Capcom Says Changes to Rolento and Decapre in Recent Ultra Street Fighter IV Title Update Were Unintentional, Fix Being Planned

By on August 11, 2014 at 10:14 am


Shortly after the release of the August 8 title update for Ultra Street Fighter IV, some users discovered alerations to Rolento and Decapre that weren’t listed in the official change list. Today, Capcom updated the official Street Fighter blog in response to the situation, stating that the changes were unintentional and a fix is being planned.

In the August 8 update (PS3/Xbox 360/PC/AC), there were unintended changes to some characters.


  • EX Stinger (3 hits) → Close Stand MP doesn’t connect.


  • Psycho Sting and DCM (UC2) charge times are 10 frames longer.

As the above have an effect on battle balance, we are looking into correcting them. We will let you know when we have more information on in this blog.

We’ll keep you posted as further details become available.

Source: Capcom