

        Hey, thanks for mentioning Urien!! Urien gets forgotten in SF3 and IV talks, but he has the potential to surpass Sagat as the next great SF sub-boss. he and Ryu could become new rivals; what do you think?

    • kinv

      more like KOF character

    • Setsu Oh


  • Mista X

    Urien pls

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Oro would be much more amazing to revive. Or even Q!

      • Mista X

        I wouldn’t be upset if any of the three mentioned characters got in, they’re all fun to play.

    • kinv

      ok, but change his name to Uri, i hate his original name.

  • I liked your thoughts. I guess it’s possible.

  • Heehahou

    I hope we get a decent story mode this time.

    • Cosmoslayer

      Yeah, make it more XRD -like! XD

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Who honestly cares about story in a fighting game? Like what’s his face said, “A story in a fighting game is akin to a story in porn.” It’s completely unnecessary.

      • Cype

        Bad analogy. There are loads of people that still aren’t serious about fighting games and just want to mash some buttons and dick around with friends. Other devs have shown that putting more single-player content in the game to appease gamers like this is very appealing, be it lots of challenge modes, single-player beat ’em ups, and yes, a good story mode.

        That all said…. It’s Capcom. Traditional arcade mode with gimmicky final boss incoming

        • BulletToothTeddy

          Good analogy, but you don’t have to agree. All we need is a character’s background and no attempt at trying to devise some ridiculously elaborate story. It’s just unnecessary for a fighter. Devs should focus their time instead on character balance, movesets, combos, etc. to make the best fighting game possible. Not a half-assed fighting game with a better story for the new kids to pine over for a few afternoons and never play again.

          • Silver Mushroom 2

            A) The 2D fighter has been around for nearly three decades. I think developers have learned enough to make a legit story without sacrificing gameplay.

            B) Graphical improvement and heck, graphics itself is also unnecessary for a good game. So is sound to a large degree. This logic followed all the way through results in a game with nothing but hitboxes and distinguishable pitches that I doubt you or many other people would be interested in playing.

            C) That’s like, your opinion, man.

          • Joseph K. McCall

            I have actually always wanted to see a game with just hit boxes for the novelty of it all lol

      • Heehahou

        A lot of people do, to be more factual, 80% of the raw target audience will care about stuff like that.

    • Agreed.
      Capcom, look at the big picture. Bring more people into fighting games. Use the story mode as the gateway drug / introduction. Use story mode to teach the fundamentals and the more complex aspects of the game. Use story mode to make people care about characters. Make the game more accessible. Make people care. Bring more fans. Bring more competitors. Grow the scene. Make more money. Make better/more fighting games. BE SMART.

  • d3v

    I thought that Ryu’s was just his Shinkuu Hadouken. But now that you point it out, it does look like it could be Denjin.

    That said, it does lack the charging portion of the move.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      The player could have released it immediately. You don’t need to do full charge (though you should charge up some for that delicios stun)


    Look at all this trolling. Wow.
    SF4 is great. It’s not Alpha 2, but at least it’s a Street Fighter game. Can’t say the same about SF3. I sure as hell hope they don’t bring back the optionselectxxsuperartyouwinlol err I mean parry system. Instead, I’d rather they try something new, like every other SF game.

    • The irony is that most top players actually hated Third Strike despite being good at it. Particularly in the US. He’s right about SF4 being way too lenient with inputs and shortcuts though. In fact the scene on the whole has become far too lenient. I remember when if you had 8 buttons on your stick or used PPP, KKK shortcuts etc you got no respect. Remember “OBD” Fanatiq memes and threads? Ah good times.

      • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

        Maybe because most top players (from US and elsewhere) are shitty in comparison with japanese players at 3.3 ?

        It’s easy to understand that, right ?

        • No shit genius because they never took the game seriously enough in the first place as they weren’t into it lol duh. There’s a reason why the skill gap was always closer in other games that were big in the same time period like A3, CVS2 and ST because high level players in US actually gave a shit about those games.

          Japanese 3s players had a 3-4 year head start before US 3s even began to have a scene that’s the only reason why they were better. Despite this top US players like Ricky, Watson and Justin did eventually get proficient at the game to go to multiple SBO’s despite not playing the game seriously or liking it.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            And they (Wong/Watson) failed to achieve anything in Japan at 3.3, at Tougeki, despite the fact Wong is a whore Chun users…

            Picking a top tier doesn’t help much when you’re just a mediocre player.

          • What part of the “they didn’t like the game” and so NEVER played seriously did you not understand? They went to SBO not to win but out of formality after having been invited/qualifying.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            “they didn’t play the game ans so NEVER played”.

            What is this poor cheap excuse ?

            They didn’t like the game, but still Wong play it each year, even in 2014 so please, please, think with your head, ansd stop saying craps. TY.

          • You’re obviously a Japanese taint licker. No point talking to you. bye.

    • Speed Williams

      Nigga said SF3 sucked and SF4 was a good game. FOH

  • Aphelion

    Loving the graphics so far, and I’m really hoping that Omega mode is gonna be a test for SF5, I wanna see some crazy new moves in that game. Ryu doesn’t look like a beefy gorilla anymore, and Chun Li looks gorgeous as usual. Both characters look slimmed down. I’m hoping SF5 finally progresses the story and that we get a decent story mode this time around. Looks like it’s time to finally get a PS4.

    • Rocki Maeve

      i’m not playing this until i can make chun li eat more chicken and put some meat back on them thighs

  • Christian Back Kirkegaard


  • Kaihedgie

    Would make sense

  • Alan Rivarola
    • BulletToothTeddy

      Meh, Alex isn’t fun or interesting to use. We need Oro, Necro or Q!

      • Alan Rivarola

        Oro is so exotic, Q is strange but cool, Necro is a Dhalsim with eletric powers, is very interesting to see this guys again in the franchise, but, Alex was the protagonist of SF3, and the unique who took Ryu for this position, deserves to return in a new SF, and he is the most characters i like of SF, his moveset is good, not bad like Twelve or identical a other character like Remy with Guile/Nash.

        • BulletToothTeddy

          Alex just bores the sweet shit out of me. Sort of like Sean. The stun gun headbutt and follow-up damage is just so cheap. I have little respect for players running that setup. Easy enough to dash out of most of the time, but it’s super cheap.

          • Alan Rivarola

            Stun Gun Head Butt, was one of the rare Super Arts isn’t a move and the character execute to cause a strong attack in the opponent. Who uses the moment was the opponent is stunned, causes a great damage. The problem is getting catch the oponent, because it is very easy to prevent of the Stun Gun.

          • LightSpdAeon

            I like Necro as well, but these are all opinions. Arguing over opinions is truly pointless.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            Ok, I think we get it, you are salty about Alex, move on now.
            He fits way better than Necro anyway (a poor mix between Sim and Blanka), so please, stop saying crap about Alex, who is probably one, if not, the most exciting new character introduced in sf3.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Haha, I’m nowhere near salty about Alex. I stated that stun gun is super easy to dash or jump out of. It’s just a cheap crutch that unskilled Alex players use, with the hope of connecting on even lesser skilled players. Nobody gave two shits about Alex when 3rd Strike came out and nobody does now. Just play online if you are in denial and see for yourself.

          • LightSpdAeon

            I do. Never used stun gun because it’s the least interesting imo, but i like the character.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            Nobody does now in your country,  probably, yes.
            Curiously Sakurada, Genki, Zonekkusu, Kazuya etc, care.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            You play every Sunday at the arcade? Good for you! The local scene here plays online during the week because we have actual lives – great jobs, girlfriends, wives, some families…so 3SOE allows us to keep connected without having to travel. On the weekend, we all play 3rd Strike on my dedicated cab in my garage. Great 1v1 play and we like to crank up the difficulty all the way to see who can get through to Gill the best in arcade mode. Plus, all the free play we could want. Your trolling attempts all over this board are just too cute.

          • vernon

            I have little respect for players not countering that setup. heehee

      • Bruno Ricardo

        Says the guy that find Alex “uninteresting” but wants NECRO to return…

        • BulletToothTeddy

          Necro takes some skill and thought to use and his combos are devastating and fun to use. Alex players just charge, mash, repeat and pray that stun gun connects, haha.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            Yeah, because it doesn’t requires skill to play Alex.
            You must be a very bad player tho.

            Beside Necro’s skin and abilities are a true joke, just like SF4’s character Seth or Gill.

          • Bruno Ricardo

            And the character per se is boring as shit. A poor mix between Dhalsim and Blanka (which, by itself, is beyond lame) with a lame background.

            If you think that playing Alex doesn’t require skill, then you never played a grappler in your life.

          • Alan Rivarola
          • Bruno Ricardo

            *Switching music box on*

          • Alan Rivarola

            I was listening this all day…

          • BulletToothTeddy

            You’re missing the point… I would happily show you how to use a grappler with my Hugo if you like. Unless you still need some time to get your Alex up to par.

          • Bruno Ricardo

            Do you play Hugo? That explains a lot your Alex hate. 🙂

          • Alan Rivarola
          • BulletToothTeddy

            Hugo is just one of the characters I use. Even with his huge hurtbox, Alex is never much of a problem thanks to parries. That’s enough time dedicated to you now…

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄


    • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

      Godlike skin, Godlike moves, Godlike introduction (vs Hugo).
      This character is a true success despite what BulletBlabla says.

  • d3v

    Urien please. Complete with Aegis unblockables.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      You mean the pre-final arcade release of 3rd Strike? Probably not a chance.

      • It wasn’t a pre-final release.

        • BulletToothTeddy

          The version with Urien unblockables was in arcades, but it was followed by the final version of 3rd Strike with the unblockables removed. Are you in denial of this fact?

          • Version A with the unblockables was not a “pre-final” release, it was the final release. Yes, a later revision (Version B) later came out that removed the unblockables but by that time people had already learned to dealt with them, they weren’t broken or game breaking and are an integral part of making Urien and Oro viable so people let it rock. Also CPS3 machines were expensive so not everyone had access to the upgrade Ver. B.

            Version A is tournament standard as a result Version B was rejected by the community. A similar thing happened with Alpha 3/Alpha 3 Upper. There’s a reason why all console versions except Dreamcast specifically have the Unblockables put back in the game.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Well done. From your previous comment, you sounded ignorant. I wouldn’t call Version A THE final release though. That would be like calling SSFIVAE2012 the final version and not Ultra, in a round about sort of way.

            I own the legit Version A board/disc/cart and have a separate Darksoft disc/cart for if I want to fuck around with Version B or other region releases. So I get it. I also prefer A like many do.

            CPS3 machines were expensive, but an upgraded cart and disc is all that is needed to go from A to B, which would be a cheap upgrade. You wouldn’t be buying a new board (the expensive portion).

          • I’m showing my age here but , I’m old enough to remember the Rom+CD was still being a $400-500 upgrade in 99-2000. Not really ‘cheap’. I specifically remember arcades in my area not willing to justify shelling out the money considering 1.) people preferred Version A 2.) the game wasn’t broken or unplayable but fair enough let’s agree to half-way disagree as to which is ‘final’ haha.

  • Catacul

    GTFO please.

  • Spabobin

    lol, SF3 killed the genre for a decade and SF4 is the reason fighting games are popular again. Advanced/tournament players are only a tiny percentage of the player base. If you only try to appeal to them, you are guaranteeing the game will fail.

    • Rocki Maeve

      no, overall technology made the genre tough to make money in. US arcades died off bc casuals got arcade quality stuff at home. But there was no. netplay. on consoles. general internet was too slow. no one did DLC. there was just no money to make until the internet enabled ‘fast’ netplay again.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Don’t be ignorant. SF3 did not kill the genre – the death of arcades killed the genre. The smaller problem is that SF3 is not noob-friendly.

    • Michael Zaimont

      I don’t know about you, but between 2001-2009 I went to arcades regularly filled with people playing 3s and MvC2 on weekdays (both in the Midwest and California), played a bunch of new Guilty Gears and Virtua Fighters and Tekkens, went to people’s houses and played fighting games, and attended annual tournaments like Evo and Midwest Championships.

      3s certainly made Capcom stop producing fighting games for a decade, but it also most certainly did not kill the genre. If you missed out on GGAC, 2003-2007 3s and 2001-2009 MvC2 I’m sad for you.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        3S did not stop Capcom from making fighitng games for a decade, since both CvS games and MVC2 (games filled with Street Fighter-ness) were released afterward. Even Arika got in on the action (with Capcom’s support, of course) releasing SFEX3 during that period.

        People need to stop spreading that misinformation once and for all.

        Capcom didn’t “stop making fighting games for a decade”.

        They didn’t even stop “stop making Street Fighter games for a decade”.

        CvS series was just as much a “Street Fighter game” as SF3 since almost ALL of the Capcom side came from Street Fighter (many characters even drew direct inspiration FROM SF3, that “horrible game that scared Capcom away from the genre so much”). CvS should have easily been called Street Fighter vs King of Fighters with 99% accuracy.

        Also, for the record, just because you had a vibrant arcade scene around you during that decade doesn’t mean everyone in the United States did. Lots of arcades around me dropped dead during that period. For many folks, those were certainly not “glory days”.

    • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

      Yeah, sure, because srubs represent around 95% of the players, probably even more.

      So, of course sf4 is a popular game, it’s easy to get the point.

  • Catacul

    I rather have “dumb fucking scrubs” as pals than someone as immature as you.

    Now GTFO please.

    • CompetentFGC

      Yeah exactly, you’re looking for “friends” aka Facebook Fighter. I’m looking for high level competition, the idea that the FGC was made for. That’s why your opinion is invalid in an argument about which game is better. You should GTFO so you don’t ruin another generation of the FGC.

      • Catacul

        Say whatever you want. It’s crystal clear by now that you’re just another random idiot no one gives a sh!t about.

        I’m done with this. Have fun insulting other people and showing just how immature you are.

        Oh, and GTFO please.

      • John Doe

        High level competition? Nigga when was the last time you placed in a major? Or are you just running your mouth like a scrub?

  • youcanwonder

    I was hoping for a new direction of style or back to the animation like 3s. Not gonna judge to early but parry system would be nice and yes lose the the comeback mechanics. We shall see though. ALEX damn it lol…afterall he was the main in 3s!

  • roockie112

    I just hope they make combos if not easy to connect attacks like the old Street Fighters the Super Street fighter for ps3 is a little complicated

  • Kos-Mos11

    Q anyone?

    • Catacul

      As long as they give him more special-cancelable normals than in 3S, sure.

    • Shockdingo

      You. I like you. More Q! Always more Q! Poor guy’s been in limbo since the 90s! Not a cameo or anything in a Capcom game since then. 🙁

    • BulletToothTeddy

      “I’m…an abomination…”
      Fuck yes to reviving Q. And Oro, also Necro!

  • spikeysting

    I’m still trying to master SF1

  • Mr.Sixes

    I’m all for moving it forward, I just hope these are stand in assets to just annouce it and that we’ll get the older(possibly grey haired ) Ryu and Chun.

  • Alexander Baughman

    “Look at this scrub LMAO 3s still has a huge following. SF4 will be brown fucking bread after SF5.”

    3S fanboys have been saying this for years and yet SF4 is still the
    biggest fighting game right now with huge showings at major tournaments.
    But hey, I’m probably wrong because look at all the huge 3S
    tournaments being held, right? 3S is a good game, but so is SF4. You
    want scrub friendly? Learn Makoto in 3S and win in two reads. Cool
    story, mayne. Or play fuckin’ Chun lol.

    • CompetentFGC

      It’s always easy to bring up numbers to defend your shit game, but how about we talk about the reason why SF4 is actually so popular, when 3s wasn’t? It had to do with the gameplay being too hard for the average player, and EVERY SINGLE top player who was around in the 3s days will tell you that’s the reason why. So that results in Tournament organizers having tournaments for the game that makes more money and is guaranteed to have more entrants. If the FGC wasn’t swamped with scrubs in 09, we would have kicked SF4 to the curb like we did with CFJ and SvCChaos. It’s hard for a scrub like you to see the truth though because you’ve spent the last 5 years brainwashing yourself into thinking that SF4 is the only good SF game worth playing since it’s the only one you hear about and play at your Facebook gatherings aka tournaments.

      • Khaoz77

        Wait, so SF4 is a inferior game because its easier on beginners and doesn’t feature advanced techniques like 3rd Strike??

        Ain’t that a bit subjective?

        • CompetentFGC

          SF4 is inferior because it is designed to pander to the low level of skill that a scrub has. Proof of this is seen in the awful shortcuts that plague the game, as well as how you can make your moves safe for bar, as well as ultras that are made SPECIFICALLY to allow the losing player to win with much less work than the winning player was doing to get the losing player his ultra. SF4 has many problems which make it inferior to 3s, and if you can’t figure them out for yourself, well you’re just a scrub, aren’t you?

          • BushidoX

            Dude, it’s almost 2015. Nobody uses scrub anymore.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            Indeed, sf4 is a casual game basically, just like marvel 3 in a way.

            Look at the cheap mechanics sf4 has in comparison with 3.3, how easy the input are in sf4.

            Just 323 punch is enough for a shoryu, lol, it’s a nonsense ! Beside, the ultra mechanic is clearly the way to get in for the casual scrubs, jumping all day long, and trolling with Blanka, Fuerte or Honda.

            Of course sf4 is a casual game (not only tho) for a majority of scrubs, and this is why 3.3 is the best street ever, because no scrubs around !

          • You know there’s a shortcut for DP in 3s right…. lol?
            One even easier than in SF4…. Df, Df punch. I swear the comment section here is always full of 3s fanboys that didn’t even play the game competitively in it’s prime lol.

          • Khaoz77

            Scrubs aren’t people who are bad at the game, scrubs are people who REFUSE to learn how to properly deal with things. A good player can still be a scrub…

      • You just keep going on about shortcuts. So what?
        Honestly all you’re really talking about is TIME.
        It takes longer to to practice and master the more refined/complex moves in 3S – great, we get it. It’s muscle memory.
        Guess what? Given time anyone can master those moves. But not all of us have the time we used to have.

        You’re talking about a very small aspect of the game.
        SF4 still has depth and complexity, mind games, etc.
        Why are we having a 2009 argument anyway.
        Fantastic trolling. Congrats.

      • Alexander Baughman

        I played 3rd strike in Austin with people who were top notch players. 3rd strike is harder over all to learn in terms of its execution, but its gameplay was not. Execution is the lowest form of fighting game skill. 3S is a great game and I love the parry system which allowed a huge ceiling for were your reads could take you, but it had its fair share of dumb shit too. Makoto was incredibly dumb, Chun is incredibly dumb, I played Ken and he’s simple as fuck to play and really good. There’s stuff I don’t like about SF4 too, but it’s still a great game. You’re just being a whiny bitch.

  • La Lunatica

    Compelling Evidence, I just hope they find a way to include R.Mika and Karin.

  • Quan Chi


  • Spabobin

    Capcom doesn’t care if you like the gameplay. They are a company that exists to make money just like every other company. They are not going to look to SF3 as an example for anything because that game was a financial disaster and would ruin the company if they repeated that mistake. Say hello to 10 more years of no Street Fighter.

    And LOL @ “lots of people” still playing 3S. Even in most of the Japanese arcades you are lucky to find more than 1 other person playing while you have to stand in line for USF4. Even being released on Nesica Live didn’t help much since it’s twice the cost of playing on the original cab.

    • hismit

      You don’t know that biggest 3rd Strike tournament to date took place in 2014 right? Referring to 12th Cooperation Cup with 410 players.

      Just in Japan though.

      • CompetentFGC

        13th coop cup is incoming. Fuck SF$ (shift+4, coincidence? I don’t think so)

      • Spabobin

        What does that have to do with anything? I still can’t find more than a handful of 3S players even on a busy night at Taito Station Fukuokatenjin. Maybe it’s better in Tokyo but the ratio of SF4 to 3S is still going to be monstrously high even there.

        • hismit

          Of course you won’t find crowds at Taito arcade if you’re not SF4 or Gundam player. In Fukuoka you can check Gameland Green where most of Fukuoka 3s players playing there. They have tournament on Sunday IIRC:

          A tournament at Green footage:

        • TerminusEst

          Whoa dawg you go to Fukuokatenjin Taito? Wish I had known that. I play there too. 😀

          Also look for this place nearby called 五ドル or something, it’s 50 yen for two plays or something insane.

          • Spabobin

            I get there about once a month or so on a weekend. I’m one of the two gaijin Ibuki players from Nagasaki. For all I know we could have seen each other before

    • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

      You are an idiot, you know nothing about the japanese scene, obviously, so keep your mouth shut, please.

      Or tell me where you went in Japan, with who you played, how many times, who etc, because as far as I read your posts, I just see a clueless guy.

      Just for “scrubs” like you, with a big mouth, you can find 3.3 on most of the local arcade in Japan. I went in Shibuya, you can find it, in fact they have 6 of them in the closest arcade center to shibuya’s Hachiko gate ; in Akihabara’s Taito, they have 6 or 8 of them ; in Nishinippori, they have 14 of them etc…

      So please, once more, keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Spabobin

        No shit Remondo, obviously you can find some 3S at some of the biggest arcades on the planet. I’m living in Japan right now, and have been for a few months.

        It’s not like there’s a card system for 3S (except on Nesica Live) so obviously I couldn’t tell you the names of people I played there. You probably would recognize the names of some of the SF4 players I guess.

        I’m just saying that at the arcades I’ve been to, hardly anyone plays 3S. I’m not gonna walk 40 minutes after a 2 hour train ride just to find more than 2 people playing a game that came out 15 years ago.

        • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

          The only legit 3.3 players don’t play sf4 curiously…
          So no sf4 name if your talking about 3.3, please !

  • Dan Jackman

    Another hint about the series being after Street Fighter 3 is the composition of the logo. the new Street Fighter logo is in front of the roman numerals like 3rd Strike. Color scheme fits as well. Credit to Eventhubs for the logo.

    • That doesn’t really mean anything. Most of the various Street Fighter logos have used a yellow/red gradient since 1987.

      • LightSpdAeon

        Well, you kind of furthered his idea/point. the sf4 logos are more like sf/sf2, and sf5 is similar to sf3.

      • OrehRatiug

        Yeah, after looking at those examples I think his point is even stronger.

  • MultipleManArmy

    You realize that Capcom isn’t doing this for giggles, right? They want to make money. They’ll never skew as hardcore as 3S again. It doesn’t make sense. They’ll be as accesible as possible so they can sell copies.

    • CompetentFGC

      Yeah, I know. That’s why I advocate not having their shit games in tournaments. The point of a tournament is to find the best player. How do you do that? You play the games that have the highest level of skill required to play them, and the biggest skill gaps. You don’t play a game that has been made for scrubs to compete in and feel the rush and euphoria of “winning” (if you can call hitting a free half life invincible move, winning).

      • Spabobin

        A free half life invincible move? Sounds like you are either talking about 3S chun or you have no idea how to play SF4 if you think wakeup ultra is viable

        • CompetentFGC

          which move of chun’s is invincible and does half life again? No, I’m talking about SF4 wake up ultras or punishes as well as comboing into them from standing jabs and many other ways to get most of the damage. AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t pretend that wake up ultras don’t work. I have watched many tournaments where they have, and have won tournaments with them as well. Don’t be a fucking liar, now.

          • Spabobin

            Don’t need invincibility when you have an instant super that punishes almost every move in the game, and is easily hitconfirmed off one great normal (why is that scrubby in SF4 but not 3S?) And comboing into ultras off st.jab hitconfirms never does a lot of damage in SF4. You literally have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about anymore.

            If you think wakeup ultras are a problem, you suck at fighting games. You can literally just use meaties to bait 95% of them, and the ones you can’t like Gief’s U1 also have similar properties in 3S (Hugo SA1).

            I also don’t think getting an ultra for taking damage is much scrubbier than whiffing normals full screen for 20 seconds before the match is actually played.

          • CompetentFGC

            Hahahha moron you just proved you’ve never even played more than 10 minutes of 3s. You can meaty Chun and she can’t super on wake up. Already infinitely more balanced than Ultras. Not to mention that she has to build that meter rather than getting it for free just for losing. You’re a fucking retard buddy hahahahahahah Keep trying to whiff while I rush you down and fucking make you look like a fool, retard.

          • Spabobin

            You can meaty anyone in SF4 and they can’t wakeup ultra (and get punished a lot harder than 3S Chun would).

            And it must be so hard whiffing back fierce and crouch forward all day, it takes so much skill to build meter lol

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            Eh buddy, Chun is not 3.3.
            Stop trolling, TY.

      • Spabobin

        And what is your obsession with tournaments? I like them as much as the next guy, but fighting games weren’t created for the sake of tournaments. They are an afterthought. The best players still win in SF4, you don’t see KenMasters9000 or ShinAkuma666 beating top players.

        You are clearly just a whiny entitled brat, bitter that no one wants to play your 15 year old game with you in your basement anymore. It’s okay, you can tell grandma about how good you are at 3S.

        • CompetentFGC

          The FGC was developed to find the best players. It has devolved into a friend making platform now that most of the players are scrubs. I don’t expect you to understand, scrub.

          • Spabobin

            lol how much of a fucking manchild can you be. No one cares how hard you think you are for being able to win 8 man garage 3S tournaments. “Finding the best players” is meaningless when you actually grow up and realize no one is wasting their time playing 6 hours a day on a dead game. People play games for fun, and people have more fun with friends. Making it serious business for a 15 year old game is just god damn pathetic. Get a fucking life.

          • CompetentFGC

            Said like a true consumer mentality COD no scoper turned SF4 scrub.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            Dead game ? Ok, Coop-up the next month with the best players in the world means nothing, no, of course…

          • AriesWarlock

            Watch out, everyone, real tough guy here.

        • Cype

          And what is your obsession with tournaments?

          Typical Dark Age mentality. With the death of the Golden Arcade Era, who was there to play besides your friends? No one. Where was there to go? Nowhere.

          So, the drive became playing simply to compete in the next tourney, rather than just playing to have fun and leveling up naturally. And unless you had a local scene, playing meant grinding practice or trying to convince anyone you knew to pick up that fighting game. People that likely started playing during this dark time just figured that’s how you’re supposed to approach fighting games.

          That hint of Arcade Era greatness didn’t come back until fighting games started to have decent netcode and regained popularity, making it so that people could start playing FGs somewhat like the old Arcade Era of taking on all-comers for fun and glory (sans the in-person experience, unfortunately). The funny yet unsurprising thing about Dark Age players is that they hate this, when it’s the closest to the arcade that we’ll ever see again.

          Look at Valle. Pure OG of the Arcade Era. Welcomes good online with open arms. Spends a bunch of time just playing and having fun. Meanwhile, Dark Age players want to grind dead games for another 20 years, say that playing online is a waste of time, and pretend that they used to go to arcades.

      • Nybb

        “a free half life invincible move”

        LOL. Alright, now we know why you’re so butthurt…you’re so awful at fighting games that you keep losing to mashers in SF4. Guess what buddy, everybody else figured out how to beat mashers years ago.

        • CompetentFGC

          “pros dont get hit by wakeup ultra” this is the argument that all flailing scrubs use. Fucking liars.

  • RenaTurnip

    Or BEFORE Street Fighter III? 😛

  • MultipleManArmy

    There’s no reason to think that even if moves they’re using are seen only in 3S that 5 would be after 3S, it just needs to be after 4. If the order goes 1, Alpha, 2, 4, (Learn moves), 5, 3S, this trailer is still legit. Now I was hoping they’d go post 3S, Ryu would be older and fully turned into Evil Ryu, have killed Akuma and Gouken and is now trying to turn Sean or maybe Ken’s kid to the dark side, but whatevs.

    • LightSpdAeon

      Evil Ryu is a “what if”. Like Gokule for example, in dbz.

  • Deeyennay

    A little reminder: after SF3 means no M.Bison/Dictator. So either he is reincarnated/revived or you’ll have to pick a different character. Although there might just be a similar but “new” character. Like how Seth = Urien lol.

    • SF4 brought back tons of characters who were either dead, missing, or had no real reason to be part of the story after SF2 wrapped up. Didn’t stop them from coming back then, and it certainly won’t now – there’s no way Capcom will decline to bring back popular characters purely out of some loyalty to 20 year old storylines that 90% of players don’t know about in the first place.

      • Deeyennay

        Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for pointing it out. Which characters died in SF2 though?

        • For all everyone knew, Dictator, Rose, Gen and Guy were all dead or MIA after Zero3/SF2.

          And let’s not forget Gouken, whose death around the time of SF1 basically sets up Ryu’s and Gouki’s entire story/relationship. Yet in SF4 he is alive and well with no explanation whatsoever.

          In fact, despite ostensibly taking place between SF2 and SF3, SF4 never really explains its connection to either of them. For all intents and purposes it exists in its own little pocket universe.

          • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

            At least if it really takes place after 3.3, the cast will be way better than what 4 has to propose. I mean, we have already seen too much of the “classic” characters firstly introduced in SF1 and in alpha series, 3.3 was the most refreshing SF that has ever exist about this specific area. So one good point for Capcom, at least, but it’s not confirmed and it doesn’t changed the fact Capcom just screw with their marketing “exclusive” choices IMO.

          • Evil Hayato

            They did explain how gouken survived however its more unbelievable considering the shun goku satsu is more of an instant kill move that sends the persons soul to hell. They state that he emptied his soul of emotions which left him in a deep coma. Much more of the story with all the iterations of street fighter are more laid out in the comics which are considered canon to the story. The gouken death is very reminiscent of something straight out of dragonball z where the character is dead but somehow isn’t and comes back even stronger in a new form… which goukens is “nothingness”.

            M. Bison can transfer himself into any body such as what he did with Rose, so he can and essentially will, always be around in some form or another.

  • In the words of the SF3 narrator: “Yeah, that makes sense.”

  • Ichiron47

    If Juri is not in this game, then I don’t care.

    • Quan Chi

      So she can lick her lips after every sentence? xD

  • Ace

    Put Skullomania back in.

  • samirerre

    this game has my attention,but i wont have high hopes becouse its capcom,the same guys who made sf4,which is one of the worst games i ever played.

  • RaiiN

    Since we’re talking about continuity, one thing I always wanted to know is, why exactly is Sagat in Shadaloo? Balrog does anything for money, Vega is pretty much a masked murderer killing everything ugly, and Bison wants world domination. All Sagat wants is to fight Ryu. It’s funny because he doesn’t seem inherently evil either. Playing thru Adon’s story mode, Sagat tells him that the power he (Adon) seeks is twisted, yet he works for a tyrant. Afterwards Sagat is seen holding children on his shoulders. He seems rather friendly with Ryu when they meet in story mode, and he was teamed with Dhalsim in SFxT. If anything, he seems like a slightly more aggressive version of Ryu.

    • Shockdingo

      Sagat left Shadaloo at some point during Alpha and Bison keeps trying to play nice and recruit him again, that’s why he scared away the suited guy in his SF4 cutscene. Bison’s like the Overly attached girlfriend, he can’t see Sagat’s just not that into him anymore hah. They retconned his Shadloo involvement in SF2 in one of the rereleases of the game. I think it was SF2 Revival?

    • Joseph K. McCall

      Yes- Sagat definitely is character that is redeemed in the series.

      After watching much of the anime, and reading much of the storyline, I no longer view him as a villain.

  • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

    Is sf5 may take place on XBOX one as well ? …

  • Guy Incognito

    Ryu looks older too. I hope we see Gill again.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Fuck Gill in his Ressurection rectum

      • Guy Incognito

        He’s John Cena….

    • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

      C’mon now, be serious a second, please.

      • Guy Incognito

        I do want to see Gill again

  • Акшин Джафаров

    Sorry for my bad english but…It’s not Denjin Hado. It’s Shinku Hado.

    • 七川 美華

      It’s clearly Denjin. The sound effects/voice clip during that are from the SF4 footage at the end right after it hits.

  • NihilistZerO

    CompetentFGC, you are a total douche. That is all 🙂

    • CompetentFGC

      I’m also completely right. People hate truth because it destroys their feelings. Logic > emotion. Someday you’ll grow up and realize that.

      • NihilistZerO

        Maybe someday you’ll grow up and not get butthurt over your “perceived” truths getting destroyed by REAL logic. Like the following:

        3rd Strike, while an excellent game is slightly inaccessible to gamers at large. SF4 is and grew the FGC as well as Capcom’s profits. this doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for games like 3rd Strike, but it is not practical they be the flagship of the genre. If it was Capcom, despite their general ineptitude, would release something like it. They aren’t because they know 3rd Strike has play mechanics that turn off newbies. SFxT is another example as the systems they thought would make the game noob friendly were seen as complicated to new players and superfluous to veterans.

        Now having destroyed your thesis I will go back to my day. Cheers 🙂

        • CompetentFGC

          You forgot the truth about SF4 being inferior to 3s in every competitive integrity having way.

          • NihilistZerO

            “…inferior to 3s in every competitive integrity having way.”
            So people who enjoy SF4 more than the parry turtle fest that 3rd Strike can be are somehow lacking in integrity???
            You’re taking your douchebaggery to another level I see 😉

          • vernon

            yea, playing against Chun and Yun is so fun. competitive integrity is when they make half of the cast unviable.

        • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

          And it’s so good to play far from newbies…
          Oh boy, it’s delightful.

        • vernon

          for me it was easier to get into 3rd strike than sf4 when i was a newbie actually. I think the game needs a huge rebalancing though.

  • Shockdingo

    Interesting theory! I definitely think you have something going there. It would be nice to inch closer to or finally continue SF3’s storyline. I always cared about SF’s canon, though it’s been hard to navigate, I enjoyed all the details found withing. Here’s hoping this is a fantastic new entry to the series. Also bring back Q. The world needs more masked, trenchcoat love.

  • BulletToothTeddy

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    • TiredOcean

      I’m replying to your comment, BulletTooth, since I can’t reply to the man one.
      This is why 3S gets such a bad rep among the newer FG players. I hate throwing around the term “elitist”, since I’ve seen it misused far too often, but a lot of the 3S players I’ve seen really are elitists. It’s a huge fucking shame because I AM AN ’09ER WHO PLAYS THIRD STRIKE EXCLUSIVELY and I can see all we’re doing is damaging the reputation of this game.

      Fuck this. Fuck all of it.

  • CrazyMobius

    Also probably why Alex was never included in the SF4 series.

  • Sim Kazma

    I hope they can find a mid-point between SFIV’s overly “accessible” features and SFIII’s overly hardcore features and give us something that’s fun but still rewards skill.

    I also hope that, whenever this takes place, Blanka, Fuerte, Seth and Ibuki and canonically dead or at least confined to wheelchairs and unable to fight.

    • Joseph K. McCall

      wait- why no Blanka?

      Blanka was part of the original 8- do you really think they would have no Blanka?

      The backlash of no Blanka would be one for the ages….

      • 七川 美華

        Alot of people give no shits about Blanka.

  • JeanLucAwesome

    That..would probably mean no Juri.

    I do not like that.

  • The KZA

    Please , please put Alex is this one.

  • Rafael Martines

    Hope Juri is not in… #grabspopcorn

    • JeanLucAwesome

      *kills self*

      Happy now? You made me do it!

  • Quan Chi

    Time for Gill to steal somebody’s lucky tennis shoe so that they can enter the tournament for revenge…….

  • Evil Hayato

    Im extremely excited for this, but with that im also alittle bummed. I feel like It means capcom is scared to ever do any new iterations of their other fighting series. They are sticking with what they think are the only big sellers and not venturing off to others.. no more rival schools, darkstalkers, power stones, CvS, etc… just more resident evils, monster hunters and street fighters for them anymore.

    Now I m sure if they get alot of money out of this. And if they do they could possibly decide to push out one of those older versions to test the waters again like they did with DS and marvel. Id expect an hd online edition of power stone/rival schools (which im all for).. if they do anything at all.

  • Andy Lodge

    Shouldnt change too much about the street fighter 4 really cause its the best street fighter so far in my opinion. street fighter ex 2 plus was awesome on ps1 and off course street fighter 2. I never played the street fighter 3 so cant comment but street fighter 4 got me right back into it. Maybe make street fighter 5 just street fighter 4 but with more attacking options and maybe speed the game up a bit to avoid those boring defensive games.

    • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

      “sf4 the best street fighter so far…”
      Yeah, why not.

  • Kingkarl12341

    they better make the game faster tired of slow sf4

    • Joseph K. McCall

      I’d love a Turbo version…..

  • irrenmann

    The SFIII timeline has been abandoned for some time now, but the techniques can still make appearances, sure.

    • Joseph K. McCall

      One would think they could come up with some sort of middle ground between the two engines…it has to be possible.

  • I hope they add Alex that’d be cool

  • MaskedHeroxx

    I hope they add nightcrawler from x-men

  • RunningWild1984

    This game must take place after SF3 because… damn, look at Chun’s legs. Holy shit. Bigger and better than ever.

    • 七川 美華

      Looks more like her 3S art same with Ryu. The stances are the exact same. The only difference with Chun is that she doesn’t have her hands in a fist.

  • Quan Chi

    MKX looks sooo bad compared to this.

  • KingBlackToof

    I’d like Gouken to be in it again, as well as some 3rd strike characters like Q, Urien and Oro.

  • Good that they’re moving on the story. I was sick of all that Shadaloo bullsh!t.

  • MrJechgo

    Y’know at this point, Capcom should just dump the motherload and give us each and every playable character the series ever got so far.

    Like EVERYONE…

  • Don

    shouldn’t it be Alpha -> SFII ->SFIV ->SFIII->SFV?

    • Sentsuizan

      Officially we don’t know about V and you’re missing the original SF as the earliest.

  • Justin Ellison

    I hope Sean comes back, I loved killing people with a basketball and I’d like to see Mel grown up and fighting.

  • Joel Cameron

    God I hope Q, Oro and Sean are back.

  • Streye

    As long as they have my characters or someone that I’d like to play, cool. Though now I’ll have to buy that guilty gear ps4 stick since I’ll been needing one for another game-_-

  • pootnannies

    as much as i hate SF4, this is too far. it has good things about it and all the scrub friendly stuff actually was taken advantage of and pros came up with the most brain dead option selects i’ve seen. i hope it has better mobility i.e. faster walk and dash speeds, no FADC on block shit, NO INVINCIBILITY ON BACK DASH SHIT, and better hit and hurt boxes with less trades. some more pushback on attacks would be nice too.

  • penzoom moto kaiX

    ive want alex to be in the game

  • Nicholas Quin Harris

    As long as Makoto comes back I don’t care about anyone else.

  • Ricardo Nasta Villaseñor

    Please do not let out Gen! I really love his playstyle.

  • Andy Lopez


  • Kaiju of the Grotto

    my consoles crave fighters…. gimme gimme!

    Considering SF3 has been a favorite of mine FOREVER, this story makes me smile…

  • If this is the case.. I hope I could finally get to play as Ken’s son Mel Masters! I hope he has a Super art that he has a horizontal shoryuken right to the dick!

    *edit a word

  • Khalid “Eternal Nigh

    Technically doesn’t the series go:

    Street Fighter – Final Fight (Street Fighter ’89) – Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo – Super Street Fighter 4 – Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact – Street Fighter 3: Third Strike?

    • BlueSunStudios

      I don’t even know what they’re doing with their other franchises (including Final Fight), but as far as I know it goes like:
      SF->FF(Supposedly)->SFA(Retconned)->SFA2->SFA3->SFII->SFIII/SFIV(Time placement is real sketchy here)

      • Khalid “Eternal Nigh

        SFA2 is the retcon of SFA. Final Fight is officially in the SF universe (hence the regular appearances of FF characters such as Maki/Cody/Guy/Sodom/Rolento/Hugo/Poison). A2 features Cody and Jessica in the backgrounds and is post Final Fight. A3 is post A2 and Cody has gone to prison for continuing to pick fights with gangs.

        SFIV is confirmed to be pre-SF3 taking place in the mid 90s however it features several non-canon appearances by characters from the SF3 series.

  • kinv

    i dont care about timeline… just bring all the characters ON

    • Joseph K. McCall

      even Street Fighter EX?

  • Joseph K. McCall

    So where does the Street Fighter EX series fit into the storyline?

    • d3v

      Nowhere. It’s not part of the same canon.

  • PikminExpert

    I think it would make more sense for this game to take place in between SFIV and SFIII. That way they could have characters from SFIV return, but also bring back more characters from SFIII at the same time. They could also make an adjoining story between IV and III and explain various things like the origins of Q, what happened to Shadaloo, etc.

  • Just the last few 3rd Strike characters that didn’t make it to USFIV will get in and we got it. More visuals please!

  • Shoryuken_Dat_Ass

    Sean confirmed.

  • Travis Stywall

    I also felt as if that art of Ken being illustrated in the video was the character portraits for the select / versus screen. I want to watch it again, because there is some art on the board behind the artist of a potential character.

    • David Curry

      That wasn’t fan art? The webpage on the monitor is Deviantart.

  • Sheynanigans

    If Tekken and KoF(though not lately) can mash all their characters in one game SF needs to do it so everybody will stop complaining. I for one would like the option to be able to fuck around with every character without having to constantly switch games. I’d also like another CvS but we all can’t have what we want, am I right?

  • Guest

    Please be a Time War arc! Please be a Time War plot! I want everyone from 1 to 4 to return…

  • Bushin_Cat

    I could see the Cast of SF III replacing older SF2 chars for SFV; of course, new characters need to debut in V to call it a sequel. Here’s my char change list:
    Zangief -> Alex (one main grappler is enough)
    Blanka ->Necro (electricity freak)
    Dahlism -> Oro (the wise guru…and doesn’t dahlism hate violence anyway?)
    Guile -> Remy (Remy’s image fits a grittier-looking SF game)
    Lastly, I hope Chun-Li gets a 2P alt. skin that’s modern street clothes; she’s suppose to be a cop that can go undercover. The rest of cast, do whatever. Yeah, bring back a grown-up Karin.

  • Hiya_tiger

    Viper pls

  • logat890

    hope these are just placeholders. Rehashed costumes and character designs would be boring.

  • Jeff B

    We Await your return Warrior…

  • Ricardo Nasta Villaseñor

    Please don’t leave out Gen! I love the character in Alpha series and SF4! He even got an EVO come on!

  • Filipe Fukutani

    If it’s a sequel I’ll be happy because I’m a fan of something simple called chronology, something Capcom doesn’t seem to know how to use.
    A quick detail to the article, I’m a fan of the original games and the same applies to names, originally Alpha is Zero in Japan, so that makes it more ridiculous: SF1->SF0->SF2->SF4->SF3, with that said this is probably the one time the west did justice in naming it Alpha as a sub-title in the series timeline instead of Zero (mainly because I don’t like the swapping of the 3 characters’ names), hence SF4 should have had a sub-title and not be a numbered title in the series.
    If SF5 is truly a sequel IT should have been SF4.