Capcom Releases Official Screenshots of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Summer Vacation Outfits

By on July 27, 2014 at 11:58 pm

At San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV would be getting new downloadable summer vacation outfits later this year. Some grainy pictures emerged shortly after, but now Capcom has provided official screenshots of these alternate costumes for fans who weren’t at the panel to check out.

While most of the costumes are the expected casual sports and swimwear, there are a few unique and interesting ones, such as Guile’s SCUBA gear which seems like a callback to Street Fighter EX character Doctrine Dark and Gouken’s Aquaman-esque alternate.

Check out the outfits in the gallery below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Challengers Vacation Pack 1

Shoryuken Vacation Pack

Femme Fatale Vacation Pack

Challengers Vacation Pack 2

Brawler Vacation Pack

Shadaloo Vacation Pack

Classic Vacation Pack

Arcade Challengers Vacation Pack

2014 Challengers Vacation Pack

The announcement also mentions that a complete vacation pack will also be available for purchase.

Source: Capcom, thanks to SpeedBrkr and Donnie for the tips.

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  • Kufuu

    Makoto looks legit.

    • Mark Lapasa

      Looks cool but what is it? She a train engineer given the hat? Or she was about to tile a washroom with those knee pads?

      • Kufuu

        It’s the attire of an enlightened being that gives no fucks and punches nutsacks and vaginas for ggs.

        • She’s my main bitch too, but what is the outfit? Looks awesome, for sure.

    • Alex Stewart

      I think she’s some sort of painter

  • Is that a goddamn D. Dark costume I see?

    • Bryon Youngblood

      Looks that way, even if Doctrine Dark is a character who can’t be used since he is owned by Arika, the team behind Street Fighter EX

      • Oni look like Garuda

        • Bryon Youngblood

          Oh, shit, he does!! X-D given Garuda in the EX universe is supposedly tied to the Satsui no Hado.

    • Darker than Blue

      I was like

    • TS

      And Chun as Rosso

  • Aphelion

    Most of these look awful.

    • Joel Anderson

      Ever since Ono took over, SF costumes have always been stupid. He keeps trying to make a once-hardcore series goofy. I’m betting there were much better outfits submitted, but Ono went with what was cutest or silliest.

      • Guest

        u mean these?

      • Guest

        u mean these

    • k.b.a.

      four words come to mind in no particular order
      french. circus. coachella.

  • Guest

    T Hawk is like I am the law biatchh
    and Gouken is like Aquaman :-/

    • He got his gun in Ultra and decided to become sheriff.

    • Ben

      Aging myself here.

      • Chuck Thompson

        I remember this, had the horse as a toy.

      • grassninja

        Waaaooow. I used to have the laser tag rifle set from this show. So awesome.

    • 七川 美華

      Gouken = Zeus
      Not Aquaman lol

      • You mean Poseidon

        • 七川 美華

          Meh he looks more like Zeus with the beard.
          But yes Poseidon haha

  • Finally Juri with a diff hair style.

    • MikaiGamer

      i know omfg yet they didnt do it with chun who they have such great concepts from here costume concepts…

  • SpeedBrkr

    Totally diggin’ El Fuerte’s outfit! VIVA! o/ #Fuertemania

  • hcvenceslau

    Decapre, Rose and Dee Jay are weird, liked all the other ones…. Poison and Zangief are awesome

  • Gene Q.

    ELF as Hogan?
    The only difference…Hulk is loved by his origin company.

  • Gene Q.

    I wish these were earned and not bought. Itd spark more discussions.

  • voy3voda

    wtf with chun li custome T_T

  • RunningWild1984

    Guile’s is the biggest slap to the face ever.

  • The Puff Man


  • Edward Knox

    Why the heck would Chun-li quit Interpol for a lame circus gig?. Also I heard decapre was gonna sport a bathing suit… that ain’t a bathing suit. That’s like underwear with armor.

    …and then there was C.Viper. Sigh

  • Deusxmachina

    Chun li and C. viper costumes are by far the worst.

    • Edward Knox

      I Agree

    • Veedot

      Viper can possibly be saved with a better alt color, Chun Li’s isn’t even a costume thats just fabric scraps glued on a model

  • Christian Wright

    a few of these look uninspired :{

    • MikaiGamer

      Its capcom they pick the worst concepts to go off of as proven by the alt concepts for juri and chuns costumes from super and onward

      • Kalvin Khon

        Chun Li looks a LOT like that awful Xaio Yu sfxt outfit.

  • When are these going to be released?

  • Rock

    Wow these are horrible.

  • fnshr

    Dudley and our English White boy swag lool so sweet, then you have Guile, Fei, Oni, Makoto, maybe Honda and maybe Gouken with his Poseidon looking ass lol. But overall disappointed I was hoping for Ken to have something cool .. but I was wrong, terribly wrong.


    worst costumes ever

  • ifrosteei

    wtb scrolling gallery

  • TrulyAmiracle (EB)

    Some are super slick like Cammy’s, Juri’s and Rog’s (why does he get the best costumes?), others are just random pieces of attire stacked on each other for no reason -_-

  • bavobbr

    They are not really trying are they?
    Anyway, happy with anything I can get

  • Troy Dalton

    Oh man, these are fucking awful.


  • RenaTurnip

    Am I the only one who thinks these are all godlike? Fun and flavour are lost on people 🙁

    • Tod S

      I think they’re hilarious. But I would never drop a dime for these…. I mean, some of them are just too silly.

    • dopeedoo

      If you can give a logical explanation for C Viper and Chun li’s that fit what you are saying, then I will concede that to you.

      Have fun trying to do that.

      • Urien (仙人をリンク)

        C. Viper is Volcano Russo (Street Fighter EX)

    • Malax

      Personally, I don’t see any flavor at all unless “randomness” counts. The couple of cool ones don’t fit the theme, and the rest of the awful ones can’t even hold a theme together within themselves.

      Most of these just look like a bunch of random shit thrown on these characters.

  • Alex

    So are these gonna come on the Disc version of Ultra?

  • FluffyM

    Some of them are great (Makoto, Chun, Juri, Cammy, Yang,…), the ones for my characters are shockingly awful. Seriously, Adon looks like T-Hawks gayer brother, Cody looks like a gipsy. Unless the good ones all come in the same bundle, not buying.

    • Michael Gedgaudas

      Cody is dressed to be doing community service. how does that look like a Gypsy? Rose is forever a damn gypsy.

      • FluffyM

        Because not everyone in the world is from America and the rest of his outfit, bar the vest, reminded me of certain illustrations of gypsys.

  • Andrew Olson

    Juri’s doesn’t make any sense…of all things to pick, they went with a club look and ruined her hair.

    • MikaiGamer

      Juri needed a new hairstyle in general are you high and remember shes fucking korean they would not have done the bikini outfit modders already made im glad they gave her a new hair style honestly all the female characters needed new hair styles with each costume release go look at the character costume concepts and so on for them they had way better options but picked to build off the worst choices.

      • FluffyM

        Nice sentence.

  • swordsman09

    Awesome Juri outfit!

    • I agree. I’m glad she has a costume with a new hairstyle!

  • Sincerely, The Jerk

    Some of these are alright and some are Ken-like.

  • xeleion

    Wtf, Dee Jay looks like he got kicked off Gullah Gullah Island.

    Aside from that, they’re ok. I happen to like a few for characters I don’t play.

  • MasterBP

    Why was a horrifying monster posted in place of Rose’s new alt?

  • GigatonLT5

    These are the tackiest costume designs I’ve ever seen

  • xeleion

    Shoutouts to Big Band Gief though. That must be intentional.

    • Michael Gedgaudas

      thats a scuba suit…not a giant trench coat.

      • Ben

        I thought it was a radiation safety suit.

  • the7k

    That Femme Fatale pack is activating my gag reflex.

  • Christopher Kelly

    I think I’ll sit these outfits out.

  • Gojira Twit

    Wow, these are colourful. And gaudy. I like a few of them though.

  • Guest

    Decapre looks so… manly. 🙁

  • Drago Umeharevich

    also Animal Costumes set incoming:

  • Tom

    Abel will allways get crap costumes… pls give him his sfxt costume capcom..

    • Michael Gedgaudas

      they can’t give him King’s outfit. also he looks great. He looks like he came out of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    • k.b.a.

      the mercenary alt was nice if a little pointed. i like that outfit, his wrestling one, and adon’s MMA. the ones for fighting

  • caiooa

    I believe sagat and guille are sf ex chars. Bison looks like a jojo char :V (pretty cool). And dat poison alt tho….

  • Rance

    Did… Did Ibuki just skin poor Don-chan and wore him!?

    I dig Duds and Sagat’s classy look and there’s a couple decent ones, but some of them are completely random given the summer theme and the majority is just… ugh…

    What on earth are Chun and Viper even wearing!?

  • Jahntai Shalom Kelly

    Decapre looks sexy. My opinion

    • MikaiGamer

      its supposed to be a freekin swimsuit outfit looks more like a workout outfit and they ruined it with the leg gaurds, hat, and keeping the same mask….

    • KarmaSapien

      She was sexy until dem abs.

  • MikaiGamer

    WOW CAPCOM ACTUALLY CHANGED THE HAIR FOR SOME OF THEM AM I FUCKING DREAMING? WHY DOES CHUNS HAIR STILL IN BUNS WTF PIGTAILS ALREADY FROM THE EARLY COSTUME CONCEPT DAMMIT!!! Also being a Decapre Main since the release VERY disappointed in her outfit wtf does she still have the hat on and a different mask would have been sic for this set….and she has sandals that resemble wooden sandals andd she has gaurds on…………

  • LockM

    Really like some of these, others wfeel uninspired. Makoto, Poison are probably my favorites. My main Yun has a nice one too, though a bit similar to his other alt, Guy is great too with his runners outfit and that hoodie. Cody is terrible…unfortunately, had a great alt in SFxT though.

    Also what does Ibuki have on her head O.o Don’t tell me Don-CHan has met its demise in such a manner :'(

    Abel looks like Jotaro Kujo.

    • Guy has a runners outfit yet he’s wearing chucks?

  • Barry Driffield

    The Gief, Oni, Sagat, and Guile costumes are OD!.

  • zedk8

    There are two Adon’s. I believe the other one is Abel.

  • Mark Lapasa

    Gouken, sakura, t.hawk, the entire brawler pack, dhalsim, Hawaii blanka are my top picks. I am looking forward to getting these someday. The other ones, not so much

  • ThePoopTickler

    I still don’t understand; this is the fourth re-release this title will get and they still make paid-for DLC for it?

    • Chaka_

      if people keep buying it they’ll keep providing new content

  • Frank Burdine

    Abel listed as Adon in the Brawler Vacation Pack

  • xMJx

    yep.. they shoulda enlisted the help of the pc modders

    • Sp00ks Pls

      Yeah so we can get Goku Oni and Bayonetta Rose!……

  • Dominic Weber

    brawler vacation pack the first picture is not adon it´s abel if someone shouldn´t have seen it yet, goukens new costume looks a bit weird though … should he be aquaman or neptune or what´s that armor he´s wearing?

  • Dat Ken-Glasses 😀

  • Bushin_Cat

    These costumes are stuuuuupid…. Unless Capcom is *hinting* at EX characters for SFV, in which case: Bring back Cracker Jack!!

  • Showster

    How is Poison going to tuck her dick back in that?

  • Michael Clarke

    I don’t understand why they cant give Ken a good alt. He should be the easiest of them all. Otherwise I like most of them, especially Poison and Juri. THATS how you do alts.

  • Sharonda Welfare

    must be nice. i’m still waiting on the ultra costumes that i paid for on ps3 and can’t access for some godforsaken reason.

  • Kloakenstein

    How many times do you think Rolento with unplug his own headphones by mistake?

  • Gun_Vanguard

    I think these are mostly terrible

  • onilordz

    best juri outfit…ever

  • Poison ♥

  • Darklurkr23

    These don’t look that Vacation-y. Like for example is Makoto vacation in the woods to cover up ticks? Is Zangief going to Chernobyl?

  • ウam ‏

    Chun Li what are you doing? You had such a good thing going for you. Just…. Chun Li pls.


  • Ryan McGrath

    Hiulkamania El Fuerte and Poseidon Gouken are great.

  • samirerre

    wtf is this shit? srsly capcom?.
    who am i kidding capcom always have bad designs

  • H_Magnus

    Abel’s costume looks like it came straight from a JOJO cover.

    And I’m extremely OK with that.

    • Bushin_Cat

      I agree with you, although I was thinking more ‘Outfits of Shinjuku Pack’.

  • Quan Chi

    The only ones that look even remotely good are Cammy’s, Poison’s, Fei’s, Guile’s, Bison’s, and Dudley’s.
    Cody’s legs look too small xD
    WTF were they smokin’ on Guy?

  • Anjon

    A lot of this just looks like they slapped a bunch of random textures on the character models… I have no idea what Chun Li is supposed to be wearing and Ibuki looks like someone glued a bunch of garbage to her as a hazing ritual. Cammy looks pretty cool at least. Looks very “Juno”, and I appreciate them not going “something something ass cheeks hanging out”. Poison’s pretty classy looking too.

    • Adrian Denton

      Has Cammy grown up and stopped being a tramp?

  • The hell is Rose`s outfit?

    • H_Magnus

      It’s her Sailor Senshi outfit.

  • Gamegeezer

    Seth over here rockin the Skullomania colors. I love the SFEX outfits, glad Ono decided to incorporate them in the game since we’re never going to see another SFEX release again.

  • Shiki Orochinagi

    those costumes will be on the USFIV edition? because i wont pay for them

  • RobertEspaillat

    i like them i will buy them all on black friday lol

  • Jason Slade

    I dunno what you guys are complaining about I like most of them.

  • Jule Williams

    The character models are ugly so it really doesn’t matter what costume you put them in =/

  • blembot4000

    why do they still insist on selling the costumes in packs?

  • pootnannies

    the majority of these are ‘awe hell naw’. Elf looks legit, very fitting but then you have Gouken…. awe hell naw you didnt just do that.

  • theneckslevel

    Anyone think this will be included in the retail version? Or am I just wishful thinking?

  • Heroking

    Guy and Makotos are the best.

    • Adrian Denton

      Return of the Mak…Best fighting character ever.

  • Chuck Thompson

    Most of these are straight out atrocious. Who dresses like this on ‘summer vacation’ other than FIDM rejects? It’s like they had a few good ones then were just like hey let’s just throw random crap together.

  • MrAmbitious

    You have Abel labeled as Adon

  • Ben

    Pink popped collar shirt, cargo shorts, flip-flops, and a visor? Brolento.

  • Mouth of Sauron

    these look like mods for the pc……bad ones.

  • 七川 美華

    Dat Poison outfit. Kreygasm

  • vitalus

    no Abel costume?

    • Michael Gedgaudas

      it’s a typo, Adon labeled a second time

      • vitalus

        thanks, just did the quick ctrl+f search and was freaked out!

  • DriftSlave

    Just realized something, Ryu is finally wearing some kind of shoes…..

    • ChaosDT08

      How many years has it been since he last wore shoes?

  • Michael Gedgaudas

    let’s count how many characters wanna go swimming shall we?

  • Demon0no

    Dat poison :O

  • Dan Palmer Jr.

    Oni though.

  • PJ

    Not interested at all until the inevitable “full pack” sale.

  • Zero-ELEC


  • Streye

    Wtf is makoto wearing?

    • MikaiGamer

      to me it gives off a tagger kinda feel like it but they already did overalls still like it

  • Guy Felix

    The Sneaker’s costume pack lol everybody’s got normal kicks for once. But really though this might be the best costume pack there ever was.

  • k.b.a.

    i have to skip everything in look again in five minutes to say

    guy. wtf man

  • Ndebe

    Capcom cutting costs by hiring the crappiest 3D modellers on the market right now for cheap. Seriously, I like the concept but the execution is seriously god awful.

  • doc_nice

    did they make deejay the jamaican abel?

  • Mark Lapasa

    I would be so impressed if the costumes that cover mouth’s of characters impacted the sound of their speech. For example, if Gief’s voice sounded like it was a tin can because of the contraption he was wearing. Same goes for honda, guile, etc

  • evilsmilelol

    Juri looks sexy

  • evilsmilelol

    Damn look @ poison

  • stephendeo

    why does gouken … what the…. smh… walks away

  • Fuzzy Bunny

    Holy shit guys. I just realized that if you don’t stop holding shift, it becomes USF$.

  • GorillaWhite

    Juri looks more like what Rose should look like. LOL. I was expecting a DoA Bikini type costumes for the girls. Profound Sadness

  • General_Awesomo

    I’m glad Vega finally gets his suit from his SSFIIT ending. Though the default color isn’t like ST’s purple/HDR’s black, which I’m sure will come up as alternate colors. It’s gray, similar to Balrog’s white default in his alt 3 suit. Is this alluding to the Shadaloo team color seen in SFA2 Sagat’s ending?

    I’m glad they stuck with Vega’s default mask for this one. The snake design on his suit is nice. The sleeves roll up to reveal Vega wearing gauntlets, possibly alluding to his early concept artwork in SFII of him being an armored knight. Nice.

    Vega sure dodged a bullet here, as some of the other Vacation alts are just terrible. I can somewhat excuse Chun-Li’s as it seems to take inspiration from her 80’s fashion.

    But C. Viper… WTF.

  • chrobaciky

    I don’t think that T hawk alt will be around for long, native american dressed as a cowboy.. good luck releasing that in the US.

  • Shabadenaya

    Capcom you need to let use change the colours of some of these costumes to make it rectifiable also it would improve some of the better ones if you just added some customization to change hair colour and costume colour. Imagine poisons alt with red hair or a better colour dress that matches her hair.

  • Dammit, I knew they’d save the best costumes till last! So I gotta pay for my best Guy alt?

  • Yo labeled Abel as Adon, FYI

  • Curtis Davis

    Dat Poison tat on her leg

  • Rodlum

    Haha, these are all hideous and awesome. Scuba-gief 4ever.

  • Recycled Vessel

    This better be included in the ”FINAL” retail version with all the other dlc (doubtful knowing Cashcom) and they missed the opportunity to give Evil Ryu an Asura costume.

  • funkypoot

    Capcom does not seem to understand what summer time clothing looks like. I like a few but they are all in different packs or alts for characters that i do not play with.

  • RaptorFactor

    dat foot texture tho

  • DeRosset

    Is there no such thing as a complete game anymore?!

  • these are god awful lool