ESPN Looking to Expand Competitive Gaming Programming

By on July 29, 2014 at 8:14 am


While the fighting game community stopped in its tracks earlier this month to watch Evo 2014, another major video game tournament was going on at the same time a couple hundred miles to the north. That tournament was the fourth annual DotA 2 International tournament (TI4 for short) and it caused some big waves with both its $11 million prize pool and the coverage it received from the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN.

According to The Daily Dot, ESPN was pleased with how their first serious foray into competitive gaming went. Pleased enough, in fact, that the network is looking to expand its presence in the scene.

“ESPN have seen enough recent successes with esports and are about to double down,” their source said. “The numbers they hit with The International have only cemented the view that the time is right.”

The next step, they say, is expanding their existing relationship with Major League Gaming. ESPN and MLG collaborated in April on a Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament, and that may have laid the foundation for another major push. If things advance quickly, there is a small possibility that we could see fighting games on television in the near future.

Source: The Daily Dot