Help Decide Shoryuken’s (Completely Hypothetical) Pokkén Tournament Cast!

By on September 11, 2014 at 6:00 pm


UPDATE – And just like that, we have the first five entrants in our tentative (and completely hypothetical!) Pokkén Tournament cast. Check out the results below, let us know what you think, and be on the look-out for our Grass-type poll later today.

  1. Greninja – 513 votes (13.7%)
  2. Poliwrath – 321 votes (8.6%)
  3. Feraligatr – 318 votes (8.5%)
  4. Blastoise – 314 votes (8.4%)
  5. Swampert – 168 votes (4.5%)

Ever since it became clear that Pokkén Tournament is an actual thing, tons of people have come out of the woodwork to sound off on which Pokémon they think should be playable. Coupled with recent news from producer Katsuhiro Harada that the cast won’t be limited to just Fighting-types, this opens up a ridiculous amount of possibilities. For those unfamiliar with how crazy the popular RPG franchise has become, the original 151 Pokémon introduced in the very first generation have ballooned in each installment, and the complete Pokédex currently contains 719 unique specimens encompassing a wide array of species, elements, and more.

Like a lot of you out there, I love Pokémon. Apart from fighting games, it has been the most consistent video game presence in my life, so Pokkén represents a very important coupling for me personally, and I’m sure it’s the same for many readers. That’s why, in an effort to gather some data on who folks want to see in the game, we’ve decided to run a series of polls and put together a hypothetical cast for the upcoming fighter.

I’m not going to sit here and lie, saying we may have some sort of huge impact on which Pokémon are chosen to be in the game…that’s not what this is about. This is entirely for entertainment purposes, a way for us to come together and discuss something fun while we wait for new Pokkén information to be released.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the details. Every Friday for the next several weeks, we will run a poll focused on one Pokémon type, through which participants will be able to pick their five favorites. As some groups are much larger than others, this will allow us to grant attention to each type equally. After this first round finishes up, we will move onto another set of polls designed to whittle the group down even further until we have our final character list. As Lucario, Blaziken, and Machamp have already been revealed, they will not be included for voting.

In the interest of keeping this as simple as possible due to the sheer number of Pokémon in the wild today, where each one lands will be decided on their main typing should they be assigned two. Furthermore, as Flying-type pocket monsters would literally be limited to a group of three with this rule in place, we have decided to dismiss it in the case of dual-type Normals, and instead designate them as their secondary typing if one is available. For example, Snorlax, who is singularly assigned the Normal typing, will be included in the corresponding poll while Farfetch’d, a dual Normal/Flying type, will instead be grouped with other flyers.

Additionally, due to the sheer amount of Water-types and the limits of our polling resource, a small group have been shifted to other polls.

Phew…lots of talking for something we thought up just for fun, huh? Anyways, today we will be starting the aforementioned aquatic Pokémon, who represent the largest typing the franchise has to offer. Check out the poll below, vote, and be sure to let us know who you chose and why in our comments!