King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition and King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Heading to Steam Later This Year

By on September 10, 2014 at 12:38 am

While news about a new King of Fighters title has been making the rounds lately, it appears as if SNK Playmore will first be expanding their existing lineup to a new platform. Earlier tonight, the company provided a release schedule for a handful of upcoming titles, and two in particular are sure to excite old-school fans.

According to the table (included below), King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition and King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match will be heading to Steam sometime in November and December, respectively. As the former carries the relatively new “Final Edition” subtitle, which was added for the game’s 2010 NESiCAxLive port, one can assume that the latter will also be based off the most recent arcade iteration.


But, the best part of this news is that fans won’t have to settle for the smartphone release of King of Fighters ’98 Dream Match to get their fix of classic SNK action.

Source: Gamer via Haketh

  • JohnGrimm


    • JohnGrimm

      Also the mobile version of 98 already came out, and mobile aside it’s actually really solid.

      • Magegg

        You answering your own posts, wow.

        • Alex Ta

          he’s extending his post.. lol

          • Dweezil

            That’s why there’s an edit button.

  • werewolfgold

    Still mildly salty that 2002 UM never happened for PS3. I totally would’ve bought it.

    PC…? Eh… Maybe.

    • Edwin Obando Chacon

      LOL, you are not a kof player, you are a console fanboy.

      • werewolfgold

        I don’t typically use my laptop for games as it’s getting on in years and tends to overheat at times. But, thanks for your inept opinion on my console fanboy status.

      • Dweezil

        I’ve heard stupid comments from the FGC, and this is one of them. I didn’t know one’s console of choice determined whether or not he likes a game.

        Stay stupid, FGC.

    • Redblaze27

      Get over it dude.
      A PC version is much better offer at this point as we don’t have to worry about the online being shut off in the near future.

      • Warmachine Rhodey

        plus you dont have to worry about random lag from stages on the consoles (looking at you sf4 for ps3 and 360).

      • Guest

        I don’t think “near” future is something you’d have to worry about, at least. But, I get where you’re coming from.

    • T_REV

      It happened for Japanese psn I’m betting SCEA was against it. I ended up importing a jap ps2 for it garou, and last blade. Mainly because I just had a ps3 TE and sf 15th aniv stick for ps2, and didn’t want to buy another stick for 360.

    • pablofsi

      The real question is: will these two use XIII’s passable input delay lagcode, or Metal Slug’s not perfect but still abysmally better than XIII’s GGPO rollback netcode?

      If SNKP managed to pull off 98 and 2002’s Final Edition with GGPO netcode it will be the ultimate epicenter of slugfest for everyone globally.

      • Logan Via

        We can hope. Dare we dream?

    • Logan Via

      Same. I never touch my 360. Would’ve played it on PS3 all day.

  • gbx

    I just hope the netcode won’t be shitty like XIII’s one

    • Khalid “Eternal Nigh

      KOF13 netcode is a lot better on PC than it is on consoles. They spent a long time ironing it out, they had a steam beta for it for a good 6months with regular updates.

      • JohnGrimm

        It’s still not that great. Playable sure, but it’s not as good as it could be.

      • gbx

        Ikr, but sometimes I still have some issues with it. It’s decent, but not great

        • Edwin Obando Chacon

          You said shitty, Decent is the word that describes XIII PC netcode.

          • ArmoredBoar

            …not really. It’s slightly better than console XIII but that’s not saying much when PS3 KOF96 has PC AE levels of decent netcode.
            XIII’s netcode on whatever platform is not what one would call “decent.”

          • gbx

            They spent a lot of time working on this netcode and it’s still not good enough, that’s why I said shitty. It’s decent, but it should’ve been much better

    • mikanko

      The Metal Slug 3 port SNK put out on Steam uses GGPO. I’m not sure how well it’s implemented however, and no idea if those will be the same people handling this port.

      • pablofsi

        It’s not perfectly introduced but it is still abysmally better than XIII’s netcode. Just needs an option to adjust delay frames.

  • Khalid “Eternal Nigh

    Awesome. Glad to see PC getting some more FG love!

    Dear Atlus/ArcSys/Aksys: Please bring P4U, BBCP GGXrd, and GGAC+R to PC!

    Also bring GGXrd and BBCP to Xbone/PS4 as downloadable titles and/or Disc based. Your excuse about having to downgrade the quality due to disc size limitations for Xbox360 doesn’t fly on the Xbone, let everyone play your games!

    • JohnGrimm

      Frankly you’d be lucky to get Xrd on a Microsoft console at all at this point. They’re pretty set on PS3/PS4. Download will definitely be an option on those consoles because Sony is pushing it mad hard. BBCP on PS4 though is another issue.

      • Bob Smith

        Steam doesn’t have anything to do with “Microsoft” though. Nothing whatsoever has to go through M$.

        • JohnGrimm

          I mean, the dude said Xbone, but okay. It depends on if Sony made a deal with ASW or not to keep Xrd a Sony title. They might not have and a PC port could be possible, but there might have been a contract involved.

  • LockedAndClush

    That’s pretty awesome (I’m gonna get 2k2UM), but I’m still salty about it not being on PS3. This and Garou.

  • ivanchu77

    People love to request “steam versions” about anything ,but then nobody plays or buys them when they are released on steam

    • Bob Smith

      Maybe that’s because they’re shitty or ancient versions of everything. Like GG and BB on Steam. You and 11 people need to use their brain.

    • Louis Lam

      I’d agree with you most of the time but the older iterations of KoF 98 and 02 are still really popular on GGPO and Supercade and I’d get 98FE in a instant.

    • FlotsamFlotilla

      Speak for yourself, dude.

      • ivanchu77

        Nah, “everything needs a steam version” but in the end the steam comunity only cares for their LOL, team fortress and a few similar shooters and RTS games, games like JRPG or fighting games are send to die here

        • FlotsamFlotilla

          You sure are quick to judge what 40 million+ people collectively like. If I wanted to be a jerkface, I could turn that around and say “console players only care about CoD and Halo”, and I would be just as wrong as you are about the PC market.

          If there was no money to be made from Steam, then SNKP would have stopped at KOFXIII and not bothered porting Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug X, and now KOF98/02. They seem very happy with their games’ performance on Steam, and they were even attendees at Steam Dev Days earlier this year so that they may more closely integrate themselves with the PC market.

  • Guest

    i still have my old copy of kof 98! good old whip, i missed her!

    • Yamazaky Geese

      whip was introduced in KOF99

      • TXCharlie00

        probably meant KOF02UM

    • samirerre

      what! whip in kof 98…

  • TXCharlie00

    sweet definitely getting them!

  • RunningWild1984

    Gonna be nice to play 2k2UM on something other than a PS2 emulator since I don’t have a Xbox360. but 98UM Final Edition is where it’s gonna be at.

    I just hope the netcode is good.

  • Drago Umeharevich

    what took them so long? pls have decent netcode

  • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

    This is a very good news !
    I would like the same for Thrid strike as well.

  • Yamazaky Geese

    I havent been in such happiness since I got my car from the showroom…!
    KOF02UM is the master piece of SNK
    we have been playing it every night at the arcades since 2009 and we never get bored
    KOF98UM FE seems promising
    since it will fix the broken characters of KOF98UM “Krauser and Geese and hopefully others (eiji?!)”
    I’m Excited to try Final edition

    • Bushin_Cat

      GEEEEEEEESS-U *tips cap & shakes fist*.

      Sorry, couldn’t resist

      • Magegg

        Know what it feels, bro -.-

  • Demi-Friend

    I hope Garou eventually joins. And Samsho and Last Blade.

    • pablofsi

      Don’t get your hopes up.

      • Demi-Friend

        These are ports of the Xbox 360 versions of the game, which is the same type as Garou. So Garou will eventually come. That said a good Samsho and Last Blade is pushing it.

        • pablofsi

          Garou isn’t that interesting or commercial, KOF is.

  • VMK1991

    Great. Great!
    If the price is right, I won’t even wait for sales to buy them.
    My only hopes are that netcode is good ant that all characters are unlocked from the begining.

  • Rafael Martines

    No PS3 version? 🙁

    • Edwin Obando Chacon

      The only thing you need to play this on you PC is to change that attitude.

      When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

      • carlospsp

        You, Rafael and I can do this…. but SNK is losing a great oportunity not releasing it on sony consoles.

        • T_REV

          I’m pretty sure SCEA was against it since they’re available on Japanese psn

  • Catacul

    Upcoming? 98 was already released some time ago on iOS.

  • Raphaël 無駄無駄無駄

    Vey good news !
    I hope Capcom will do the same for Thrid Strike !

    • Mihail Palov

      Same here, 3s is already on ggpo but if they use the OE netcode from consoles it would run a lot better with a bit of tweaking especially on steam.

    • Heehahou

      That would be sick

  • Bushin_Cat

    1)KOF games on iPhone aren’t THAT bad (I own kof I-2012)
    2)2002 UM can’t come out fast enough!! (I hope there will be online, but still…)
    3)what is ATHENAASAMIYA?? (I know it’s the psycho soldier girl) is it a DDR-style or Shooter game?

    • Catacul

      The King of Fighters-i 2012, Street Fighter IV Volt and Street Fighter X Tekken are VERY good mobile fighting games with online.

  • Dan McDermott

    Nice! I am going to be buying both of these

  • gigantor21


  • First day buy for sure. I have been waiting on this for forever!!

  • Guest

    It’s happening

  • Heehahou

    I just hope for the 3D stages version of 98

  • Quan Chi

    Watch it be missing features…
    Watch it be non-94rebout sprites, burning my eyes with it’s horrible pixelation….

    • RunningWild1984

      Why would it have 94 Re-Bout Sprites? 98UM didn’t have those. If you don’t like low resolution sprites, you probably aren’t even a true fighting game fan.

      • Quan Chi

        because it’s a STEAM game. Which will be played on HD tvs and montiors. And it says Final Edition perhaps?
        was it not rebout that redid the sprites to look better?
        Has nothing to do with being a fighting game fan. Wild tengu, why are you 1-upping yourself xD

        • RunningWild1984

          KOF98UM is a 4:3 aspect ratio game, it’ll look fine so long you aren’t trying to run it in widescreen. Final Edition was an arcade update to the game, that adjusted the balance, that for awhile was only available in arcades until recently last year QQ began offering a free to play version of the game.

          KOF94 Re-Bout just traced over the original KOF94 sprites in x2 resolution, they really don’t look that good. There’s no real reason to do that for these releases.

          • Quan Chi

            It’s also a paid company who made it. Why would I want to look at huge black bars on the sides of my games? Why would I want to buy technology only to use 3/5ths of it?
            Isn’t that what all remasters are? They didn’t just filter it. They took the time to actually make it look right.

            Every person who talked bad about it always says ‘oh, the frames don’t look right now’ which makes no sense. And yet NOBODY has complained about SSF2THDR’s frames. These 2 games also came with the option to blur the sprites only, which makes them look like you’re looking through grease goggles.

            So you are telling me that THAT (smudge filtering) is better than them actually taking the time to fine tune like they did for 94 rebout?

          • RunningWild1984

            It’s not a remaster/HD remix or anything of the sort.

            Does playing a 4:3 aspect ratio on your 16:9 wide screen really upset you that much? Yatagarasu Attack On Cataclysm is a new fighting game coming out, and it only supports 4:3 window or full screen. I don’t see the big deal. So what if it doesn’t take up the whole screen? If it did it would look like stretched out garbage and not look right.

            Also alot of people bitched about the way HDR looks and animates as well when it first came out. And honestly I hate “blur filters” more than anything, they make games look horrible.

            Give me sexy pixelated sprites anyday.

            Also KOF94 Re-Bout was junk.

          • Quan Chi

            It wasn’t a remaster/HD then either.
            Yeah it does. And so does other ppl considering how bad FFIII and other similar games are on steam releases. Why would I pay for an inferior product when I already have a superior one. Watch they even remove rumble from the game too for no reason xD

            Yatagarasu Attack On Cataclysm isn’t really new and I said the same thing on how horrible it looked then too. It also doesn’t help that you see already existing characters from other franchises in the characters animations either.

            For you to say that it looks like stretched out junk mean that you hate all gaming before the ps3 era considering everything was stretched at that point and it didn’t bother you for all the years before but magically it does now?

            All that is asked is to put effort into games instead of quick horrible ports. Everybody wins. For you to dispute is to handicap gaming and the companies income. And let’s be honest, the game is only gonna last 6 month to a year for online before it becomes dead because of how horrible it looks and/or a new game comes out of the same franchise. And if a hacker can make widescreen patches in a flash, what’s the excuse of the actual company?

            If alot of ppl bitched about HDR, then you would see it everywhere. Instead, all you see is consumers asking for SFA3 to be remade the same way. So that there is a lie in itself. It makes no sense to even bitch about frames when both games have THE SAME EXACT FRAMES of animation. ONLY difference is, one is cleaner than the other….

            I’m pretty sure that pixelation is so great, that all the pixelated steam games are doing so wonderful and the makers are so rich! Wait, they ain’t doin so hot and their steam discussion forums are as empty as a desolate wasteland xD

            Let’s see how much Shoryuken and Eventhubs cover these 2 games or Yatagarasu Attack On Cataclysm 😉

            I’m not gonna even mention how horribly sprited the new character K9999 looked and didn’t even look like the same style as the other sprites looking like a fan frankensprite.

          • RunningWild1984

            Umm… I don’t even know what the hell you are talking about anymore.

            What do you mean by remove rumble? You mean like force feedback? Who the even cares about that?

            Only thing that matters to me is playable netcode, it’s all I want.

            What I want to know is if you don’t like playing games in 4:3 aspect ratio, how the hell do you play old emulated games? Because they are gonna look awful being played in widescreen. They weren’t intended to be played that way.

            I like games that are played in their original aspect ratios. You wouldn’t play KOFXIII on a CRT would you? It looks horrible on one. KOF98UM is an older game, so I wouldn’t expect them to make any graphical adjustments just so it can be played in high definition.

            Also fuck Eventhubs. That site is trash.

            As for Nameless, K9999’s “replacement”, he’s literally a repsprited K9999. It’s old news. Nobody cares. People just want the best KOF games in the series with good netcode.

          • Quan Chi

            What else could it mean…. Because I want to keep paying for something over and over with removed features each iteration….

            And as I said, that’s only gonna matter for the first 6 months to a year and then you won’t be able to play because there will be hardly anyone online to play with you. Just like KoF 13.

            Stretched or widescreen patched obviously. And stretched is what EVERYBODY grew up with if they were born a couple months before ps3 came out as also stated already. EVEN YOU. And you were forced to look at it ‘blurred’ and you never complained until tvs were made hd. You saying no filtering is best but when the game first came out, IT HAD FILTERING! The default game had filtering because all box tvs had filtering. And that is what they relied on with the game. So you never played it without filtering until ps3 but the game came out in the ps2 era lol.

            KofXIII is made for HD tvs. It is not bound on the limitations of ancient hardware. And yes, KofXIII has filtering TO MAKE IT LOOK BETTER FOR PPL WITH HD TVS WAY HIGHER THAN 720P. Just like the old games HAD FILTERING TO MAKE IT LOOK BETTER WHEN STRETCHED FROM 256×224 TO YOUR TV’S SIZE. Also, your analogy is going against what you are preaching. You’re asking me if I would play a 720p game on a square screen and yet you’re saying it’s okay for a square tv game to be played on a rectangle one without modification. You do realize that you said that right.

            Looks fine to me. I rather have it looking like this than having it look like my eyeball is directly rubbing against the screen.

            Eventhubs is the same as this site with the same exact ppl on it. So it’s weird if you say screw one but not the other when both basically report the same things.

            I care when I see animation for the upper half of his body and yet a still image for the legs, etc etc. I payed for it didn’t I, so I should care 😛 And of course these 2 being the best games are subjective. There are other KoF games better than this which touch on every aspect of a good game besides gameplay alone.

          • Red Mage

            No Widescreen option means full screen’s gonna suck. Still, even if they made it wide the game would still be in the original resolution, so you’d have to play windowed anyway (on PC, of course), else it’d be far too big and up close for it to be pleasant.

            However, everything is already there. If they made the camera work a bit differently, they could use up the background and do create a wide screen experience. Since they’re getting money out of this, they could also just draw new sceneries to allow for wide screen.

            I was disappointed with the shitty KOF XIII port, but you’re right. For this one, Windowed 4:3 is good enough, so long as the netcode doesn’t suck.

    • Warmachine Rhodey

      Well kof 98umfe and kof 2002 um are on the nesica system in japan and those use HD monitors so maybe snk has some sort of filter of it. The nesica system is just essentially a pc so any game released on that can be ported to pc easily.

  • 7/11 Truther

    KOF XI please SNK?

    • Magegg

      That’s just impossible -____-

  • Stone Nguyen

    I’m really glad we’ll finally get the rebalanced version of 98 UM, we never got that version ported at all, just the super broke one with Nightmare Geese and Krauser on psn/live.

    • RunningWild1984

      98UM never came to PSN, just XBL.

  • Edwin Obando Chacon

    ERA HORA HIJOS DE P.!!! LOL. Im really have a long time waiting for this.

  • ArmoredBoar

    Yo Final Edition tho?
    Eiji/Lucky/Chizuru LET’S GO

  • BixHD


  • La Lunatica

    It’s about Damn Time. But SNK still dropping the ball marketing wise by not hyping this up to the Hardcore fans. WIth proper netcode, this could have a huge impact.

    • RunningWild1984

      It was just announced, I’m sure SNK will be hyping the games up plenty enough very soon.

  • Eben Amadeus Selker

    FINALLY! KoF2002um is where it’s at, and a Steam port is just what I needed.

  • CrimsonMoonMist

    Finally! It’s been years since people unearthed these games in Steam’s files.
    2K2UM is my favorite KOF and getting a chance to hopefully play it online is great!

    • RunningWild1984

      It hasn’t been that long, they were found back in February 2013, about a year and a half ago.

  • H_Magnus

    Based Playmore, Kreygasm, GODDAMNITFINALLY, etc etc…

    • xCROOKEDx


  • genocide_cutter

    Finally the best kofs are coming to steam. Screw XIII

  • Wedge

    Huh. Well this is SNK so the online will still be shit, if it’s even there. Is there anything relevant and new in these vs just running the old versions on emulator?

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    If the online is good I might cop this, 98 was good times.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    DAMN, SON!!
    i’m going to get my ass kicked so bad. it’s been years since i last played both these games

  • Kalen Moore

    How is the online play going be like I really hope it uses GGPO.

  • Bushin_Cat

    No one else may join me on this and I don’t give a ****

    SNK, i NEED Maximum Impact 2 and a newly-translated MI2 Regulation A for Steam!!!! I need the conclusion to Soiree’s story.

    • pablofsi

      You are right. No one joins you.

    • xanderglz

      *cricket sound*

  • Logan Via

    YES! KOF 2002 UM ON MY PC!!! SO HYPE!!! Never wanted to buy the 360 port because it was on the 360 and they’re about as reliable as a politician.

  • FlotsamFlotilla

    Day one buy.

  • Miguel Pedraza

    ambas ediciones de The King of Fighters me gustaron… me decanto más por la ’98 por cuestiones de nostalgia pero ya, a la espera de ambas :]

  • Cool

    My dream come true, and we need Kof ’94 Rebout, Kof’94 to XII on steam.
    Kof 98 Pc version and Kof 02 Pc version.
    Kof 98 Dreamcast Version.