Capcom Says Changes to Rolento and Decapre in Recent Ultra Street Fighter IV Title Update Were Unintentional, Fix Being Planned

By on August 11, 2014 at 10:14 am


Shortly after the release of the August 8 title update for Ultra Street Fighter IV, some users discovered alerations to Rolento and Decapre that weren’t listed in the official change list. Today, Capcom updated the official Street Fighter blog in response to the situation, stating that the changes were unintentional and a fix is being planned.

In the August 8 update (PS3/Xbox 360/PC/AC), there were unintended changes to some characters.


  • EX Stinger (3 hits) → Close Stand MP doesn’t connect.


  • Psycho Sting and DCM (UC2) charge times are 10 frames longer.

As the above have an effect on battle balance, we are looking into correcting them. We will let you know when we have more information on in this blog.

We’ll keep you posted as further details become available.

Source: Capcom

  • d3v


    • Stephen Elias

      Omg, a Black Lagoon reference…effing loved that series! Lol…

  • Nick Crowley


  • Plasma Waffle

    wow thank god

  • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

    How incompetent are they? Unintentional balance changes? This is hilarious

    • Glenn Vaughn

      It is?

      • pootnannies


        • Glenn Vaughn


    • Bob Obb

      I’m guessing they were testing out balance adjustments and forgot to revert a couple. It’s disappointing they were even considering nerfing Decapre

      • pressstart

        They could have played with some buffs to Decapre to compensate for the nerfs here, but they just happened to have reverted those changes and missed these 2 nerfs.

    • Aaron Mays

      Hey, Capcom is human like the rest of us. They make mistakes. Everyone blows this kinda stuff WAY out of proportion. At least they’re saying they’re going to fix it.

      • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

        Capcom makes way too many mistakes lately

        • Polish Tamales

          And you don’t?

          You’re going to condemn a company that’s obviously in the middle of restructuring with developers, artists, programers, etc. moving in an out of departments every few weeks for updates and meetings?
          Compared to your simple job? Must be nice having an easy 9-5 versus an average game developer in Japan.

          • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

            It’s their job, their circumstances aren’t important to customers. We’re paying and we have the right to expect some degree of quality.

          • jlenoconel

            Don’t understand why people are being so disrespectful to such a well respected company. Every game company makes mistakes. At least Capcom has been in the gaming industry for the long haul. I hope they continue to be prevailient too.

          • Jason Slade

            I don’t think Capcom has really been “well respected” for years.

            Resident Evil has gone down the crapper with 5 and 6, Megaman is done, Streetfighter x Teken was a flop, they lost the marvel license, UMvC3 sold poorly, USF4 was extremely rushed, DmC was a mistake and possibly killed the series and they’ve recently decided to invest hundreds of thousands into development of cell phone games.

            About the only things that seem to be going right with Capcom lately are Monster Hunter and Pachiko machines.

          • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

            To be fair they didn’t LOSE the Marvel license afaik, it was always a timed deal. The point about UMvC3 not selling well is a perfect example though, ton of customers just didn’t buy it because they felt fucked over by the short release window between Vanilla and Ultimate. It was a dick move and they paid for it by losing sales. They “fixed” SFxT too little and too late, and paid for that too. Don’t even get me started on Donte and the new DmC game.

            This isn’t the same company that we knew and loved for years. It hasn’t been producing the same kind of quality for years now. And unless people start speaking with their dollars and actually NOT BUYING this stuff, it’s not going to get fixed. So many people bitched about Timeout X Gems before the release and still walked out to buy it day one anyway. It could have sold EVEN WORSE than it did to send a stronger message to Capcom.

            EDIT: As far as the actual on topic balance error thing, meh. Code gets fucked up sometimes. As long as it gets caught and fixed quickly I’m not gonna throw a fit about something like that. Coding is hard.

          • Robert Wilson

            In your opinion DMC was a mistake. It was an excellent game, and Ninja Theory impressed me. You just did not like how Dante looked.

          • Capcom blatantly disappointed their fans for a couple years now, simply by not listening to them.

          • John Doe

            You seem to lack a basic quality of human empathy. They acknowledged that they made mistakes, apologized about them, and vowed to fix them, and you’re still picking on them? It’s like once someone does something wrong around you, you’ll always use that as an excuse to ridicule him/her because it somehow makes you feel like a better person. You know who does that? Kids.

          • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

            Companies shouldn’t be viewed as humans, they don’t care about you and you shouldn’t care about them, they might act like they care as a form of marketing but that’s all, they just want to sell as much as possible and you want a working product.

            And it’s not the first time Capcom messed up anyway. They’ve been doing it a lot lately, your analogy doesn’t fit here.

          • The world’s not perfect, never was, never will be, get over it.

          • Glenn Vaughn

            …Jesus you guys are bitches. They make a little patch mistake and you people get on them like this. Holy shit

          • BlueSunStudios

            That’s the “competitive” and “perfectionist” crowd for you. Absolutely no tolerance for any failure, even relatively minor ones.

      • pootnannies

        humans don’t normally make this many mistakes unless they are on drugs.

        • Aphelion

          Are you retarded?

          • Maybe; that or they really haven’t met that many humans who do make that many mistakes.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Sounds more like maybe they’re testing stuff behind the scenes, and accidentally didn’t change it back…which is actually a good sign.

      The game’s balance seems to be something constantly on their minds…probably for future tweaks. I’d think that most people would find it encouraging that Capcom is still committed to this 6 year old game…

    • ifrosteei

      incompetent? you know how many different variables they have to work with on a single character, let alone over 40, then to test them all out?

      and even BEFORE they make changes, they have to figure out which ones NEED them. boy, that’s easy too.

      “omg change frames, no problem. ez game, ez lyfe.”

  • dehhh

    Apology accepted

  • Renan Santos

    I think this game is better in my hands, than an entire team of capcom.

  • Jason Slade

    I don’t understand how you can unintentionally make balance changes to the game.

    Are they really that incompetent?

    • Joe Ottoson

      Depends on how the changes were implimented. If there was a global change to the engine, stuff like that could easily slip through.

      • Jason Slade

        They weren’t a global change. They were nerfs specifically made to two characters.

        • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

          Code gets fucked up sometimes. It’s easier than you think.

  • Gimpt

    Blah blah blah incompetent.

  • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

    hmmmm that’s unsettling…will there ever be a concrete version of this game?

  • jlenoconel

    People are way too fussy these days when it comes to video games. People weren’t as demanding back in the 90s than as they are now. Sort of makes me sad.

  • VicViper

    I think I’m just gonna wait until this game is finished before I actually try playing it again

  • Bushin_Cat

    Most of us (like me) aren’t mad with Capcom for either the title updates (SF4 ->SSF4 ->Ultra) or its gameplay patche…. I think we’re still pissed about SFxTekken, with characters locked away to re-sell to us and Gems that made the game pay-to-win.

    • Oh ya I’m pissed about gems, ruined the entire game. THEE ENTIRE GAME

  • Livid_Chun_Li

    Where Are The REAL Chun-Li Updates Capcom???
    Capcom needs to add NEW CHUN-LI UPDATES to there next update for the recently released “Ultra Street Fighter IV” while their testing mistakes and unbalanced gameplay, once again. All the “Street Fighter IV” fans can recall my wife “Chun-Li” being a top tier character; taking second place to E. Honda on the tier list when “Super Street Fighter IV” released a few years ago. “Super Street Fighter IV: ARCADE EDITION”, the new updated **REBALANCED GAMEPLAY** version of the perfect original “Super Street Fighter IV” only a few months later completely destroyed and weakened my wife Chun-Li’s gameplay. This update back then was the beginning of Chun-Li’s downward spiral as the strongest woman in the world. I HATED “Arcade Edition” so much I actually stopped playing Street Fighter and avoided entering tournaments for a month and stepped out my Pro Street Fighter IV man cave and walked outside to see what the sky and social life was like. I must say, I didn’t realize the sky was blue, I thought it was dark or black because I’m always perfecting my Chun-Li game 24/7 and when I look outside its always dark out there. Oh, that’s probably because I’m a night owl listening to coast to coast am. No wonder.

    When I heard about “Ultra Street Fighter IV” releasing in the future, my eyes and ears were only focus on my wife Chun-Li’s improvements in the game, and the way Poison’s bootylicious buttocks swallowed up her wedgie in those blue booty cut-off shorts “She” wore. In all seriousness, the new improvements my wife Chun-Li were granted was nothing special. Increasing her walk speed didn’t really change much. Her EX/Kikoken projectile now knocks opponents down and takes away from her POWERFUL meaty monster combos, and the range across the screen is very short and only displays more weakness. How is Chun-Li’s Low stamina (900) an improvement Capcom?? Seems like its set to (450) in secret, because all her opponents can get Chun-Li twerking in her dazed (STUN) animation in no time.– My wife Chun-Li gets NO DRAGON PUNCH or solid anti-air attack. Chun-Li is an expert martial arts practitioner. She started training in several styles of Chinese kempo (“Chinese Martial Arts”) at the age of 5, especially Tai Chi Chuan, which she would later complement with Sanda (combat Wushu) and fighting styles from all around the world, such as Taekwondo, combat Karate and Capoeira. I’m certain Capcom could have found dozens of anti-airs but wanted to continue to weaken her gameplay by not giving her one. And there is more disappointing improvements like her very weak Ultra damage. She has no cross-up game period. All these improvements were not improvements at all, but rather another attempt to slap Chun-Li continuously slipping in a downward spiral to becoming the weakest woman in the world.

    If Capcom granted my wife Chun-Li improvements in “Ultra Street Fighter IV”, she would have a solid anti-air attack, high stamina (1850); her “Kikoken” & “Spinning Bird Kick” movement key would change to a Quarter Circle Forward motion like Japan’s favorite fanboys Ryu & Ken’s Dragon Punch movement key. Both her Ultra’s would do legitimate and powerful astounding damage.

    Without any of those improvements listed above, Chun-Li is nothing more than a Ryona punching-bag and, another “Ragdoll Chun-Li” youtube video. Chun-Li’s current state of gameplay is like she’s trying to repel from being raped. Here is an example: turtle, back-it-up, turtle, back-it-up, turtle some more, use EX-spinning bird kick when opponent dive kicks/jumps-in, turtle and throw a fireball until your super meter is depleted and you have no choice but to deal with the corner trap and face TWO undesirable alternatives after one of your block counters fail: (1) Rag-Quit & (2) watch Chun-Li get raped & sodomized like a Ryona ragdoll.

    In conclusion, I believe Capcom listened to the wrong individuals in regards to improving Chun-Li’s gameplay for “Ultra” and, they’re just prejudice toward Chun-Li being a Chinese woman who showcases power among dominate and super powerful males within the world of “Street Fighter IV”. The message to Chun-Li, and all her fans is that women are just second-class citizens, and need to learn her place as a Ryona ragdoll. My wife Chun-Li’s new slogan is: “The Weakest Woman In The World”, not the strongest woman in the world. –When I play “Street Fighter IV”, I don’t play like you turtling weak Chun-Li players. I can play both offense and defense equally with perfection, but it isn’t always easy. I’m going to send my thoughts on this disappointing subject directly to Capcom.

    see more 1

    • Bushin_Cat

      I SWEAR I thought we were limited to 250 characters or something ^_^

    • Shabadenaya

      Shut the fuck up, I main deejay

      • Livid_Chun_Li

        Why don’t you SHUT THE F UP MAGGOT! I main Chun-Li and I’m sure your freaking trash. I’ll kick you butt sleeping in my bed.

        • Shabadenaya

          Lol sure you would the fact you just rant about your character who is viable like she isn’t is just funny.
          You saying I’m trash when you’re the one making excuses if we played, you would probably blame lag, call me an online warrior or some other random ass excuse if I were to win.

          • Livid_Chun_Li

            What better time then to use that famous phrase “SHUT THE HELL UP”, then now. Your just a below avenge sinner with no value regarding the topic. Your pathetic. I’m sure a three year could relate to the subject at hand. Your a washed up worldly sinner with blinded eyes to any truth.

    • ThePoopTickler

      I can feel your pain…

  • pootnannies

    what the hell is going on at Capcom? did someone sit on the keyboard during last minute coding? WTF.

  • Atmapalazzo

    Everybody who’s talking about how we should be mad at capcom, that’s fine, do that. Stop supporting USF4.

    • Livid_Chun_Li

      I’ve been thinking about doing just that Atmapalazzo. Might just do that.

      • Livid_Chun_Li

        I give it some thought and decided to continue playing USF4 because I found out I still love it despite the imperfections the morons at Capcom do for the gaming community.

  • Unintentional balance changes? Whoa. Oh well. At least they admitted it.

  • CS Cynuous

    what they need to do is fix the damn connectivity issue. There is a vast difference in smoothness of connectivity from AE to Ultra and they need to get on it….like 2 months ago

  • ButtonsPressingThem1337Like

    The “updates” were meant for a year later.

  • This is pretty much why I usually wait for all of the patches and updates to be finished before I buy a game. I’m not going to bag on them for this though, cause I’d hate to be the guy who has to make these changes.

  • Gif Dude

    It seems like the SF4 code is a nightmare to work with. I remember they had to code striaght into the engine to add new characters, eventually messing other features.

    Imagine yourself fixing a stupid obvious bug ( fadc doesn’t require bars for example ) but fixing it makes ryu slower and makoto throws fireballs… Poor programers.

  • Quan Chi

    Rolento sucks in this game. He was the best person in SFxT. I don’t know what the heck they are doing to Vega in the SF4 series. He is SO SLOW!!!!!!! Capcom knows this too considering they made ChunLi talk trash to him in-game about him being so slow……
    Almost everyone’s light normals are slow as molasses.

  • AeonClock

    Any company releasing code into the world should be doing at least some sort of test plan and that test plan should include regression testing so that they can catch unintentional code changes. This is really just an oversight. Capcom being around as long as they have, these types of errors shouldn’t be happening. On the bright side, this is just code in a game and not something that’s going to cause any real damage so people need to chill out

  • Kilo

    People are so opinionated lol. I’m just glad they said “my bad” and are planning on fixing it. Whether it was unintentional or not is irrelevant imo. Complainers are always more vocal than complimenters/neutral people.. that’s just how it goes. #hatersgonhate #shithappens