Twitch Stream Pits Fin Against Fin in Street Fighter II

By on August 20, 2014 at 12:01 am

By now, you’ve probably heard of Fish Plays Pokemon, which took the concept behind Twitch Plays Pokemon but gave the steering wheel to, well, a fish. A new broadcast recently emerged takes that concept, but replaces Pokemon with a game near and dear to the hearts of everyone in the fighting game community: Street Fighter II.

As expected, the stream pits two goldfish, Aquarius and Robert the Bruce, against one another using color detection to activate virtually-placed buttons strewn about their tank. The fish can be viewed beside the game footage so you can watch them swim into designated button activation zones. This should help prevent any claims of collusion.

You’re certainly not going to see any high-level play here; you’ll honestly probably not even see so much as a Hadouken. You will, however, likely have a hard time holding back a cheer when Robert the Bruce’s Dhalsim footsies secure a clutch victory.

The results for “Season 1” have been posted and show that Aquarius has a fairly sizable edge over his opponent. Aquarius has also demonstrated less of a preference for any particular character, while Robert the Bruce has stuck mostly to Ken with an occasional sub-in of Dhalsim.

Check out the stream embed below to catch all the fishy fighting action!

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Source: Twitch via NeoGAF