Leaked Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Footage Reveals Bowser Jr., Shulk, and Ganondorf

By on August 25, 2014 at 8:06 am

Last week, a handful of images leaked that supposedly revealed a significant portion of the playable cast for Nintendo’s next installment of the Super Smash Bros. franchise. The characters featured in those pictures included returning fighters like Wario, Ganondorf, and Ness as well as newcomers Bowser Jr., Xenoblade Chronicles protagonist Shulk, and Duck Hunt’s game-retrieving (and often giggling) dog.

While there was little official word to back them up, the validity of these leaks may have just been proven thanks to a few new videos that surfaced online earlier this morning. The footage in question highlights short bits of gameplay for Bowser Jr., Shulk, and Ganondorf from the 3DS version of the game.

One interesting thing to note, however, is that none of the characters in question are being controlled by the player, though this may have been done so that recording didn’t take away from showing off their gameplay.

These are sure to be taken down very fast, so check them out as soon as possible!

At this point, these videos only confirm three of the characters revealed in the previous leaks, but it certainly does raise hope that the rest of the fighters in those images will also be playable in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. For now, we only need wait for Nintendo’s next official announcement.

Let us know what you think of this development in the comments below.

Source: Izat True via Gematsu

  • Exy

    Until we hear word of a high-profile sacking at the ESRB, I’m still skeptical.

    • Pregnant Woman

      If it sounds like a duck and quacks like a duck…..there’s no doubt a duck around that bush

      • Bob101910

        Sometimes I sound like a duck and quack like a duck. Maybe I am a duck

      • LightSpdAeon

        Maybe it’s the ipad i conveniently placed around the bush playing duck sounds. And what sounds do ducks make besides quacking?

        • Julianx2rl

          Maybe i stealed that ipad…

  • Pregnant Woman

    Anyone who calls this fake at this point needs to shut up, seriously.

  • Rahmon Alimi

    Holy shit Sakurai needs to get his fucking priorities straight, Bowser Jr., Rosalina, Lucina & Palutena to me are big wasted spots and characters like Saki, Samurai Goroh, King K.Rool & Takamaru deserve a spot a lot more than them. Yes I am upset.

    • Hays Kronke

      At first I thought you said Shuma Gorath instead of Samurai Goroh. It’s been a long morning for me.

      Also, I agree with you, Dr. Mario and Dark Pit? Really? Now that being said, I’m all in for Duck Hunt Dog.

      • @Rahmon Alimi: You seem like the manly man type of gamer who doesn’t like/play female characters. Rosalina and Palutena are great additions, back off with your machismo.

        • pootnannies

          what the… ok back off with your jumping to conclusions.

        • FoxPocket

          Or, y’know, he could just not like the characters.

          That is a thing people do sometimes.

        • Rahmon Alimi

          No not really, but you seem like a Fedora White Knight. If Anything Rosalina sounds ok at best but it feels like over promotion, Palutena was just a plain stupid choice and feels like favoritism

    • Glenn Vaughn

      Your opinion

      • Rahmon Alimi

        Thank you!

    • Expiriment_Kow

      Nah, Rosalina and Palutena are fucking hype

      • Rahmon Alimi

        Rosalina is alright at best, Palutena is freaking favortism

        • Sasuke Uchiha

          A lot of people including myself love Palutena. She instantly became popular in Japan, and in the US. She is certainly more popular than King K Rool, and Takamaru (not hating) who haven’t been in a game in a long time.

        • bartonzok

          How is Palutena favoritism? If anything, she brings lore, a new battle style and adds to the female fighter count, which this game has been missing for a while, along with adding a face that people actually know since her new appearance in uprising (which was a REALLY good game), while being a name that a lot of retro gamers are familiar with. Not many characters have a wizard/magic playstyle. Sure we have Robin, Zelda, and possibly a Mother PSI character, but with a game that is just filled with physical brawlers and swordsmen (and trust me I am a swords fanatic) it is good to have a character thats different in terms of aesthetic and Palutena provides that. She’s like the Blackheart of Smash Bros, it can’t get any better than that. Such is necessary for the goddess of light. In terms of lore, im not really a rosalina fan, but i do think she adds to character aesthetic variety as much as Palutena, as well as adding to the female fighter count. I may be going ahead of myself, but Rosalina’s playstyle is Ice Climbers done right, or rather, a better formula for the two character layout. She’s fun to play with while adding a new dimension to creative setups.

          There are already enough swordsmen and Samurai Goroh and Takamaru would be too much. F-Zero needs more rep, but theres a shitload of characters that would be a better fit to Smash bros’ obscure character decisions that makes the crossover series popular. I would say the same for Shulk, but he’s a swordsmen with a backhanded style that uses magic as well along with Xenoblade needing much needed exposure seeing as how its recent. On top of too many swordsmen, we already have a female space fighter (Samus as well as her Zero Suit form) so there really is no place for Saki, even though I would want her to be playable. King K. Rool, I’ll back you 100% on this. This game needs more villans, and what would be better than him. Of all the animal characters in the game (Pokemon included), none of them have reptile-like features, besides Bowser I guess.

          These are good characters, but to say they fit the bill better than Rosalina and Palutena, you would have to define by what grounds. From the smash Bros series being known to have obscure but diverse character selections and playstyles, to recent game promotion, both characters succeed with doing everything.

          • Ahmad Boulton

            I think Rosalina and Palutena are great choices. Rosalina is similar to Ice Climbers except she is more powerful and luma returns after it is destroyed unlike Ice Climbers. If one gets destroyed then that one does not come back. Palutena Seems a little broken from what I saw, But I like going up against those type of characters.

        • Glenn Vaughn

          You’re retarded

    • 7/11 Truther

      Of all the F-Zero characters, why Goroh?

      BLACK SHADOW!(I would nergasm for years)
      Even fucking Pico!

      They would all be much better choices because I say so.

      • Guest

        EDIT: Just realized you were being sarcastic; thank god I was fast on the edit trigger.

    • Nybb

      Maybe they want characters from games that were released within the last ten years instead of appealing to your nostalgia?

    • Carlos Vela

      You are clearly not up to date with recent games and popular characters

  • LockedAndClush

    Hell yes. Xenoblade needs more recognition, everywhere. I hope it means they’ll re-release it soon, it costs some insane money these days.

    • Sperium3000

      If they do, they’re probably gonna do something like the Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta bundle deal. Or at least wait until X launches or is close to launch.

      • LockedAndClush

        That would make me buy WiiU at the spot. If they at least could make it run in 720p… my PC handles emulating this game in 1080p with antialiasing like a breeze, and it looks gorgeous, it’s a shame such a pretty game had to be released on the Wii.

        • Dan-Tay

          Yes, such a shame that a second party game can only be published under their owner. I suppose it’s also a shame Pokemon is Nintendo exclusive and Uncharted is PS exclusive.

  • Sperium3000

    Hah, Bowser Jr. fights in a little clown tank, that’s radical. It’s good that he isn’t just a small clone of his dad. Now I’m hoping that they revamped Ganondorf to use a sword, because it would be pretty unhype if he continued to be a clone of Captain Falcon.

    EDIT: Well, f*ck me, I guess. He IS stil a clone of Falcon. Damn it. *Sighs* Oh well, can’t win all.

    • Ken Masters

      It looks like he will be like MODOK in UMVC3

  • Richard N

    I guess I’m the only one hyped for the return of Ness. Just hope it’s Vanilla Ness before they nerf’d the shit out of him.

    • 7/11 Truther

      Ness sucks because he’s a kid with psychic powers, if I wanted that I would just ask for a random Stephen King protagonist for a character. #Kappa

      • Richard N

        As long as it’s not the kid from The Shining. All his psychic power was good for was getting the token black character killed.

        • 7/11 Truther

          I love you Richard N.

      • Guest

        you suck even more because your a kid without psychic powers.

  • MrJechgo

    Ganondorf is still a clone?!?
    For f*uck sake, can’t they just UN-clone him already? They did with Falco in Brawl.

    EDIT: yeah for Shulk ^_^ Instant main

    • bartonzok

      Yea that Ganondorf shit pisses me off to no end. There is a plethora of fighting styles they can use for Ganondorf (OoT ganondorf with his command of dark lightning waves and blasts, Twilight Princess Ganondorf with his sword skills wielding the sword of the sacred realm, Hyrule warriors Ganondorf dual wielding the Great Sword from OoT and the sword of Demise from Skyward Sword and dark energy blasts). Even with these potential layouts, they still chose to leave him restricted to the Capt. Falcon layout. Its a shame.

    • Snow Loss

      Wait, so Ganon who has unique normals and gameplay is a clone, but Falco’s not?

      • MrJechgo

        Ganondorf doesn’t THAT many different attacks from Captain Falcon, not to mention that Falcon’s moveset doesn’t fit AT ALL with the character.

        Falco, in Brawl, had more punches… or wing attacks, while Fox had kicks. True, the specials were the same, but they were different in terms of use, such as the Refkector being use as a split-second reaction.

        • Snow Loss

          I suppose. In any case they’re both overshadowed by the near carbon copies of Lucinia, Dr. Mario, and Dark Pit.
          So unless the dev team spent another 5 minutes on them tweaking move properties… well it’s feeling a lot more like Melee for the wrong reasons. I’ll bet you their custom moves will match their base copies as well.

          • MrJechgo

            Well… Lucina, Dr. Mario and Dark Pit, like Falco, Pichu, Roy and Young Link, are clones that are actually RELATED to their original counterparts. Even in Brawl, while Falco and Toon Link got new moves compared to Fox and Link, Ganondorf not only got fewer new stuff compared to Falcon… but he STILL didn’t feel like using the Dark Lord himself.

            I suppose to use a big fat sword and cast spells as Ganondorf, not fight hand-to-hand.

            Just give him Ganon’s trident in one hand, the sword from TP in the other hand, the outfit from WW with a realistic look instead of cell-shade and have multiple sword/trident combos and dark energy spells. That would kick so many more asses that that Falcon Punch ripoff.

            The Falcon Punch is for Falcon ONLY.

        • Snow Loss

          As far as Ganons moveset goes, I think the believe that if they change it at all there will be a big uproar. Honestly I kind of enjoy the moveset, but wouldn’t say no to a different version of Ganon being added with different moves or making his current specials custom moves… provided they add Battlefield to “Fore Glory” and add a mode were you can use custom moves with non-friends.

  • Kufuu

    Are you kidding me? Gannondorf STILL doesn’t wield a damn sword?

    • Snow Loss

      If there’s one thing Smash needs it’s more swords.

    • Yogsagath

      Now he has more flames on his fists, a big change.

  • FoxPocket

    The day of reckoning has come.

  • Guest


    • dehhh


    • CujoFoxtar

      You may wanna remove Hyrule Warriors from that there list, brah. Because last I checked, it’s still a Wii U exclusive. Meaning you’re still helping Nintendo. Same with Bayonetta 2 – it’s Wii U only; don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

      As for everything else on that list… good luck convincing these guys to import DenBun FC – not only is a big anime-waifu-fanservice gip, half these dudes won’t touch the damn thing without a playable Akira. Not to mention the amount of SAO haters around these parts…

      Everything else besides that? Yeah, that’ll probably work.

      • Guest

        I’m also helping Tecmo Koei and Platinum Games at least they make better movesets than some idiot goofball from Sora…

        • CujoFoxtar

          Yet you are indirectly helping Nintendo, so you’re not exactly being kosher on your original goal of “boycotting” Nintendo, since they still get your money in some form anyways.

          • Guest

            but Nintendo won’t probably give the money to Sora anyways…

  • Adorabunny

    Lucas, Wolf and Icies are not in the leaked roster.

    • Rahmon Alimi

      Hey it’s still not complete so we still have some hope

    • Marvin Choi

      They’re rumored to be DLC along with two other characters I can’t remember off the top of my head.

      • 7/11 Truther

        Waluigi and Black Shadow?

        • Marvin Choi

          I know one of them was rumored to be the Chorus Men from Rhythm Heaven. The other is a returning veteran that I forget.

          • Marvin Choi

            Ah, it was Snake.

        • 愛憎

          I wish.

    • Snow Loss

      “Hey you know Wolf? That guy who was pretty different than Fox aside from his Final smash? Lets take him out, make sure the clone bird is still in… then we’ll add him, the Mother clone and a bunch of other vets no one really cares about as DLC!”

      “BRILLIANT! Please understand.”

      • LightSpdAeon

        Falco’s a better choice.

      • dehhh

        Idk if you actually played Brawl, but Falco is super duper different than Fox. Falco totally outclassed fox in Brawl.

  • dehhh

    I know its fake because no Goku.


    Great, another lame-ass anime kid with a sword that has no parents.
    So we’re up to what…five now?

    Also, Samus confirmed to look like a bigger whore than the last game. Good shit “modernizing” one of your best icons, Nintendo.

    • CosmicKirby

      Yup, by giving her an outfit she has had since 2004. Totally modernizing.

    • Gamegeezer

      2 Fap or Not 2 Fap, that is never a question…

  • Marvin Choi

    Is it me or does Ganondorf look EXACTLY the same as his Brawl incarnation? I mean, not even a visual change in his model or animations, they all exactly the fucking same.

    This is literally the longest-lasting villain in Zelda franchise history, why is he being so neglected?

  • Catacul

    They were took down 🙁

    One thing that concerns me is that Ganondorf looked EVEN slower than in Brawl. His down smash was ridiculously slow.

  • Henny Henri

    there all ready dead LOOOOOL thas was fast

  • Gabriel González
  • Ravio

    ok i wanna see these vids where the heck can i find them?