RZR|Xian Reveals Pocket Poison Against AVM|GamerBee During Saigon Cup 2014’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Grand Finals

By on September 29, 2014 at 6:26 pm

While relatively large fighting game tournaments were taking place in DreamHack Stockholm 2014 and WEGC 2014 this past weekend, the Vietnamese community also came together to put on an event of their own in Saigon Cup 2014. Held in historic Ho Chi Minh City, this event featured a number of notable names, including Razer’s Xian, GamerBee of AVerMedia, Canada Cup Gaming’s Humanbomb, Leslie, Marn, and more, in addition to more local talent.

As such, this Capcom Pro Tour tournament turned out to be incredibly competitive, and eventually only Xian and GamerBee were left to take part in the Ultra Street Fighter IV grand finals. Though he had handily defeated GamerBee earlier in the top eight bracket, Xian soon found himself on the ropes against the Taiwanese competitor’s smothering Adon play.

It was at this point that he┬árevealed his trump card: Poison. Using Ultra’s newcomer, Xian was able to recover very quickly, taking advantage of the Mad Gear’s stifling offense and surging back into battle. Was he able to overcome GamerBee with his secondary character? You’re gonna have to check out the replays below to find out!

If you’re in the mood for more footage, be sure to head on over to Street Fighter Vietnam’s official playlist. Full top eight results can be found in our coverage hub.

Source: SFVietnam

  • Art Salmons

    A Pocket Poison? That sounds like a trap.

  • Wedge

    Definitely a matchup he came well prepared for. Landed a crossup EX LMT setup like 4 times, and landed a lot of combos after blocked LMT’s that were probably at advantage from the spacing.

  • Relius Clover

    Everyone should have a pocket poison, chick is relentless. Such a solid character.

  • comoesa

    There is a reason why a lot of top players said poison was good immediately after playing her. The arcade results in japan are already showing it and soon more tournament result will follow.

    • oussama boujrida

      and what about rolento…hhh..nemo showing the character is viable…. for him

      • comoesa

        There were changes to Rolento from the first arcade version of Ultra to the console version. Mostly everyone thought he wasn’t great when they played Ultra on console.