Street Fighter Alpha 3, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Other Classic Fighters Discounted on PlayStation Network

By on September 16, 2014 at 7:31 pm


While Street Fighter IV and the bevy of new titles that followed revitalized the fighting game community with fresh faces, it’s always a treat to take a trip back into the olden days and revisit the games that got many of us involved with the genre in the first place. Fortunately, a variety of classic Capcom fighters are currently on sale on PlayStation Network, making such trips much cheaper than normal.

Whether you’re interested in the unique -ISM and Groove systems introduced respectively in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Capcom vs. SNK 2, the spruced-up looks of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, or even the oft-overlooked silliness of Capcom Fighting Evolution, Sony has got you covered with these discounts.

Oh yeah, and the handheld version of Street Fighter x Tekken is available at a lower price as well if you’re still interested in that sort of thing.

We’ve included a full list of the fighting games that have been marked down for this promotion, but feel free to check out the full list if you’re interested in other kinds of video game experiences.

Title Platform(s) Sale Price Normal Price Discount %
Capcom Fighting Evolution PS3 $4.99 $9.99 50%
Capcom vs. SNK 2 PS3 $4.99 $9.99 50%
Darkstalkers Resurrection PS3 $7.49 $14.99 50%
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX PS3|PSV|PSP $2.99 $9.99 70%
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition PS3 $3.99 $14.99 73%
Street Fighter x Tekken PSV $9.99 $39.99 75%
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix PS3 $4.99 $9.99 50%
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix PS3 $4.99 $9.99 50%

Sources: PlayStation Network (tip via cinnamonpirate), PlayStation Blog

  • Frankcastleaz Azhp

    SFA3 vanilla isn’t discounted. SFAMax is discounted, but is for PSP/PSV only.

  • ShinMagus

    The PS1 version of SFA3 isn’t quite bearable anymore. 🙁 The CPS-2 is way better in actual gameplay.

    • d3v

      At the end of the day, people still gonna play it due to the World Tour mode. Heck, I recall getting into an argument years ago on which version should be given an online re-release because some folks were saying that it should be the PS1, not CPS2 version.

      • Dan McDermott

        I would not mind a console version of Alpha 3 max that was it runs better then ps1 more characters and has the world tour mode

      • Immodesty

        Dreamcast version for the win.

  • ThaZodiak AKA Miggy

    SF Alpha 3 is the PsOne version, not the updated psp version.

    • AnhVuDo
    • Christian Valenzuela

      There’s no online right?

      • Dan McDermott

        It is a PS1 title what do you think

      • Henry

        Are you talking about the PSone version? That one doesn’t have online. The PSP version has online via Ad-Hoc Party.

        • Elias Figma

          Not really considered online, more in the lines of bluetooth wireless connection to any local player around your vacinity. so even if you could play the psp version on your psp, the ad hoc feature would be worthless.

          • Henry

            No, I said Ad-Hoc Party, not Ad-Hoc. Ad-Hoc Party is a PS3 app – you need two PS3s with wired Internet connections. The PSPs or Vitas connect to your PS3s wirelessly so you can play online. It’s mostly popular with Monster Hunter but it should work with any PSP game that has multiplayer.

          • Elias Figma

            Well sir, you just blew my mind.

        • Christian Valenzuela

          Mvc2 was dreamcast and it has online so I think its a fair question

          • Elias Figma

            It is a fair question because its an already confusing sale. They have 2 street fighter alpha 3s on the store but only one of them is on sale and only one had an actual form of online play. They make it sound like both the ps1 title and the psp title are on sale when only the psp one is. However SRK lists it as also the ps3 (which im assuming they are counting the ps1 title since Im pretty sure you cant play psp games on ps3)

          • Christian Valenzuela

            yea, thanks

  • gigantor21

    That picture is from CvS1, though…

  • Steven Hunt

    MAX is playable on PS3 now? I’ve had the digital version since I got the SF Anniversary Collector’s chest and it never functioned.

    • Henry

      It’s not playable on PS3 but you’ll need one to play online via Ad-hoc Party.

  • Royce Benda

    Alpha 3 Max is not playable on PS3. It’s the PSP version which can also be played on Vita but not PS3

  • Oniros

    Everyone should grab Darkstalkers Resurrection for that price. It’s probably the most polished Iron Galaxy re-release and VSav is my favorite Capcom fighting game along with Rival Schools.

    • Bushin_Cat

      My thumb hurts trying to Thumbs Up this 🙂

  • Piccoro

    Super PUZZLE Fighter is a fighting game now?

    • Elias Figma

      Its a fantastic game based off a fighting game and has fighting game characters that fight as you play. Id consider that a game worth mentioning being on sale on a fighting game website. If you’ve never played it, you are seriously missing out on an amazing and addictive game. Also if you are a fan of capcom fighters.

  • DRIG

    Please let the SF alpha 3 avatars be on EU ps store

  • Bushin_Cat

    what? No SF x Tekken for PS3?

    • Elias Figma

      Ive been saying this constantly! everytime SFxT is on sale on psn its ALWAYS the vita version and never the ps3 version. It boggles the mind why they dont put the ps3 version. Every other version of sfxt has all been on sale except ps3 versions.

      • Dweezil

        Which is ironic because Capcom made sure the PS3 version was way more superior than the 360 version.

        Regardless to the version, SFxT is a horrible piece of trash game that should die.

        • JasinWalraven

          no, its a fun game. not every game is for everyone, and its fucktards like you that makes sure FG’s will forever be niche because who would want to deal with people like you.

          • Dweezil

            Lol, you’re so mad that I made fun of your crappy game, showing off the FGC’s infamous attitude. Lol, Your reply didn’t help the FGC’s shitty rep either, dumb-ass.

            There was nothing fun about turtling until the timer went to 0. Sorry kid, but it’s no one’s fault SFxT is a piece of trash game.

    • Jake_Indiman

      Well, you could probably get the ps3 disc from the bargain bin for like $10. Getting the vita version from this sale, you receive the on disc 12 extra characters and an extra set of costumes. Which they charge like an extra $25 on the psn. Not a bad deal.

  • Nomad

    I was going to go ahead and get CVS2 but I keep hearing that it’s an ass level port, and that makes me super weary even at that price. Out of them all Darkstalkers looks the most appealing.

    • Elias Figma

      It depends on what you consider an ass level port. Its the ps2 version of CvS2. There is nothing new or different about it. If you played the ps2 version when it came out back in the day then you know what to expect. I personally don’t mind it but ive only ever played and have the dreamcast version until they released the ps2 classic version on ps3.

  • samirerre

    screw cvs2,its a piece of shit game,not to mention its also a recycled and unbalance
    with ugly ass stages

    • Victor Thammavong


      • Dweezil

        No, he’s right about the game being recycled and unbalanced. Whether or not the game is shit depends on the person (I think it is a piece of shit, but CvS1 was worse than CvS2 due to the awful soundtrack).

        • Victor Thammavong

          I personally enjoy the original Capcom vs. SNK but that’s just me. I also think 3rd Strike is a terrible game but we’re not gonna get into that right now.

          • Henry

            Yeah, I vastly prefer CvS1 to 2 even though the latter has a larger roster. CvS1 is a 4-button fighter, has a better soundtrack, and I played it in a busy arcade on a big screen! Man, I miss those days now.

    • keith wayne

      stages? who cares when you’re fighting your opponent? unbalance? who cares when it has tons of gameplay variety (characters play entirely different with grooves in place)? that game is dope and always will be

      • samirerre

        go play your umvc3 game noob

  • Feezy

    How’s the online/community for Darkstalkers and Third Strike? People still playing?

    • JasinWalraven

      crickets. But getting these games should be for bringing them to you weekly gathering to play with real people