Killer Instinct Season 2 Coming on October 15

By on August 12, 2014 at 10:12 am


For those wondering when the second season of Killer Instinct content will drop on Xbox One, wonder no more. In their Gamescom press release, Microsoft has revealed that Iron Galaxy Studios’ work will be available on October 15.

Season two of Killer Instinct will come with eight fighters, starting with TJ Combo and Maya, as well as a revamped interface for the game. Additional fighters will be added each month after that.

Those interested in getting all the characters can choose between two packages. First off, the Ultra Edition, which will set players back $39.99, is planned to come with the eight fighters as well as select costumes and accessories for these fighters and a copy of Killer Instinct 2 Classic. Additionally, those who purchase this version between September 23 and October 14 will be able to get TJ Combo early. Meanwhile, the Combo Breaker Pack will cost $19.99  and come with the eight new fighters only.

For those who aren’t willing to purchase the whole package, each individual fighter will be available for $4.99 each upon their subsequent releases.

Source: Microsoft

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  • FinchoMatic

    Should also be noted that Killer Instinct 2 Classic will be getting online and Mick Gordon is confirmed to return for Killer Instinct as well. Also, Kevin Bayless is returning to work on the Alt/Retro/Classic costumes for Season 2 and Killer Cuts confirmed to be sold on Sept. 23rd 🙂

    • Shikuru

      Awwwww YEAH! This made my day 😀

  • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

    yes excited! What a great couple of months for fighters! P4 Ultimax, this…GGXrd I believe is around the corner.

  • k.b.a.

    So season one is 40 on disc? And season 2 is 40 ask on disc? Cooll

  • Dash no Chris

    I’m hoping there’ll be a physical media option for both of these soundtracks. I’m an old fart who greatly prefers physical media to digital, has been collecting fighting game soundtrack CDs for donkey’s ages, and would like to see these 2 on m’shelf alongside the original Killer Cuts CD.

  • Unreallystic

    My only issue with this? Only two characters at launch. It’s going to feel like I spent $40 for two characters and ki2. For a while, tough to swallow…

  • N12NJA

    yeah not sure I can bring myself to pay for the ultra edition this time until all the characters are available – may well pick up the combo breaker pack and then upgrade it later for the costume unlocks

  • yovideogames

    Ki 2 with online thats wassup

  • chrobaciky

    No mention of ultimates or no mercys?

  • Stoogie

    Put it on steam!

  • leingod

    I want KI2 arcade, but if the classic costumes will be as awful as in season 1…. ugh.