BE|Nemo and Bonchan Share Their Thoughts on Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Top Five Characters

By on September 24, 2014 at 3:03 pm


As Ultra Street Fighter IV continues to be figured out by the community at large, folks are starting to put together some more concrete opinions on which characters are strongest in the game. While everyone has their own opinion, two respected players recently came forward and provided their thoughts on which cast members rank in the game’s upper echelons.

Taiwanese competitor Bruce “AVM|GamerBee” Hsiang recently tweeted out some interesting thoughts from Nemo of The Black Eye and Evo 2014 runner-up Bonchan, highly-skilled Japanese players that have shown they know a thing or two about the game.

[column size=”one-half”]


  1. Yun
  2. Evil Ryu
  3. Ibuki
  4. Poison
  5. Zangief
[/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”]


  1. Yun
  2. Evil Ryu
  3. Fei Long
  4. Poison
  5. Ibuki

As you can see, their opinions align very closely. Both of their lists include Yun, Evil Ryu, Ibuki, and Poison, with the first pair ranked as the top two in their minds. The outliers, on the other hand, are drastically different, with Nemo choosing perennial grappler Zangief and Bonchan going with Fei Long, who has remained strong since he began to dominate in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

Though having word from two of the world’s best players is nice in and of itself, it also serves to stir up a bit of discussion throughout the rest of the scene. What do you think of their lists? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Source: GamerBee

  • No Ibuki army on XBL pls

    • Challenge accepted!

    • How about the f***ing Evil Ryu army

      • XBL Ibuki is way more annoying than XBL Evil Ryu.

        • Nah, because Ibuki doesn’t have that freaking 500-damage 1-frame-link combo. And plus, she doesn’t have 950 health like Evil Ryu whose health got buffed – BUFFED! in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

  • IFD|Humbag

    Yun the best character who has never won anything.

    • LightSpdAeon

      A valid point.

    • RenaTurnip


    • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

      But always well placed buddy.
      Or maybe you just trolling, not too sure.

    • This is…true.

  • RunningWild1984


    I don’t see it. But maybe there’s a Poison specialist out there we’ve yet to see that can dominate.

    • abcdefgqwerty

      Yeah everyone talks about poison but you dont really see many poisons winning a lot

    • Poison has a lot of tools and I can see why they think that but I wouldn’t really put her in top 5 myself either.

    • SiriusBusiness

      Ricky Ortiz.

    • Mateo151

      Poison is too new to have won a major, but pros can see the potential… once someone masters Poison I’m sure she’ll get some big wins

      • Azrael VG

        she may be new but she seems pretty simplistic. There is nothing much to master.

        • Mateo151

          so you claim

        • FaithFromHell

          Poison is simple to use but difficult to master and evidence you don’t need gimmicks to be mechanically interesting.

    • Azrael VG

      I don’t get poison being there either .
      Sure she has a lot of tools but Ryu has always been the utility belt of tools and he isn’t top 10.

    • I see what you did there 😉

  • abcdefgqwerty

    Yeah why does everyone unanimously put yun as 1 yet no one wins anything with him?

    • Just because no one has won a major doesn’t mean a character isn’t good or in this case, the best.

      • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

        But you know, people are dumb.

        What they can see, they can believe.
        If Yun doesn’t have win a tourney, it must be because he’s not that strong…


    • Steel Baller

      That means the game is balanced?

    • SiriusBusiness

      He has all the tools necessary to be a good all-around character. (good reversals, wakeups, mixups, etc etc) He also has the least “bad matchups” compared to any other character int he game. These are the things that make him strong and consistently put at the top of tier lists. Wins are earned by players, not characters. If tier lists dictated wins we wouldnt have had a fuerte, dudley, and Thawk with 1st and 2nd places in tourneys lately.

  • Danny Simion

    Eh, I was hoping this article would be more than just a list…they could have interviewed these two and get some of their thoughts on why – otherwise, what do I get out of reading two columns of names?

  • Felipe Pereira

    I still think Evil Ryu is the strongest in the game.

  • Sincerely, The Jerk

    1) Evil Ryu
    2) Yun
    3) Ibuki
    4) Poison
    5) Hakan (maybe Dan depending on how deep you want to go and how weird his boxes can get)

    I think a good Evil has more trouble than a good Yun to open someone up but if you get opened the only way you beat Evil is if he drops a combo.

    • OmegaNITRO

      Him not being able to open you up as easily is the exact reason that Yun is over him.

      • Sincerely, The Jerk

        Once you’re open you don’t really get to play anymore against Evil.

        • OmegaNITRO

          With a good Yun, you don’t either.

  • 10Billion

    I am learning Yun right now, and I hope they nerf Yun soon. So I can play this character in peace, while they bandwagon some other character.

  • How can Evil Ryu be the best when Daigo lost with him to John Choi? Kappa

    • abcdefgqwerty

      no excuses but daigo is clearly better now with e ryu than he was at evo. He still drops combos but those are hard combos

  • Petran79

    no Cammy? USF4 saved!

    • FaithFromHell

      Cammy got better, but Capcom successfully made her less interesting over time.

      Kind of like Yun except Yun gets his own tier.

  • Ace

    When will R. Mika be on the top tiers? Kappa