Sagat Holds No Sway in the Face of Vega’s Beauty – Possible Ultra Street Fighter IV Glitch Discovered by TechnicalCakeMix

By on October 25, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Last night, Capcom divulged their plans to fix a brand new Ultra Street Fighter IV glitch that was uncovered after the ver.1.03 patch landed online, but it appears they may have a bit more work on their hands.

TechnicalCakeMix recently released a brand new video that shows off what he believes to be another bug. In the demonstration, Sagat is unable to land any attacks–normals, specials, super, ultra…anything–against Vega in training mode. It’s worth pointing out that, as he is unsure how this all came about and hasn’t been able to replicate it, there’s definitely a possibility that this isn’t a widespread issue, either throughout the rest of the game’s modes or with the entire cast.

So, any thoughts? Let us know if you’ve run into this issue before and any ideas you may have as to what caused it in the comments.

Source: TechnicalCakeMix