Capcom Pro Tour Heading to Vietnam, Norway for New Ranking Events

By on August 22, 2014 at 2:33 pm


As a lead-up to Capcom Cup this December, Capcom has done a pretty good job including as many international events as possible through their new pro tour, allowing players from all the across the globe the opportunity to earn their way to the prestigious tournament. With the exception of Africa and (obviously) Antarctica, the company has held or supported competitions on each continent, and a handful of newly-announced ranking events include two individual countries that have yet to receive representation.

In addition to returning to Hong Kong and Japan, Capcom Pro Tour will now be heading to Vietnam and Norway to give their respective fighting game communities time to shine on the international level. These four tournaments will be held through the end of this month, September, and into October, so be sure to check out the information below for details on how to attend or watch.

Further breakdowns on players you can expect to see at each of these events are included in Capcom’s original announcement.

Source: Capcom Pro Tour