Learn to Dance with Witty Gamer’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Elena Tutorials

By on September 24, 2014 at 9:05 am

Elena has gotten some love from top players like GG|NYChrisG, HORI|sako, and EG|Justin Wong since she joined the Street Fighter IV cast back in June. Sako even took her deep into Evo this year and stuck with her all the way through a nail-biter against NGL|Marq Teddy’s Guy. So she certainly hasn’t been ignored, but none of these top players have made a full-on commitment to main the Street Fighter III veteran and online matches certainly aren’t teeming with Elenas looking to climb the leaderboards.

In an effort to educate the Street Fighter community and possibly convert some people to Elena mains, Witty Gamer recently compiled a lengthy tutorial for the light-footed cast member. The footage comes in two parts, with the start of each focusing on not only the beginner-friendly aspects of Elena, but beginner-friendly aspects of Street Fighter IV mechanics in general–beginner as in day one beginner. The videos are loaded with terminology, important drills to practice, and in-depth descriptions of each move in the capoeira fighter’s toolkit.

That said, there’s plenty for seasoned players to pick up from these videos, too. Things like how to hop through fireballs with certain specials, how to maintain aerial dominance, and enough combos to get things going. If you’re not looking to pick up Elena yourself, maybe you’ve got a buddy looking to get into Ultra Street Fighter IV. These tutorials could be the starting point that they’ll need to get them going with a less conventional first character.

Source: Witty Gamer