Get Nasty with These Reset Options for Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Decapre

By on November 11, 2014 at 3:20 pm
Decapre 3 622x320

Shoryuken’s very own Franz “d3v” Co recently put together a couple of Ultra Street Fighter IV videos that cover some reset options for Decapre that follow Scramble. These options are a perfect addition to any Decapre’s mixup game and work to add many more layers to her already insane number of ways to open up opponents.

The first video demonstrates the options afforded to Decapre after she lands an EX Scramble Break and then chooses to follow it up with a jumping roundhouse. Decapre will land slightly sooner than the opponent, and from there has a couple of solid options to keep the pressure up: she can go for a low into Stinger or she can throw out another EX Scramble Break for a mixup that will keep her safe from most reversals and, if it hits, will start the whole situation over again.

Combine these concepts with the footage in the second video, which shows off a cross-under option that follows the EX Scramble Break, and you’ve got a lot of options to use to condition opponents and then throw a wrench in their expectations.

Source: d3v

  • Reggie Gaston

    Hmmm… I guess that’s… educational, albeit not so innovative. But it’s good to show old content to people who are getting into the game. Aim for all levels of play.

  • Ndebe

    Oh hey, cool that SRK finally got some videos that aren’t on r/SF4, wonder why that is. Oh, it’s because both the videos are ass and the only reason they are on the front page is because they were made by d3v.

    Don’t even know why I bother with SRK front page when all they do is post the same content from Reddit. Actually, I wish SRK would be better at ripping off of Reddit, since in that case they would stop posting videos a month after they made the rounds on other sites.

    • MrHolabogalog .

      Fuck up and go clean for fedora collection. If you like reddit more…. Why are you here?