Pokkén Tournament Won’t Be Limited to Fighting-Type Pokémon

By on August 27, 2014 at 10:44 am


Ever since the first hints started to drop about Pokkén Tournament, some were convinced that it would only feature fighting-type Pokémon due to the prominence of the breed’s symbol in the initial teaser. Yesterday’s reveal only cemented this belief thanks to the teaser trailer focusing on two of the group’s most outstanding members, but Bandai Namco Games’ Katsuhiro Harada just provided some new details that may raise the hopes of fans who aren’t interested in the franchise’s hand-to-hand combatants.

After being asked about Pokkén’s cast on Twitter, the longtime Tekken producer quelled fears by saying their choices for playable characters won’t be limited to fighting-types.

Lucario, Blaziken, and Machamp have been revealed so far, but this bit of information breaks the floodgates wide open for the amount of Pokémon the game may include.

Pokkén Tournament is scheduled to release in Japanese arcades sometime in 2015.

Source: Katsuhiro Harada