NorCal StrongStyle 5’s Second Trailer Highlights the Tekken Talent Heading to San Mateo in September

By on July 28, 2014 at 4:33 pm

By now, I’m sure you’re all aware that Evo 2013 second-place finisher Bronson Tran is currently organizing another installment of his popular NorCal StrongStyle tournament series. After taking a bit of a hiatus, this high-level Tekken event is set to return to the region and showcase a ridiculous amount of talent.

As of now, the player list includes competitors like Nobi, Mr. Naps, NYC Fab, JustFrameJames, KiT|Lil Majin, Rip, and BooK, to name a few.

But, be warned, if you want to check out all the craziness yourself without waiting for archives to show up, you’re going to want to visit the event in person. Tran is committed to providing the best production quality possible, and will do so by forgoing a traditional live broadcast. Each match at the event will be recording for fans who aren’t able to make it out, complete with commentary, interviews, and more.

Check out the event’s latest trailer below and get ready for the next battle!

NorCal StrongStyle 5 is scheduled for September 27-28 in San Mateo, California. Keep your eyes on the official Tekken Zaibatsu thread for more details.

Source: IPLAYWINNER via Avoiding the Puddle

  • bronson tran

    We will be doing a post-produced event, much like everyone is used to in streams the FGC. However, this time we will be able to focus the direction of the storyline by the use of breakdowns, replays, look-ins to different pools, interviews and much more to drive the story of who the best tekken player truly is! Each match will be recorded, and we will be releasing select matches throughout the course of the project with our post production treatment and some matches old school style with nothing at all!

    Really appreciate your patience with this and cant wait to give you guys the final product!

  • BlackMasamune

    Little Rickstah.

  • John Galt

    bronson, let tekken die already. Nobody plays this poverty game.