Ninja and Knight Pair Up in This Strider and Arthur Synergy Video for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

By on July 31, 2014 at 12:08 pm

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, unlikely teams bring variety to a game that could have easily become a battle of the best Vergils. Players like BT|Angelic, Janm and BE|Kane Blueriver shine a spotlight on characters that may have otherwise remained in darkened corners of high-tier shadows over the past couple of years.

A new light recently appeared courtesy of pat728’s new character synergy video, which sees Strider team up with Arthur to bring some chivalry back to the game.

The video below offers mix-up options, combos, and general approach ideas for this uncommon duo. Since Strider’s setups are so good, especially when an opponent remains locked down, Arthur’s dagger toss assist pairs perfectly with him. Feel free to let us know what you think of this pairing in the comments.

Source: pat728

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    ” unlikely teams bring variety to a game that could have easily become a battle of the best Vergils.”

    So basically IF YOU WANT TO, you can work harder, take more risks, and still not be as effective as Vergil just pressing H or S to cover twice as many scenarios in a single button press. Not everyone can be Justin Wong, if you’re gonna play Marvel then just pick a top tier.

    • Mike Pureka

      But really, why would you bother?

  • technical_boom

    i actually really like not only that pairing but that whole team he’s using in the video, he showed the mix up potential with strider/arthur but with vergil second that lets him tod in most situations and all 3 of them are good anchors so regardless of what happens they have to deal with an xf character along with the fact that vergil does well with both characters and so does arthur so it can also be played in any order and be a threatening team

  • SaltDizney

    too bad Arthur is garbage all around

  • SaltDizney

    After Strider gets touched once, he’s dead. Then the terrible Arthur has to fight for every inch, sigh

  • Angelica Dos Santos

    People still take this casual fighter seriously? I mean x-factor’s generic speed and damage boost on a game with ridiculous damage at the start of a match? Forcing games to be tournament-worthy just because they’re made by Capcom ain’t cool yo.
    I guess people are addicted to historical characters designed in a casual and random mixing bowl. The randomness is hype!

    Let the game die. The fireworks are far less impressive now.

  • SpiderDan

    The majority of the mixups in this video are IOH double jumps. If you can do that consistently then no one will block you anyway.