Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Network Beta Program Begins on Steam This Wednesday

By on August 18, 2014 at 9:24 pm


Since arriving on Steam, the PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV has been experiencing a variety of issues, many of which affect its network functionality. Capcom has been working on a patch to alleviate these issues, and it seems as if they are ready to roll it out in a limited fashion later this week.

According to Capcom representative wbacon, the opt-in beta program will begin on Wednesday, August 20, for players who are interested in taking part and providing feedback to the developers.

“Due to the complex nature of network testing, it’s often quite difficult to catch these issues until the game has been released to a very large network environment,” wbacon mentioned in the announcement. “Similarly, we feel that our best chance to accurately determine the cause and quickly provide a fix is to use large scale beta testing that will provide us with accurate ‘real-world’ results.”

Full details are expected to become available as soon as the beta starts, so stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

Source: Steam

  • iori

    Lol conducting beta tests after the official release? While there were no problems releasing their summer costumes?

    • JDot

      Summer costumes are important; can’t have our fighters being victims of the heat!

    • JELIFISH19

      The problems were with the Steam transition. It has nothing to do with Ultra. Most of the people having problems were having trouble with AE2012 too.

      • Relius Clover

        No, Capcom said themselves they are fixing netcode on PC and transferring changes to the consoles. The same issues on console exist on steam, there are just a few extra PC related issues.

        The reason they are doing it now on PC instead of years ago on consoles is its 10000 times easier to do and implement. That and Microsoft is completely out of the picture, so no more 6 months of approval process for a simple 3mb patch.

    • Zombieoni

      Yeah man damn those summer costumes keeping those artists from using their art to fix the netcode! DAMN THEM!

      • iori

        Yea damn Capcom for allocating more budget/resources for their money grabbing art instead of allocating it to Testing/QA

  • Fryght

    Why are people so pissy over them actually trying to do something about it? Would you rather have that they’d say “Screw you guys” and drop support all together (like EA does all the time)?

    Did you really expect a perfect release @ $15 price point?

    • Alex Gibson

      Stop having a sense of perspective; This is the internet.

      • Gailim

        I think the main issue is that MANY people were asking for a beta months ago. not just for the PC netcode but for Ultra in general. Turns out it was sorely needed as Ultra has bugs all over the place.

        if a broke studio like Lab Zero can afford to run an open beta on steam Capcom has no excuse

        But yes, it *is* nice to see them not pull a SFxT again. But not completely sucking doesn’t mean we should be grateful. We paid money for Ultra, it is not too much to expect a game that works

        • Relius Clover

          “if a broke studio like Lab Zero can afford to run an open beta on steam Capcom has no excuse”

          It’s because of steam that Lab Zero could beta test. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m almost positive ALL PATCHES AND BETAS are run and controlled by the developer and there is no approval process or financial burdens involved. Literally as long as your game makes it to steam, you as a developer are 100% free to do whatever the F$&% you want. That’s not even a dream for console developers, it’s a completely far-fetched concept. PS3 and more so XBOX charge tons of money and force you into an extremely lengthy approval process for the most minuscule bug fix.

          Now that you mention SFxT, I have that for steam and consoles as well, it’s lightyears better on steam then either console, and yet it’s still not that great at times…. If you are looking for lag free play, or even say 7/10 games lag free, then you should just stop playing online. I have a damn good set-up at home and I still can only get about 5/10 lag free matches. Doesn’t matter how good my stuff is, you’re match is entirely dictated by the less powerful machine (for PC) and the slower connection (for console and PC).

          • Fryght

            Yes, this is true. Devs can push updates to Steam whenever they want.

            Of course, Ultra had to be released on consoles first. PC usually takes longer to test (have to support more system setups) AND if you want to have it on consoles, you probably have to delay the PC release (console rules can be quite draconian). Patching on consoles costs money and takes time, because your patched game has to go through the console’s QA again.

            Of course Capcom could run an on-going beta/test version, as Skullgirls is doing, but I guess they don’t want to put the PC version ahead of consoles in terms of patches, because then everybody would switch over to PC (or whine about the lack of updates). It would be a great platform to test for technical improvements. Technical fixes should be (and usually are) a pretty finite process. Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed.

            Hell, they COULD even use the beta to test balance tweaks, but if a dev is able to quickly patch balance, people will whine on the forums all day (see WoW forums). Everybody is an armchair game designer (or wants their character buffed). I think Capcom probably keeps stuff like that behind the curtains and only checks in with people who actually know what they’re talking about (I know Valve does this for Dota 2, at least).

          • ReoAyanami

            It is worth noting that the console & arcade version is handled by Capcom Japan while the PC port is handled by Capcom USA. Unless there is a huge change of resources, beta test on PC was never possible except for testing the PC port which is what they are doing now.

          • So SFxT(PC) is still playable online didn’t know if they were going to make the transition.

          • Relius Clover

            I was playing yesterday and everything seemed fine. I signed in to my GFWL account, had all my DLC, nothing was wrong from what I could tell.

            EDIT: You always had to sign in to GFWL to play the steam ver of SFxT, but the matchmaking and such is all through steam.

        • Kaihedgie

          You paid a measly $15 for this update if you already had the Arcade Edition. Not really that big of a deal

          • Gailim

            what isn’t?

            does the fact that people only paid $15 excuse any of this?

            is a $15 price point a license for bugs and broken online modes?

          • Kaihedgie

            You at least got your game when it was promised. Everyone who pre-ordered Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn was losing their minds over inconsistent errors with the download and play dates. I would hope that whatever job is paying you doesn’t make you whine over a measly $15

            Again, they’re fixing their mistake and letting you test it. Get over it already.

          • Gailim

            so because another company is worse than capcom it’s ok to release broken products; because, according to you, we should be grateful it’s not even worse?

            is that what your saying?

    • Jason Slade

      Maybe we’re sore that this problem wasn’t addressed months ago when the GFWL -> Steamworks patch was released.

      • Relius Clover

        I’d bet money that patch only made minimal changes to the net code and was mostly bug fixes. Capcom LIES!

    • Turbo Lover

      “Did you really expect a perfect release @ $15 price point? ”

      WTF? OF COURSE!!!!!!! (being 100% serious)

  • purbeast

    “Due to the complex nature of network testing, it’s often quite difficult to catch these issues until the game has been released to a very large network environment,”

    Interesting that virtually every other company doesn’t have this problem when it comes to netplay.

    • Fryght

      All major shooters have open beta’s nowadays (Destiny, etc), which is basically to test this stuff. Sim City didn’t and their servers got hammered. Even Diablo 3 got hammered on launch (even after running beta’s and stuff). World of Warcraft did these kind of tests (explicitly referred to as ‘stress tests’).

      “Virtually every other company” . . .

      • purbeast

        And you know what all of those games have in common? They did their beta tests when the games were in beta, not when they had been out and purchased months after the game launched. It’s called beta for a reason – because the game is incomplete. If Capcom knew this was an issue, which they clearly stated in the quote I quoted since they said it’s difficult to catch them in a small test environment, then that means they should have had an open beta, just like all of the games you mentioned, prior to releasing it.

        And I was mainly referring to fighting games, not other genres. But now that you brought that up, I could probably give you 10 games that didn’t get beta tested for every 1 you could give me, that didn’t have issues like this. You’re talking major AAA titles here too, that sell 5+ million copies of games. You’re insane if you think that SF4 is even close to being on the level of games like Destiny, Diablo 3, or WoW as far as total people playing them online at once.

        The dick-riding of Capcom just baffles me at this point. Anyone who thinks they care about anything other than your money is blind or in denial.

        On kind of a side note, I was talking to my friend yesterday about this issue, and how Capcom said that using rollback code like GGPO is impossible in SF4 due to the 3D models. They said it’s technically not possible with 3D models, yet Killer Instinct has it working flawlessly with 3D models and has arguably the best netcode ever in a fighting game.

        And how when MVC3 came out, Capcom said that spectator mode simply was not possible in that game due to the 6 characters on the screen at once and the speed of the game, yet when UMVC3 came out it had spectator mode.

        Sorry for the long winded rant…

        And for the record, I’ve been doing software development for nearly 10 years professionally and I understand the whole process. Capcom’s process is laughable at best, especially considering they have bugs in there that were in Vanilla SF4 still and have not fixed them.

        • Cype

          The dick-riding of Capcom just baffles me at this point.

          It’s either they don’t play any other video games seriously, or they have put Capcom and SFIV up on such a pedestal that the rules that every other dev goes by doesn’t apply. Sure, every other competitive video game has a healthy online community with reasonable patching, good developer involvement, and an extensive beta period before release, but this update to a 5-year old game that’s had subpar netcode from the beginning is, like…. it’s *Street Fighter*, dude! Don’t badmouth it!

        • Kaihedgie

          Somebody hasn’t played Mortal Kombat (2011)

          • purbeast

            Oh hell no I played it, and the netcode is the reason I stopped playing it. You won’t see me sweating MK’s netcode anywhere because it was awful, and not sure if they ever fixed it because I stopped playing it.

            I also remember how bad SFxT was at launch. The sound hardly even worked online. Like how do you even release a game with that much of a problem where the freaking sound simply does not work in online mode and cuts out randomly?

          • Kaihedgie

            And did they fix the problem?

            Not every online game is going to be picture perfect at launch. I honestly don’t see the big fuss here. Sure, if they were ignoring or didn’t plan on addressing the issue then fine, rant away. But there really isn’t a reason to throw a riot when they’re fixing the issue and even letting you consumers test it

          • Fryght

            Exactly. At the current price point, most developers wouldn’t even bother to give additional support.

            Do you give free support at your software development job, purbeast? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t.

            Also, this:

  • pablofsi

    GGPO or GTFO Capcom.

  • TiredOcean

    I’m happy to see Capcom take advantage of the possibilities of the Steam platform like this. Hopefully this means better netcode eventually (as long as beta tester properly submit reports).

    It would also be nice if Capcom could possibly implement rollback-style netcode (it’s unlikely that they will actually pay to license GGPO), but I doubt that this test is preparation for a complete overhaul of Ultra’s netcode.

    • JELIFISH19

      I’ve heard the rollback netcode of SFxT is to blame for the issues. If one player’s system can’t handle the rollbacks, then it will lag for both players. If you get 70fps on benchmark, you don’t have much more room to play with in terms of system resources.

  • Petran79

    so, PC for netcode improvements, but Taito Type X3 for the rest? Meaning, Arcade->Console->PC, usually after 2 months.

  • Cloak

    I’m glad they have a beta to test things beforehand, definitely a step in the right direction.

    • Michał Kryłowicz

      You mean AFTERhand. 😛