Capcom Cup 2014’s First-Round Matchups Revealed

By on December 3, 2014 at 11:06 am


After much speculation from the community, Capcom has finally revealed the first-round matchups that will kick off the action at Capcom Cup 2014 later this month.

Some of the more tantalizing pairings include Evil Geniuses teammates PR Balrog and Ricky Ortiz, Infiltration and CNB|ChuChu’s Korea vs. Brazil rematch, and yet another chapter in the eternal struggle between Evil Geniuses’ Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara of Mad Catz.

The full list has been included below for your perusal.

  • MD|Luffy vs. NISHIKIN
  • EG|PR Balrog vs. EG|Ricky Ortiz
  • Snake Eyez vs. EG|Momochi
  • DIG|Ryan Hart vs. CRS|NuckleDu
  • Bonchan vs. RZR|Fuudo
  • Infiltration vs. CNB|ChuChu
  • RZR|Xian vs. GL|Valmaster
  • EG|Justin Wong vs. MCZ|Daigo Umehara

This news comes courtesy of One Frame Link, who, much like they have for other events, are running a series of polls for fans to take part in. By letting your followers on Twitter know who you think will win this opening bouts, you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a Chromecast from Capcom themselves. Further details on this promotion can be found here.

Capcom Cup 2014 is scheduled for December 13 in San Francisco, California.

Source: One Frame Link

  • Mattforce W

    Damn I don’t want Du and Ryan to fight I won’t know who to root for

  • bavobbr

    Luffy starts of with his worst matchup, at least he has time to prepare this well. Except for the US-US and JP-JP match this starts off pretty well spread

    • Garrett Jones

      I understand that she can’t play a lame game with fireballs, but why would this match be hard since Louffy has good footsies? NISHIKIN can’t go crazy with balls since Rose could punish them hard, especially with Ultra 1.

      • Jeremy

        One slide underneath a badly timed fireball is all Nishikin needs to work the shenanigans of Blanka, even more so since Rose’s best normal wake-up option, EX Soul Spiral, is no longer throw invincible. Could even option select low short to a very ambiguous meaty vertical roll in the proper distance to chase Rose’s backdash too. And I think you can hard link a stand jab after an overhead or special cancel the overhead to a rolling attack for a knockdown off a hit confirm. I may be wrong on that last bit but Blanka does have some good counter options against Rose’s straightforward approach.

        • Garrett Jones

          So then your entire theory started with rose throwing a fireball which I already agreed she should never do. Also that overhead is slow as hell.

          • Jeremy

            It is going to be natural to throw a fireball in neutral at least one time. It’s natural street fighter instincts, unless you’re Daigo. That’s why I said it only takes ONE and there can be safe moments to throw a fireball and yes the overhead can be very ambiguous but that’s why you keep it in the back pocket to surprise your opponent. It’s the game within the game man.

          • Garrett Jones

            The word “natural” doesn’t make sense when talking about match-ups.

            Maybe there needs to be 2 separate match-up charts then?

            One based on popularity polls of B and C rank XBL players, and another where people play the match-up the way it should be.

          • Jeremy

            Then how would you approach the Rose vs Blanka matchup then, Mr. Expert? If you have knowledge of both characters’ best tools, PLEASE enlighten me. Complete arrogance.

  • Leon Phanrana

    These first round match-ups makes sense actually because the top seeds takes on the bottom seed which are luffy and nishikin respectively so on and so forth…..

  • turkusama

    Daigo and JWong? ayyy lmao

    • Jeremy

      If justin is smart about this, he better be sharpening up that Elena he has tried to work on. I know Daigo doesn’t come close to Sako’s execution but it can still be very difficult for Rufus against EVIL Ryu.

      • abcdefgqwerty

        Eh I would argue daigo plays a bit different than sako and his execution is very good lately

        • Jeremy

          It’s not about the execution and why I say it would be better to pick elena. Elena would have better options getting through the zoning game of Evil Ryu than Rufus’ big body. Daigo knows the Rufus matchup all too well.

  • Guest

    Holy shit Ultradavid and James Chen were SPOT ON with their predictions!

    So basically these matchups were determined with rankings and points.

    • Sim Kazma

      Them and literally everyone else, yes.

  • Jeremy

    That is exactly the matchups i had written down in my scenario yesterday prior to this post!!!!

  • wizzra

    They forgot me in the list.

  • Nybb

    I get that they probably just randomed it, but for an event like this, couldn’t they have swapped around the Rog-Ricky and Bonchan-Fuudo matches somehow to avoid friends playing each other? Or did they already use some other method (besides home country) to seed the bracket? Points maybe?

    • Jeremy

      the seeding is classic tournament branch seeding based on overall points earned in the capcom pro tour for all those that qualified, no perks if you happened to win a capcom pro tour premier tourney that automatically qualified you for said event. That’s why Fuudo (15-seed) has to go against Bonchan (2nd-seed) in the first round.

  • lol@u

    PR Rog vs Ricky first round? Justin Wong vs Daigo first round? The former cant be happy about this lol. And the latter…yeah, someones going into losers early haha.

  • Michael Sosa

    This is gonna be good

  • BlueLink

    Dat Infiltration vs chuchu runback

  • MaskedHeroxx

    I’m going for justin this tournament

    Aye are they gonna be having MARVEL tournament for Chris G. To jus dominate everyone

    • ReddChief78

      Justin is gonna be there so you mean Justin to dominate everyone.

      • MaskedHeroxx

        Oh don’t get me wrong I know Justin is a very good marvel player…But Chris been winning the most tournaments over the past 3 years well over Justin…

        My votes on Justin in ultra. I usually pick the Beast *WHAT IS DAIGO*

        • Emilkof

          Voting for Justin in Ultra means you don’t have a clue about anything related to the USF4 scene.

          • MaskedHeroxx

            Hahaha I actually do son I watch everything… I jus happen to meet Justin at a airport in new York not to long ago. He’s a cool dude so imma vote for him

            Plus I happen to stay in cali and already got my ticket for capon cup…tickets only $5 that’s a deal

          • RocketPawnch

            Capon Cup, ahh yes! Low Tier God vs Bushinstyle vs Gandhi vs DSP!

          • MaskedHeroxx

            My phone love to auto correct -__- like no tomorrow believe fights Me so hard on using actual real words