Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Revisits Japanese Arcades

By on November 6, 2014 at 9:46 am

Some time ago, we reported that Capcom would be bringing some of its classic games back to arcades via Taito’s NESiCAxLive network. Today, the first of those games is finally out on the service – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

This arcade re-release is an important event for fans of the game. Prior to this, 3rd Strike was available only on Capcom’s CPS-III board, which was notorious for eventually refusing to work due to how its security was tied to a battery that would eventually die after years of use. This effectively extends the game’s life in the arcade by allowing it to run on newer hardware.

In transitioning to the widescreen monitors of newer arcade cabinets, the game’s classic 4:3 aspect ratio is still maintained. The extra space is instead filled with the movelists for the selected characters – a touch that should help newcomers get into the classic title.

Other games such as Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3 in the west), Hyper Street Fighter II, and Street Fighter Zero 3 (Street Fighter Alpha 3) are expected to be released before the end of the year. In the meantime, check out how 3rd Strike looks on NESiCAxLive in the gallery below.

Source: Siliconera

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  • OtakuFakku

    need this in the uk we nearly have no arcades

    • BlAzEdD0NuTs

      tear’ luckily 8 months ago we got a good arcade here in texas that actually has fighting games

      • Sonickick120

        We do? Where? Tell me!

        • Guest

          Arcade UFO, Austin.

          • Sonickick120

            Should be a fun trip to check out!

        • TXCharlie00

          Ultra Arcade in San Antonio and Game Guys in Pasadena

          • Sonickick120

            Ohhh, I better check out Ultra Arcade since I live in San Antonio, Thank you!

        • BlAzEdD0NuTs

          ultra arcade in san antonio on blanco rd

      • s1g@phnx

        Is it in Dallas? If not, that sucks.

    • TiredOcean

      Honestly, this being in the UK wouldn’t change the fact that no-one outside of London operates a half-decent arcade.
      If you are near London though, check out the HoG. It’s got 2 (maybe more?) genuine CPS3 3S boards in Versus cabs. Sticks and buttons, though Japanese, are sometimes sub-par, but it’s an otherwise excellent arcade.

      • Toby

        A Third Strike is currently being set up at Las Vegas in London =]

        • TiredOcean

          Mandem I’ve been there many times. Signed up for the tournament this month as well, hope it’ll be good.

          In case you’re wondering, I’m the guy who commented on that vid of Rakurai getting a double Perfect in LV.

          • Toby


  • BlAzEdD0NuTs

    the character movelist feature sounds like an awesome idea

    • David Curry

      Arcade cabinets usually display movelists next to the joysticks or under the screen. But they had to fill the 16:9 space with something

  • Nocturno999

    I would love a 4th revision of this game.

    • Magegg

      Never played SFIII: 4th Strike?

  • TiredOcean

    You guys didn’t need to practically lift Siliconera’s misinformed title. Third Strike has been going fairly strong in Japanese arcades with the original CPS3 boards, although this is welcome news for other game centres who don’t want to splash out on extra cabs to get this classic game.

    • Mitri

      Yeah, and Capcom still replaces dead batteries for Japanese arcades as for as I know.

    • tanbu

      Hah! They’ve changed the title.

  • pootnannies

    something looks bad about the pixel quality. i don’t know if it’s because of the lack of scan lines but it looks bad.

    • In fact, the PS3 remake looked way better than that.

    • TS

      There are also jpeg compression artifacts around the character art, which is probably high-res. So it’s probably just a bad picture, combined with a lack of scanlines.

    • TiredOcean

      This is true. I pointed out the same thing when the port was first revealed but it seems that Capcom didn’t pay too much attention to scaling issues. :/

      In case people can’t see it, open up the pictures and pay close attention to whenever a sprite has a diagonal line in it. Instead of the lines being the same width, they vary, which causes this weird effect where diagonals (and any skewed line) bulges irregularly.

      Examples would be in character names, super meter stocks (the pancreas-looking things which say “1”,”2″ etc.) and Ryu’s portrait (he looks like a popeyed goldfish).
      EDIT: I wanted to say that these problems tended to occur when using FBA or MAME to play 3S, which is why I can spot them so easily. It’s a shame that Capcom didn’t take the easy (and aesthetically more pleasing) route of rendering the game at an integer multiple of the resolution of the original.

  • wizzra

    the extra info just gonna confuse pro players

  • danved

    Hyper Street Fighter II seems to have been out for almost a month.

  • General_Awesomo

    Wait, look at that last pic. Chun-Li and Akuma have their console exclusive Start+ colors (the Second Impact palette in TSOE). So Capcom gave the arcade version something exclusive from the console version. That means…


  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

    A ghost from the future told me:
    “Remember Third Strike? Street Fighter 5 will be almost exactly like it.”

    No, I haven’t been drinking or sustained a head injury.

    • Freakin Idiot

      I hope to god SF5 will be a lot more like Third Strike. SF4 is a solid game but if there was one thing I couldn’t stand about it, it was the art style.. Hopefully the look of SF5 wont have that much similarities to SF4. Oh, and speed the pace of the game up a bit too.

  • Aaron

    I feel like this will be a boon for arcades that don’t have the game in the first place, but I’m not sure it will get play. I really hope it does, but at least in Tokyo, the 3rd strike arcades are fairly established places with diehard players. There are still new players coming in the scene, but most people know where 3rd is being played. And the fact that 3rd is almost ALWAYS 50 yen and that the nesica cabs are usually 100 yen make me feel like this just isn’t gonna be so popular. But you never know, the Taito with 3rd strike in Akihabara charges a dollar and people still play there. So you never know. Maybe the card system will catch on. 100 yen for third strike though is just really steep.