DreamHack Ultra Street Fighter IV Championship Winter 2014 Results

By on November 29, 2014 at 1:00 pm

DreamHack has been one of the major esports tournaments in Europe for the Street Fighter IV series since the console release of the original in 2009. This year’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Championship at DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden however has special stakes: the winner will claim the coveted final spot for Capcom Cup 2014 in December.

As the final Capcom Cup qualifier, the event is drawing competitors from outside Europe looking for a last shot to make Capcom Cup: RZR|Fuudo, RZR|Itabashi Zangief and FGC.r/Kappa|Pepeday of Japan; AVerMedia|GamerBee of Taiwan; and FA|Bigbird of the UAE. Attending from Europe are players who have become DreamHack regulars, including Evo 2014 and multiple DreamHack champion MD|Luffy, d|Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart, Problem X, Skatan and more. Even for players who have already qualified for Capcom Cup, DreamHack Winter has a sizable prize pool of 50,000 Swedish krona (~6700 USD), so the incentive to win is just as high.

Capcom will be providing live broadcast coverage of the event, viewable on the CapcomFighters Twitch channel. Tune in to see who will be going to Capcom Cup in two weeks.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long)
2. AVM|GamerBee (Adon)
3. RZR|Itazan (Zangief)
4. MD|Luffy (Rose)
5. FGC.r/Kappa|Pepeday (El Fuerte)
5. RZR.CG|Problem X (Seth, C.Viper)
7. WSO|Andreas (Rufus)
7. imstilldadaddy (Guile)

9. GxC|Damascus (Ibuki)
9. Gagapa (M.Bison)
9. RB|Kayane (Chun-Li)
9. BX3|Phenom (M.Bison)
13. Brick (Zangief)
13. Property Ettelman (Dudley)
13. Nayte (Juri)
13. BX3|veggey (Zangief)

Fuudo qualifies for Capcom Cup 2014, December 13 in San Francisco.

Match Log

Source: DreamHack, Capcom Fighters

  • anonymoos

    Why is Capcom so free? There are no groups available on the BinaryBeast page! They had such a long time to prepare but they failed to deliver. How should people be following anything now? Obviously Capcom and DreamHack do not care about the viewers! Such a disappointment. GG Capcom.

    • ReddChief78

      You should get around the internet more, i don’t even keep up with Dreamhack & i’ve known about it for weeks now & with many people in the FGC mentioning it on streams & social media, stay free bro.

    • KMC_Hurricane

      If you seriously can’t watch a stream and enjoy it because you don’t have a bracket to follow, you are probably autistic. A shit ton of people late registered, and running those online brackets isn’t the main focus when trying to hold a large tournament. Commentators were going over what is happening in the brackets the entire time. GG your ability to complain about dumb shit.

    • ReoAyanami

      Did you give them any money?

  • Guest

    GG Pepedai, Luffy won but it could had been Pepedai as well.
    But damn, Rose has too much tools to fight anybody, from long range to close range.
    She’s quite annoying tho.

  • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

    Hilarious to see that the last spot Topanga A league player won this Dreamhack.
    Just saying…

    • anonymoos

      Just saying what exactly?

      • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

        You really ask ? LOL
        Both Itazan & Fuudo are still B League. 🙂

      • Emilkof

        The rest of the world is way behind Japan

    • harmonylab

      Hilarious to see that the last Topanga A league champion couldn’t win evo. Just saying…

  • geekwannabe

    The final 16 is decided?
    By way of Premier Tournaments:
    Ryan Hart
    PR Balrog
    By way of points
    Justin Wong
    Ricky Ortiz
    What a line up! Great character diversity too. Lets go!

    • Michael Sosa

      I miss sako