Lab Zero Games Selling Limited Quantity of Custom Character Palettes for Skullgirls Encore

By on November 5, 2014 at 11:43 pm


Back during Lab Zero Games’ gocrowdfunding campaign for Skullgirls Encore, one of the featured reward tiers was a limited number of slots for custom color palettes. As it turns out, even after the successful campaign, not all of these slots were claimed.

Due to feedback from fans who have expressed interest in acquiring these unclaimed palette slots, the developers are now making them available for purchase. As it stands, Painwheel, Double, and Robo-Fortune each have two slots up for sale, while Peacock and Beowulf are down to one apiece.

These slots will go for the same price as the $400 reward tier in which they were previously offered them during the campaign, and will come bundled with everything else that level entailed, including a Steam code for the game itself, a copy of the soundtrack, the digital sketchbook, a character poster, and much more.

Previous donors who wish to upgrade can do so through Indiegogo and pay the difference. If you’re interested, be sure to contact render over at the official Skullgirls forum before the November 21 deadline.

These custom palettes will be added to the Steam version of the game as soon as they are completed before eventually finding their way to consoles.

Source: Skullheart

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