Capcom Pro Tour Asia Korean Qualifier Results

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This weekend, the Capcom Pro Tour Asia heads to Seoul for the series’ Korean qualifier. Presented by Capcom and Razer in cooperation with Twitch, Tough Cookie, Arcade Stream, and Amazon, the tournament will showcase a number of Korean players such as Poongko, Laugh, and Weirdo Neo as well as some international players like Razer’s Xian as they compete for a chance to go to the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals in Singapore this October.

One notable absence, however, is Infiltration, who has already qualified for Capcom Cup via his win at Community Effort Orlando 2014.

You’ll find the official stream below, but you can also visit Twitch to join the chat. Full brackets are available through Challonge.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. RZR|Xian (Gen)
2. POONGKO (Seth, Yun)
3. Naroks (C.Viper)
4. saulavis (Rufus)
5. DB KOOPA (Yun)
5. ZZangmoo (Zangief)
7. BIGDANMUL (Makoto)
7. Hyoukjoon Yun (Evil Ryu)

Xian and POONGKO qualify for the October 25-26 Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals, joining Humanbomb and Dark Jiewa.

Match Log

Grand Final

RZR|Xian (Gen) vs. POONGKO (Seth) – 3-1

Losers Final

Naroks (C.Viper) vs. POONGKO (Yun) – 0-2

Winners Final

POONGKO (Seth) vs. RZR|Xian (Gen) – 1-2

Losers Semi-final

Naroks (C.Viper) vs. saulavis (Rufus) – 2-0

Top 8 Winners

RZR|Xian (Gen) vs. Naroks (C.Viper) – 2-1
Zzangmoo (Zangief) vs. POONGKO (Seth) – 0-2

Top 8 Losers

BIGDANMUL (Makoto) vs. DB KOOPA (Yun) – 1-2
Hyoukjoon Yun (Evil Ryu) vs. saulavis (Rufus) – 0-2

Naroks (C.Viper) vs. DB KOOPA (Yun) – 2-0
ZZangmoo (Zangief) vs. saulavis (Rufus) – 1-2


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