BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Developers Share Changes in Upcoming Patch for Kokonoe, Valkenhayn, and More

By on August 6, 2014 at 11:49 am

To say the folks over at Arc System Works have been busy over the past few years would definitely be an understatement. With new installments of their three leading fighting game franchises out in the wild, console ports, and various updates, fans of airdashers have had a ton to look forward to from this Japanese developer.

With so much on their plate, it would have been easy for ArcSys to walk away from BlazBlue: Chronophantasma after the title’s successful arcade and console launches, but that’s certainly not the case. The developers are currently in the process of creating a ver.2.0 update for the popular fighter, and have been sharing bits and pieces of what players can expect.

The most recent collection of details comes courtesy of a new Famitsu interview. Battle planner Kyohei Kato and programmer Shunsuke Yuguchi sat down with the Japanese magazine to discuss Chronophantasma’s next update and how a few of the characters will change during the transition.

Dustloop’s Sourenga was kind enough to provide a translated list of the adjustments mentioned during the interview, which you’ll find below. Feel free to check it out and let us know how you think these cast members will fare when the update lands in arcades.

Please be aware that these changes run the possibility of not being final due to the location tests currently being held in Japan, so don’t go crazy just yet!



  • Growler Field now has only projectile invincibility. In return the move’s hitbox is active much earlier.
  • You can also cancel Growler Fiel” into Phalanx Cannon immediately after absorbing a projectile.
  • Leopard Launcher now causes wall stick.
  • During Valiant Chaser both ground and aerial moves cause wall stick.



  • Fuu gives an additional dash and allows you to pass through the opponent.
  • Rin makes you disappear during the dash and has complete projectile-invincibility.
  • Ka gives you 20% damage boost. Combo rate boost has been removed.
  • Zan improves the guard points in his D moves. It also allows you to block normally during Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan.
  • His Overdrive start-up has been shortened. The classic activation only appears when he’s low on health.
  • Volcanic Fury’s OD version no longer does lower damage than normal version if you’re missing Ka mark. Still does more damage with Ka mark.
  • Iron Storm’s command remains the same from 1.1, but the command priority system has been returned to 1.0 so you don’t accidentally use it.



  • Ouroboros meter changed, making it easier to follow.
  • Increased stock to 3.



  • Aegis Blade is now a reversal move with invincibility.
  • Strike Fall can be canceled into Valkyrie Astrea and Mirage Thruster.
  • Izayoi has new cancel routes.



  • Aim was to make Jin’s neutral game a little better.
  • Hishouken now flies faster and downs the opponent on counter-hit.
  • 5D and 2D are special-cancelable.
  • 2D is jump-cancelable on hit. This increases Jin’s combo variations.
  • Musou Senshouzan and Sekkajin are now more difficult to continue from.
  • Jin now needs to use his 6C or D Specials in a combo to deal big damage.



  • Graviton gauge has changed. Kokonoe now has 9 stocks of Graviton orbs.
    • Both setting and activating consume 1 from the meter.
    • Recovers when there are no Gravitons on the screen.
  • You can delay Activate by holding the button. You can build intesting stuff with it.



  • Lv2 D moves are special-cancelable.
  • Spacial Counter now has a new command and it’s a normal move with guard point.



  • Gauntlet Hades follow-up doesn’t lift the opponent as high as before.
  • If you delay the kick, you can still pick up and continue the combo.



  • Himmel Wolf is now a normal techable throw and special-cancelable on a successful hit.
  • Konig Wolf and Eisen Wolf now have new variations that move in new directions.
  • Konig Flug can be done in Wolf mode.

Source: Famitsu, translations courtesy of Sourenga