Capcom Announces $50,000 Prize Pool, Teespring Crowdfunding for Capcom Cup

By on August 23, 2014 at 2:24 am


Earlier this year, tournament organizer Alex Jebailey tried something new for the fourth installment of his Community Effort Orlando event series. By partnering with Teespring, he allowed members of the scene to directly support their favorite games by purchasing items from an exclusive line of shirts, tank tops, and hoodies. The money collected for this apparel would then be used to increase the prize pools of whichever official game the patron chose.

This novel idea sparked a bit of discussion about how this avenue could be used to raise the payouts at future events, and it appears as if one of our scene’s biggest will be taking a page right out of Jebailey’s book.

Capcom recently announced that they too have decided to work with Teespring, and will be using a model similar to Community Effort Orlando 2014’s to boost the pot at Capcom Cup later this year. While their starting foundation of $50,000 is already a much larger amount than the fighting game community is used to seeing, a portion of the money earned from this campaign be turned around to raise that figure even higher.

Teespring’s official Capcom Pro Tour store currently features a limited lineup of clothing for folks to choose from, both for the overall circuit and this weekend’s premier event, VSFighting 4. If you’re interested in contributing to Capcom Cup’s prizes, be sure to head on over and check it out for yourself.

As of now, the initial $50,000 will be split between first ($30,000), second ($15,000), and third ($5,000) place finalists.

Capcom Cup is scheduled to take place in San Francisco, California sometime this December.

Source: Capcom via NeoGAF

  • ReoAyanami

    How about in-game items like costumes and titles for crowdfunding as well? Those will probably sell better.

    • Gailim

      but those would also cost a lot more to produce

      • J.D SRK

        I understand, but Capcom has to get on with the times in competitive gaming. For those who don’t know, TI4 (The DOTA2 major) had a 10 million dollar pot because of that strategy.

        I believe the original prize was somewhere around 3-5 million, and the pot was increased by in game content bought by people. I know it won’t raise millions in the FGC, but it would totally help.

        • Azroix

          It was actually 1 million, the Dota2 community raised 9.9 million on their own.

  • HellMuT

    e-sports money

  • godfist314

    Yooo I would love to one of these shirts…dont have the moolah right now. I gotta start saving my dollars!

  • Shabadenaya

    Shitty designs not even worth buying imo.


    I’d like one of those Shun Goku Satsu tees. Expensive though for my broke ass.

  • SiriusBusiness

    I really like the Rose one. Decisions decisions…

  • DanTheMeek

    I’d prefer it if this extra money went to allowing more players to come away with something meaningful rather then continuing to sweeten the already plenty sweet pot for top 3. Maybe find a way to get at least the top 8 to come away with something? I feel like it’d encourage a larger turn out since most of us know we’ll never almost certainly never top 3 an event like this, but to fraud are way into the top 8 before getting exposed, that’s perhaps a far more realistic pipe dream (not for me, but for many of the more fringe players who really put the time in but just don’t have the God given skills of the big names).

    Unfortunately I’m not especially interested in any of the current shirts on offer, which is a shame as if there was something I liked I was will to place an order. I don’t normally buy fighting game shirts, but this is the sort of “good cause” in supporting the fighting game community that could make me change my mind.

    • Rex

      It’s invite only, who gives a fuck if you want to go or not?

      • GettinScrewed

        I don’t even know you, the gaming industry or anyone even in the gaming industry and Rex, you’re a dick.
        (I got here because of the Teespring involvement)

        • Rex


  • SiriusBusiness

    Just a quick update on this. Got my Hoodie today and couldn’t be more disappointed with it.

    1) Hoodie is SUPER thin quality, the Xtra Large is rather a snug fit event though I’m not a large person and went by the “sizing chart” on the website. My other hoodies in XL have room to wear at least a double shirt under them. This one isn’t even close.
    2) The pic also plainly shows a hoodie with a double-seam hood on it which makes it nice and “round” when you wear it. The one sent was a single seam, the kind that makes that big elf hat point in the back when you have it on. Not a huge deal but the item received was NOT what was pictured on the website. That kind of irks me.
    3) I’m no stranger to screen-printing and I can already tell unless I remember to wash this thing inside-out each time, the back printing isn’t going to last long at all.

    I’m glad the money from this is partially going towards the pots for CC, but this is the last time I ever order from that site again.

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