Jourdal Shares Near-Final List of Qualifiers for Arc Revolution Cup 2014

By on August 14, 2014 at 7:24 pm

Thanks to the variety of titles they are currently supporting, Arc System Works is set to follow-up last year’s Arc Revolution Cup with another grand event dedicated to their renowned fighting game series. While BlazBlue: Chronophantasma will return as the newest title in that franchise to be available, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- and Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold are scheduled to supplant their older versions and bring fresh wave of competition to the event.

Over the past few months, qualifiers have been held all across Japan in order to determine who will participate in the finals, resulting in some very interesting brackets for folks who closely follow the airdasher scene. Jourdal, who keeps the community updated with tournament footage on a regular basis, recently compiled results for all of these tournaments into one handy list, allowing fans a clear picture of who will be competing at the main event.

You’ll find the full list below along with a character count if you’re interested in which cast members are being represented. Please be aware that last chance qualifiers will be held in the coming weeks, so there are still a few spots left for high-level competitors who have yet to secure a spot.

After taking a look at these near-final lists, feel free to let us know who you think has the best chance of taking home the gold in our comments.


Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

  • Hokkaido Area – Taka (Slayer)
  • Tohoku Area A – Saryu (Ramlethal)
  • Tohoku Area B – Raigo (Chipp)
  • Tokyo Area A – Nage (Faust)
  • Tokyo Area B – Karinchu (Ramlethal)
  • Tokyo Area C – Fino (Venom)
  • Tokyo Area D – Hase (Slayer)
  • Kanagawa Area A – Konsome (Potemkin)
  • Kanagawa Area B – Osaka B (Faust)
  • Kantou 1 Area A – 012 (Sol)
  • Kantou 1 Area B – Toruso (Millia)
  • Kantou 2 Area A – Endou (Chipp)
  • Kantou 2 Area B – Nakamura (Millia)
  • Chubu 1 Area A – Samitto (Chipp)
  • Chubu 1 Area B – Daiji (Ramlethal)
  • Chubu 1 Area C – Ain (Ky)
  • Chubu 1 Area D – Uki (Sol)
  • Chubu 2 Area A – Hasegawa (I-no)
  • Chubu 2 Area B – Tejinashi (Faust)
  • Kansai Area A – Rozu (Ky)
  • Kansai Area B – Nakasu Bedman (Bedman)
  • Kansai Area C – Defuru (Faust)
  • Kansai Area D – Woshige (Millia)
  • Kansai Area E – De (Ramlethal)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area A – Tsubu (Bedman)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area B – FAB (Potemkin)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area C – Wuzen (I-No)
  • Kyushu Area A – Kanata (Millia)
  • Kyushu Area B – Isamu (Venom)
  • Kyushu Area C – Motaru (Venom)
Number of Players Characters
4 Millia, Faust, Ramlethal
3 Chipp, Venom
2 Bedman, Potemkin, I-No, Sol, Ky, Slayer
0 Zato-1, May, Axl


BlazBlue: Chronophantasma

  • Hokkaido Area – [Mumumumu(^‐^)]Noze (Hazama), Genbu (Platinum)
  • Tohoku Area A – [Team Mioyuki]Mio (Litchi),Tomoyuki (Arakune)
  • Tohoku Area B – [Ikemen to busaiku]Akiba (Carl), Hage (Tager)
  • Tokyo Area A – [Change Up Koiya]Kouya (Noel),Ryuusei (Carl)
  • Tokyo Area B – [Legendia Aura]Tetsuwo (Kokonoe),Udon (Hazama)
  • Tokyo Area C – [Team Southtown]Minami (Kokonoe),BE/TSB Dora (Bang)
  • Tokyo Area D – [Shukujitsu shukkin]Goro (Makoto),Dio (Carl)
  • Kanagawa Area A – [Team Reminiscence]Takenoko (Kagura),Natakishi (Hakumen)
  • Kanagawa Area B – [Front Line Koyatsu]Koyatsu (v-13), Blair (Kokonoe)
  • Kantou 1 Area A – [Kitsunetei]RYO (Relius),Hazure Metal (Rachel)
  • Kantou 1 Area B – [Onegai atatte!]Chin (Hakumen), Fumo (Arakune)
  • Kantou 2 Area A – [Razu House]Daiwa (Platinum),Razu (Carl)
  • Kantou 2 Area B – [Kiken Dama]Denpo (Ragna),Tsuchiya (Litchi)
  • Chubu 1 Area A – [Secchi kei tekukyara]Puromete (Litchi),Tsujikawa (Kokonoe)
  • Chubu 1 Area B – [Iguru]Aruru(Platinum),Chiri (Carl)
  • Chubu 1 Area C – [Ichi hatsu ya]Ako (Arakune),Tetsu Yarou(Kokonoe)
  • Chubu 1 Area D – [Aru Teikoku]Aru (Hazama),Yuika (Kokonoe)
  • Chubu 2 Area A – [Mogu Sanpo]Maru (Hazama),Ikegami (Bang)
  • Kansai Area A – [Pana shi te ii tomo!]Galileo (Litchi),Kogatan (Ragna)
  • Kansai Area B – [Team Disgaea]Fenrich (Jin),Iwashi[Valvatorez] (Ragna)
  • Kansai Area C – [Teppan]N-O (Rachel),Dogura (Azrael)
  • Kansai Area D – [Ga fu furendo]Matoi (Kokonoe), Itou Sae (Carl)
  • Kansai Area E – []Kikuchiyo (Litchi),Porpiccho (Hakumen)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area A – [No Work,No Doubt]Raru (Kokonoe), kiabui (Azrael)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area B – [Imai San Kawaii]Kaicho (Izayoi), Eruo (Kagura)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area C – [Homo shoku kurōbā Z]Suya (Valkenhayn),Peach (Bang)
  • Kyushu Area A – [Sudden Death]Film (Hakumen),Mucchi (Kokonoe)
  • Kyushu Area B – [GAMI shiba midori isshoku]Gami (Litchi),Kuroshiba (Arakune)
  • Kyushu Area C – [Seishin o kizamu mono tachi]Kyon (V-13),Shingo (Bullet)
  • SEAM 2014 – [Team SEA]Blickwinkel (Kokonoe),Love Killer (???)
  • Evolution 2014 – [We Love Captain Edgar]SG (Litchi), TS Lord Knight (Kokonoe)
Number of Players Characters
11 Kokonoe
7 Litchi
6 Carl
4 Arakune, Hazama, Hakumen
3 Ragna, Platinum, Bang
2 Rachel, Azrael, Kagura, Nu-13
1 Noel, Jin, Relius, Izayoi, Tager, Bullet, Makoto, Valkenhayn
0 Tsubaki, Taokaka, Terumi, Amane, Mu-12


Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

  • Hokkaido Area – Dai-Chan (Narukami)
  • Tohoku Area A – Yuu-sama (Narukami)
  • Tohoku Area B – Domi (Akihiko)
  • Tokyo Area A – STD (Chie)
  • Tokyo Area B – Hina (Junpei)
  • Tokyo Area C – Damosu (Elizabeth)
  • Tokyo Area D – Hagiwara (Teddie)
  • Tokyo Area E – Jon (Shadow Mitsuru)
  • Kanagawa Area A – Kameten (Yosuke)
  • Kanagawa Area B – Souji (Teddie)
  • Kantou 1 Area A – Koichi (Aigis)
  • Kantou 1 Area B – Sabunaro (Mitsuru)
  • Kantou 2 Area A – Fin (Yosuke)
  • Kantou 2 Area B – Tahichi (Yukari)
  • Chubu 1 Area A – Setsuo[Secchan] (Aigis)
  • Chubu 1 Area B – Wakabo (Mitsuru)
  • Chubu 1 Area C – Ogi (Yukiko)
  • Chubu 1 Area D – Nikuman (Minazuki)
  • Chubu 2 Area – Nakiri (Kanji)
  • Kansai Area A – Maddo (Teddie)
  • Kansai Area B – Yamashita (Mitsuru)
  • Kansai Area C – Gurupo (Aigis)
  • Kansai Area D – Aguro (Narukami)
  • Kansai Area E – Soei (Yosuke)
  • Kansai Area F – 9 (Shadow Mitsuru)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area A – Musui (Akihiko)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area B – Waka (Naoto)
  • Chugoku/Shikoku Area C – Minto (Teddie)
  • Kyushu Area A – Shikki (Narukami)
  • Kyushu Area B – Domomo (Narukami)
  • Kyushu Area C – Win (Yosuke)
Number of Players Characters
5 Yu
4 Yosuke, Teddie
3 Aigis, Mitsuru
2 Akihiko, Shadow Mitsuru
1 Chie, Kanji, Yukari, Junpei, Naoto, Yukiko, Elizabeth, Minazuki
0 Labrys, Shadow Labrys, Sho, All Shadow Characters

Arc Revolution Cup 2014 will be held on August 30.

Source: Jourdal via NeoGAF

  • void

    so… no +R?

    • TagAnarchy

      From your name, I’m guessing you wanted to see some Dizzy play, huh?

      • void

        nah, lol. although i do think she is the sexiest 3 year old anime char. i just made up this dumb internet name cause at the time all i was playing was GGAC+. but i do play as terumi lol.

  • TagAnarchy

    SG, channel all of your gatekeeping abilities and eliminate all the Kokonoes!

  • Ryan McGrath

    Did Zato-1 get nerfed or something? Last I saw he was really good in Xrd, but no one is using him in this list. I do not claim to know the game well, I’m just curious.

    • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

      He’s still good, just no one qualified with him lol. Axl and May are decent too, I think they’re better than Bedman and Potemkin

  • Cesar Good

    Anyone else shocked at the lack of Zato-1’s?

  • ivanchu77

    Lol at Zato-1, how the mighty have fallen… in the other hand i´m glad Ram-chan is getting so much attention, hopefully she wins the tournament <3

    Fucking Kokonoe man, Blazblue CP 2.0 can´t come soon enough, in the other hand i´m surprised there´s so few azraels

    The fact that there´s no shadow characters says it all, seriously, is there any shadow version that is superior to the normal version? and quite sad that there´s not a single Labrys there 🙁

    • Christian Thompson

      Shadow Chie>

    • Chris |Eshi| Manning

      A Shadow Kanji has qualified since this article was posted. No, really. Not a joke.

  • 7/11 Truther

    Yes, Karinchou! My favorite Ram Chan, guy has been putting a boot up Ogawa’s ass for weeks. I cannot wait to see him play!

  • Bushin_Cat

    How Kick@$$ will this tournament be? All the games are awesome, but I’m MORE excited to watch Daisuke Ishiwata and his band play live! And I’ll stay up all night to watch it!!

    • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

      I don’t think they’re playing this year, there’s been a separate live concert in another venue some time ago

      • Bushin_Cat

        Well, because they played an earlier concert (they are a legitimate rock band) doesn’t mean they won’t play at the ARC finals… But I will look up their last show since u told me :/

  • Bushin_Cat

    How Kick@$$ will this tournament be? All the games are awesome, but I’m MORE excited to watch Daisuke Ishiwatari and his band play live! And I’ll stay up all night to watch it!! And sorry for double post.

  • ARMs7777

    What no Mu 12 and only 2 azreal?

  • Go2hell66

    Why the heck are there so many carl players? Thats so backwards