Kotal Kahn’s Blood God Totems, Quan Chi’s Sorcerer Spells in Mortal Kombat X Explained

By on November 5, 2014 at 3:22 pm

Earlier today, a few folks from NetherRealm Studios provided a special live stream, featuring tons of new footage for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X. Much of the discussion revolved around a few of the variations each character possesses, most notably those of Kotal Kahn and Quan Chi, both of which had been given relatively little spotlight during previous demonstrations.

Starting off, Kotal’s Blood God variation focuses on his use of three specific totems and the buffs they impart. The first, made of obsidian, lessens the damage he takes from enemy attacks, while the crystal totem is more offensive in nature, imparting a boost to attack power that can be combined with his Blood Offering special (which sacrifices health for a damage bonus) to drop ridiculous amounts of health from an opponent’s life bar. The blood totem is a bit different in that it steals energy from the enemy as Kotal lands attacks, storing it in the small figure and replenishing his life until the ancient fighter himself is hit.

As a Sun God, however, Kotal’s offense is mostly derived from the variations unique command grab. Each successful attempt to grab the opponent with this attack adds another hit to the string, capping out at three. Kotal can then use the stored energy to continue dealing bigger damage with the command grab or use it to restore his health, meter, or both resources in one shot, though we assume at smaller amounts.

The spells Quan Chi gains as a Sorcerer, on the other hand, act on the battlefield, affecting either the necromancer himself or his opponent should they be standing in their respective fields of influence. One adds continuous damage to few special attacks that drains the opponent’s health after they are hit, the second increases block damage when foes find themselves within its radiating orange circle, and the last gives Quan Chi a single hit of armor that regenerates after a period of time.

One other interesting gameplay tidbit they dropped had to do with throws. According to the developers, every character will be able to meter burn their normal grabs, which allows them to set up 50/50 situations in exchange for losing damage on the throw itself.

The stream also provided some complementary information on variations for Sub-Zero, Scorpion, D’Vorah, and more, as well as new footage of a few fatalities that had yet to play out full during previous showings. If you missed out, be sure to check out the entire archive below.

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Source: NetherRealm Studios