Four Additional Characters from Shining’s Past Join the BLADE ARCUS from Shining Roster

By on August 19, 2014 at 7:45 pm

While it’s been some time since we heard anything about their upcoming Shining fighter, Sega recently announced four more characters that will be part of the BLADE ARCUS from Shining cast.

Shining Blade’s Roselinde and Fenrir as well as Shining Heart’s Melty and Isaac are set to join previously revealed characters Rage, Sakuya, Altina, and Xiao Mei, as well as original characters Ryuga and Pairon.

Roselinde is described as a “power” character who uses a lance and shield. Fenrir, on the other hand, is a “rush and attack” type who uses claws. Meanwhile, Melty utilizes a combination of “magic and throw” while using her staff and familiar Sorbet, and Issac is said to have a style that centers around ancient weapons, though the actual weapon that he wields is unknown.

All of the characters that have been revealed so far will be playable at an upcoming location test this Thursday, August 22, at Club Sega in Akihabara.

In the meantime, check out screenshots of the new characters below and let us know what you think.

Source: Sega via Gematsu

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  • Jonathan Tse

    that character select screen is beautiful. hope the game turns out well.

  • tb

    will dis be ps4 only?

  • MasterChibi

    At least this looks better physically then Dengeki Bunko Shitting Climax or whatever it’s called.

    • tickles

      I want to agree but the animation in this one looks like garbage,

      • lol@u

        Then you’re blind. The animation in this game makes Dengeki looks like garbage.

  • RunningWild1984

    Plz let there be some Shining Force characters.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      sadly not enough moe or tony taka’s art


    • shinquickman

      Let me know when Slade makes an appearance. Or any of the centaurs for that matter. There aren’t enough rats and horses in fighting games.

  • Stoogie

    Steam Release?

    • xCROOKEDx

      No, seriously though, it’s an anime game AND a fighting game. It is, far more likely than not, staying off Steam.

      • luggage lad

        Melty Blood, Shin Koihime Musou, Ougon, Akatsuki, Yatagarasu… PC actually has ALOT of anime fighters (many if which will never be on consoles).

        • xCROOKEDx

          Steam =/= All PC games. Until Greenlight, there were pretty much no anime/anime-inspired games on Steam. There still is quite a deficit of them on Steam, save for RPGMaker games.

          • luggage lad

            Valve needs to step it up

          • xCROOKEDx

            Valve is only partially to blame. More blame should be laid on the developers & publishers who aren’t interested in Steam, and don’t even try to bring their games there.

          • Stoogie

            You have no say in that, i hope Sega puts all there games on steam, same with every other publisher and developer. PC MASTER RACE

          • James Reilly

            Only thing you will get out of Sega outside of Japan is Sonic and Miku.

          • xCROOKEDx

            I think you are, and have been, missing my point. Sega, more than likely, isn’t going to release this game outside of Japan (the last Shining game released in the west was like 10 years ago, and it sold like ass, so why would they change their stance now?). Steam isn’t that popular in Japan, not like it is in the west. Not only that, but anime-style games have a difficult time getting on to Steam as-is (while Sega could probably bypass that issue, the point still stands). Another nail in the coffin is that fighting games aren’t popular on PC outside of USFIV, and even then it’s doesn’t have even near the same population as it’s console counterparts.
            The game probably isn’t going to be released on PC, and if it is, it likely wont get localized for other languages, meaning no Steam. Even if it did get ported to PC, localized for other languages, and manage to make it’s way on Steam, it probably wouldn’t sell all that well, so Sega wouldn’t bother doing it again.
            I could be entirely wrong, and, if so, then ¯_(ツ)_/¯ however I’m fairly certain my assumptions are correct.

          • Stoogie

            Things change over time, and 10 years is A LOT of time.
            Steam is more popular in japan than you might think.
            Also it would be nice to find sales figures of specific games on steam, however that information is private.

      • Stoogie

        Well considering Steam has thousands of crappy worthless games, this type of game surpasses them quite easily…

        • xCROOKEDx

          What does that have to do with it’s likeliness of getting onto Steam?

          • Stoogie

            If shit games can why cant this? or rather, if steam is open to any game then it should be open to this aswell.

          • luggage lad

            I think the ball is more in SEGA’s court.. If Sega wanted it, they could get this on Steam.

            Let’s start the petition motor’s goin’…!

          • Stoogie

            Or contact them directly? I don’t think a petition would work cause not many people know if it(the game that is).

  • Mash Harder

    It looks nice. The animation looks a lot like the rumble fish.

  • Guest

    i didnt even how about this game

  • Spektru

    This will be a PS3/PSVITA game?

  • Looks Great… Hope it plays like that… Will it have an console release? Better make it happen sega! And if yes on which console? i hopin 360 because Fgs just run better on it and the XBL is way better then the PSN but PS4 improved so it would be cool both ways… Hell i even play the Ps3 version, it looks just very promising… Have too play BB CP on that too, so… And i dont have a problem with that only online is still fucked up most of the time but playable… Maybe the Ps3 only got a huge problem with the Sf4 series i got all versions for both systems and the 360 runs way better and most players are way less laggy… I dunno… I play 3rd Strike, SSF 2 TURBO HD R, Darkstalkers and JO JO´s on the 360 so… Anyway i ask because i never heard of that game… Well ima just do some research, hopfuly ill find somethin…

  • lol@u

    And I still dont recognize any of them (Thanks Sega for not releasing a single Shining game oversea since PS2 era)

    Totally maining the kung fu wolf dude :3

  • OnDrawnWings

    The Select Screen is pretty, but it looks suited for SciFi instead of sword and sorcery.

    I don’t get SEGA. They used to be really good at making really fun games that got a lot of attention. Why copy Persona Arena and make a another anime fighter based off one of their RPGs?

    Why not tap that back catalog, make an awesome fighter full of classics like Shinobi, Altered Beast, Shadow Dancer, E-SWAT, Phantasy Star, Alex Kid, Sonic, Bayonetta, Jet Grind Radio…Ya know? Use their WHOLE catalog and make Marvel 2. A LOT more people would be paying attention.

  • Jeffrey of Mirrah

    Are those 3D models or hand drawn? looks 3d to me


    fenrin for the win