Lab Zero Games Adds PlayStation 3 Arcade Stick Support to Early PlayStation 4 Build of Skullgirls Encore

By on October 22, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Back in July, we reported that Lab Zero Games was looking for a way to add support for PlayStation 3 controllers in the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of Skullgirls Encore. While little was discussed after that initial announcement, it looks like they’ve made some good progress on this issue over the past few months. According to a recent video from lead developer Mike Zaimont, they have implemented a custom USB driver in the current developer builds of the indie fighter that adds the necessary functionality.

According to CEO Peter Bartholow, the driver, which was developed for free by programmer John “Cowboy” Bellomy from Naughty Dog in his free time, allows any controller that identifies itself as a “generic USB gamepad or joystick” to work with the game. This should cover the various arcade sticks Mad Catz has released for the console as well as some other brands and custom PCB options, such as Godlike Controls’ Cthulhu line of boards that are used in many custom built arcade sticks.

However, Bartholow clarified that devices that identify themselves as a DualShock 3 will not work with the driver, which means products like Akishop’s PS360+ board and the InPin PS2 to PS3 adapter aren’t supported.

Bartholow also mentioned that PlayStation 4-specific functions, such as the Home and Share buttons, will need a DualShock 4 to be utilized.

Public testing of the USB driver will begin this weekend at Ultimate Gaming Center’s charity event in Panorama City, California, and continue on into Sony’s PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas this December. The developers encourage everyone to make the trip out to these events to try out their sticks and provide feedback. If all goes well, the driver should be in place when Skullgirls Encore launches on the PlayStation 4 next year.

Additionally, Lab Zero will be graciously allowing other developers to use their driver for free, with the only condition being that they share any work done on the driver with the Skullgirls developers.

With this work in place, fans will not have to shell out another chunk of money for a stick upgrade in order to play the new release, a barrier to entry that keeps many from playing other such releases.

Sources: Polygon and Mike Z via NeoGAF, Giant Bomb

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