Guilty Gear XX #Reload Coming to Steam This September

By on August 18, 2014 at 10:11 am


PC fighting game fans will soon have another, albeit older, title to add to their collections. KISS Ltd., in cooperation with Funbox Media, will be releasing Guilty Gear XX #Reload on Steam next month.

Prior to this, the only Guilty Gear game available on Steam was spin-off Guilty Gear Isuka, also published by KISS.

Guilty Gear XX #Reload was originally ported to PC back in 2005. No concrete details have been released regarding the Steam version as of now, but fans can expect it to drop on September 5.


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  • Antonio Castro Egnen

    As a PC user… not sure if I should feel happy or offended. :fraymeme:


    I figured this was what they were teasing a few weeks back. Still, it’s good to see more fighting games make their way to Steam.

  • LockedAndClush

    That’s… offensive, really. They really can’t give enough of a f*** to AT LEAST do AC+?

    • rip

      #Reload already had a PC release, it was already on GoG before it was pulled. #Reload would be 0 work for them, AC+R would actually require work.

      • pootnannies


      • Gamegeezer

        thank you for this, lol.

  • Gogo

    I’m not a PC gamer, and I still feel the stupidity on this.

  • Jason Slade

    Uh…. thanks but no thanks.

  • Maxime

    It’s a sign. GG:Xrd Coming to steam. And Half Life 3 confirmed.

    • Heroking


      Slow down there on the HL3 thing.

  • Quan Chi

    What’s the point if it’s going to be the same exact game that it was back when it was on pc at first with no proper xinput support or hotplugging?

    • Edwin Obando Chacon

      Kiss knows some of us are desperate for Arksys games on PC, and they just want to release some easy cash grabs, but I hope to see some improvements on this version.

  • Edwin Obando Chacon

    HEY SRK Cant send you tips cause I cant see the captcha question, using FIREFOX windows 7 64 bit.
    Anyways I just wanted to inform about this.

    ANd this is a cash grab like the previous release of GG Isuka, but Ill wait for future announcements.

    • Played this game at Evo. Love it. But in this rare case it’s currently a PC exclusive and I don’t have a PC :'(

  • Relius Clover

    Why not the new game? I know in some way this is a test to see whether or not its worth it for them to develop the new one for PC, but I think its so stupid to judge a games popularity based on the profits of an old re-release that barely anyone plays anymore.

    I know for a fact a bunch of my friends would buy and want to play a new darkstalkers game, but they laughed at the idea of purchasing the re-release to help Capcom judge the market. Now there’s no chance of a next gen DS.

    • CJ

      That’s their fault really. When you’re juggling millions/billions in operating expenses, you can’t just release an expensive product and “leave luck to heaven”, there’s too much at stake to be at the mercy of a bunch of people who don’t even know what they really want. Thus they release brand tests to see if people really are interested. The new DS re-release was pretty good, considering a lot of companies don’t even spruce up their old releases or barely add any extras before throwing them onto the marketplace. Capcom went the extra mile and tried to appeal to gamers who value multiplayer, achievements and silly extras.

      When people derided the re-release, you’re basically telling Capcom that you don’t want any future DS games – you’re telling them that they shouldn’t put any effort into it and move on. They don’t care about a customer’s words, because words don’t keep businesses afloat;money does. Money talks.

      This is why everyone should be required to build a business after the age of 18 to make any money from there on. Once they figure out how difficult it is to make money off any of their own brands, maybe they’ll be more mindful of who they support. 🙂

      • Relius Clover

        Responses…..1st paragraph: Had Henry Ford never released the Model T, none but the rich would ever drive cars, but he took a risk and made affordable vehicles, and look how he turned out. RISK is part of the life of a business. Without risk / reward, how would they make or lose money?

        2nd paragraph: I cannot agree that we as consumers need to spend money on a product we don’t want in order to get a product we do want. Makes absolutely 0 sense for both the business and the consumer.

        3rd paragraph: No comment, mostly because that statement is highly debatable and all encompassing, which generally means it has absolutely no factual basis or is personal opinion and does not actually represent real world results. Trust me when I tell you, the player crying for nerfs and screaming IMBA would bankrupt a company and still somehow find a way to blame everyone but himself.

        • CJ

          1st paragraph: There’s a big difference between calculated risks based on concrete data and reckless investments. Back then, you couldn’t make as reckless of an investment as for example, spending over 2 billion in operating expenses for a title you never know will bring profits, much less break even. The auto industry’s history was full of calculated risks, based on primitive but concrete data. Using Ford as an example to support making reckless investments in the business world is silly IMO because of the above.

          2nd paragraph: Businesses are always built on selling products consumers don’t want! VERY few products are incredibly successful based on practicality alone. And yes, doing this makes MUCH more sense for a business, because you can’t gather consumer data or revenue for better products with them. By the way, you probably meant don’t NEED instead of “don’t want.” Because you can ALWAYS make a person want a product.

          How do you think the DS series even came to be? Or the best SF installments? 90% of business products can’t stand on their own two feet. That’s why you need marketing and promotion… from business decisions made based on consumer data. In DSR’s case, this was likely a brand test to gather consumer data.

          They asked fans of DS to do the promotion while they did the marketing. Unfortunately it didn’t work out it seems. DS fans clearly weren’t up for a next-gen sequel. And you can’t argue otherwise, because the consumer data is there now. That’s the final verdict in the business world. Businesses listen more to their customers than you think, but they’re not genies.

          Why would the 3rd paragraph just be dismissed as a personal opinion? I guess you haven’t took any business courses, because you learn within the first couple weeks that starting a business and keeping it afloat while being profitable is difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. And hard work.

          The purpose of that paragraph however, is that learning how the business world works will help people understand the trials and tribulations their favorite companies go through and what they need to prosper. Problem is most people don’t take much from their college courses, if they do indeed go.

    • 0bscura

      its pretty obvious “why not the new game”…. GG#Reload was already on pc. They
      literally have to do no work to get it on steam besides licensing.
      GGAC+R would require an actual port job.

    • Krackatoa

      Actually, it sounds like these releases are completely extraneous to ASW’s decision making. ASW has never been involved with any PC release. 3rd parties have always been in charge of the PC releases. ASW simply has their old products and source up for licensing. If a company wants to port and/or redistribute, the games are available.

      I read an article a while back about ASW’s budgeting and decision making. They come across as very conservative developers, and I doubt they would ever bring on new employees for PC development. This is probably why they have all these old licenses available. We don’t even know if CP is available for licensing by a 3rd party.

      • Petran79

        I read in NeoGAF that the state of PC gaming in Japan is in dire situation. Publishers refuse to release Japanese versions of PC games in Japan and force you either to pay exorbitant prices or buy the console version. As a result you can buy Japanese games on Steam abroad, yet not in Japan. Especially Konami games.

    • JELIFISH19

      I thought DSR was fine when you look at other Capcom re-releases. People still play HDR, MvC2, and 3SOE a lot. If you really loved a fighting game, why not play it more especially when it’s coming with modern features? Those games never get obsolete. They’re just as enjoyable as when they came out and the newer games don’t affect that. They’re still some of the most fun fighting games available on those systems. People screaming they want a new DS but then they don’t want to play the old ones just seems like people are looking for the flavor of the week. Capcom can’t trust our support to justify a new DS when we just showed that we didn’t really love DS that much.

      Now releasing this version of GG is just dumb. At least release the version that people want to play.

      • ArmoredBoar

        Technically Xrd is closer to #Reload so this is better mental prep than AC+R. lol

  • Petran79

    they can only redeem themselves if they integrate the online play of the Japanese version into Steam

    but I doubt it…

  • Mike Jones

    I mean it’s ok…. but…. come on guys really? GGXXAC+R with GGPO and i am set for life.
    Could be a bad thing too though… i mean that might make me not even give xrd a go if that were to happen. lol

    • Gamegeezer


  • Mike Pureka

    Shout outs to GG’s naming convention where I wasn’t even sure if this was the “newest” pre-Xrd version of the game. Guess it’s not. Which makes this even less interesting to me than the BB:CT release, unless they announce that this will also have a bundled soundtrack. 😛

    • Thirties John

      Wikipedia is here for you.

      • Mike Pureka

        Because I should totally need to use Wikipedia to tell if a game is current or not?

        • CJ

          It’d certainly help and save you the all-too-common internet ridicule. 🙂

          • Mike Pureka

            Or I could just find out by reading this thread, which is faster, but it doesn’t change the fact that GG’s naming “convention” is absurd.

    • TiredOcean

      Am I the only one who enjoys silly Japanese names? It’s one of the highlights of following anime FGs.

  • Doppio1089

    Can’t wait to play this on Steam. I like this version so much more over AC+R!

  • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

    ASW doesn’t even have anything to do with it, Kiss just have the rights to the PC release and are doing everything they can with it. They even pulled it from GOG like a bunch of greedy bastards.

  • BlueKaiTheEnd

    Would love for the rest of the Blazblue games to make there way on the PC

  • ArmoredBoar

    but why though
    the PC port is already considered abandonware since like 2006 after the european version (the last known version of it) was sold then promptly dropped

    all KISS are doing, as they did with Isuka, is making a profit out of literally dead games that have no business being resold

    and besides, due to its small relevance, people are gonna wanna play the version that supports netplay more anyway, since this is most likely based on the EU version, where the netplay patch doesn’t work

    • heatEXTEND

      I’ll be lmfao if it turns out to be the eu version 😀

  • RunningWild1984

    Awesome, I prefer #Reload over Accent Core/+R.

    Also #Reload on PC still has a pretty active online scene. You’d be surprised. Of course, the netplay is an add-on, not part of the actual game itself, but it should still work with the Steam version.

    • heatEXTEND

      This, the online would be pretty much perfect if it wasn’t for the game desyncing fairly often. Would still recommend :]

  • BadMrFrostii

    Assuming it will have Steam cards, I guess new emotes, and Steam profile backgrounds will be cool.
    That’s about the best thing to come from this.

  • Ashton Turner The problem with that is IT ALREADY EXISTS AND ITS FREE.

    • vernon

      of course it’s free if you pirate it. duh.

      • Ashton Turner

        I meant that it’s been supported with its own netplay among other things for almost 10 years. It would make sense if it was +r but this is literally just a repackaging of a pc port that already existed ages ago.

      • ArmoredBoar

        it’s not really pirating if it’s abandonware

    • theblueone

      >high-quality music patch

      Wish they would have had that back in 05, cause the watered down music in the PC version sucked. The music was over-compressed to fit the game on CDROM.

  • CrimsonMoonMist

    I already got the physical version so I see no reason to get this
    if it’s just a straight rerelease like Isuka was.
    Might still get it to show there is demand for the new versions of Arc’s games like I did when Isuka and Calamity Trigger got released.

    • ZenTzen

      sorry to say its just a rerelease, and thats all that kiss ltd is doing, rereleasing preexisting ASW PC games for a quick buck, since they have the rights for the PC releases of said games, buying these thinking ASW will care seems foolish, since they barely have anything to do with besides giving an ok

  • ReddChief78

    Uh oh PC getting +R…oh wait it’s Reload lmao…Steam lol.

  • bladefight0 .

    So that’s 2 (I’m going to ignore BB:CT because it had a soundtrack bundled). If there’s a 3rd strike…

    I’ll get it for personal reasons. If the next version of GG on PC isn’t Xrd or AC+R, screw this. An ultimatum for a single sale on an Internet comments section.

    Like Stanley, I feel very powerful.

    • FlotsamFlotilla

      Isuka had it’s soundtrack bundled too. I don’t see what that has to do with anything, though?

      • bladefight0 .

        I wasn’t aware that the soundtrack was bundled (Upon checking, I see it was added August 4th. It wasn’t there when I bought it Day 1 due to that support-bad-practices-hoping-for-Xrd-and-Persona-Ultimax, thing. The OST tempers my temper though).

        My threat still stands for arbitrary reasons. I’m just salty because I see that the cash grabs make business sense and the “Campaign for GGXrd/BBCP on PC” video ( didn’t do crap.

        The strikes were relevant (in my head) because there’s no more (vaguely recent) already-done-PC versions of ASW games (Wikipedia mentions GGX, but that precedes #Reload so…).

        If sales numbers justifies a developer decently porting one of the relevant versions, I’ll jump on. If it’s another old port or the job is terrible, then I give up. I’ll just buy a console copy instead of fanatically buying a second PC copy (and the laptop portability advantages that come with it).

  • Khalid “Eternal Nigh

    Shame, I really want Kiss or Nyu media to port latest GG and/or Uniel.

  • Dan McDermott

    At least they are not pretending to have online play like they did with the PS3 and 360 release

  • Logan Via

    So using the Arksys publishing model as it stands as a basis to estimate Xrd’s PC release, we should get it some time in 2020! Get hype people!

    • heatEXTEND

      Arksys has nothing to do with this “release”.

  • Go2hell66

    Lol but fuck putting +R on steam right?

  • Professor_Icepick

    Too bad I’ve already got this on GOG. A new game that isn’t just a re-release of an old port would be nice.

  • Jay Deputy

    Thanks for doing the write up. I know the game is older, but I am excited we have the opportunity to release it on Steam. Hopefully we can continue working with Arc in the future.