Microsoft Creative Director Hints at “Amazing Things” Being Planned for Killer Instinct Veterans Kim Wu and Tusk

By on October 15, 2014 at 11:45 am

With the release of a special launch trailer yesterday, we were given a sneak peek at the characters that will be added to the Killer Instinct roster during season two. In addition to returning fighters like TJ Combo and Maya, Microsoft also revealed that fellow veterans Riptor and Cinder will also be playable in the coming months.

While they’ve covered much of the community’s expectations so far, some are still hoping more characters that debuted in Killer Instinct 2, such as Kim Wu and Tusk, will eventually find their way into the Xbox One reboot.

Fortunately for them, it appears as if they may have quite a bit to look forward to. In a very candid tweet sent out yesterday, Microsoft creative director Adam Isgreen said that they have “some amazing things” in the works for both of the aforementioned fighters.

Because both Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios are devoted to their work on season two at this point in time, it’s likely we won’t hear more about Kim Wu and Tusk until development begins on an as of yet unannounced third round of content for Killer Instinct.

That being said, we’d like to hear from our community what you folks want to see out of these two fighters should they find their way into the cast later on down the road. Feel free to jump into the comments and let us know!

Source: Adam Isgreen