Katsuhiro Harada Confirms Tekken x Street Fighter is Still in Development

By on July 25, 2014 at 1:34 pm


While many in the community were happy to see Bandai Namco Games announce Tekken 7, one question still weighs heavily on our minds: where’s Tekken x Street Fighter? The crossover was announced alongside Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken companion title in 2010, but very little information has been released since then.

Well, those of you still looking forward to this mysterious game just received a glimmer of hope. According to GamesRadar, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that Tekken x Street Fighter is still in development during his company’s fighting game panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Other than that, no new details were shared other than the project is still “moving forward.”

And so begins around round of speculation. What do you hope to see out of Tekken x Street Fighter? Feel free to sound off in our comments.

Source: GamesRadar

  • Jonathan Alexander

    Better be the best 3D game ever goddamnit with this wait.

    • ThePoopTickler

      It better be as good, if not better, than Team Fortress 2; eternal wait for a great game.

    • Kalvin Khon

      It’s probably taking forever since they’re not only trying to translate the characters properly into a 3D engine, but also trying to capture their gimmicks and what makes them who they are (Like Claw or Dhalsim).

    • ReddChief78

      Street Fighter characters will be in it so that already makes it the best 3D game ever.

      • SavingPrincess

        So you really liked EX huh?

  • lol@u

    This game is the new Duke Nukem Forever. It’ll be released in 2023.

    • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

      Tekken in 2023. That sound great.
      Maybe there will be Street Fighter and KOF in 2023, as well.

      • Iseeitall

        Whatever it is I know I’ll be eating Taco Bell since it going to win the franchise war during that era.

        • Jack Bauer

          You will have to be sure to visit the President Schwarzenegger library too!

          • SpiderDan

            He said 2023, not 20XX.

    • RazingPhoenix

      When FFVersusXIII/FFXV comes out, I’ll then accept this statement.

  • CapnWTF

    This will probably NEVER happen again.
    It’s unlikely, but I’d like to see some EX love if I can.
    also Q. but errybody likes Q

  • Aphelion

    It’s cool that it’s still in the works, but all I care about is Tekken 7.

  • My Juri better be sexy or there will be heck to pay……heck I tells ya!

    • taitaisanchez

      I hope Harada makes her ugly as sin JUST FOR YOU.

  • Skillionaire

    I hope to God it has gems! Kappa

    • Alexander Eggers

      Oh man you should think about becoming a writer in comedy. Kappa

  • TagAnarchy

    Cool. I’m patient. If they spit out xSF as fast as they did xT, I’d be worried. It’s easy moving 3-D to 2-D. Moving 2-D to 3-D is an entirely different, and extremely difficult thing to do. Especially in this case where you want the SF characters to play like SF characters, but also play like Tekken characters. This long wait just means it’s going to be a top quality game when it’s finally released. Just look at Final Fantasy 15.

    • RazingPhoenix

      Please be excited! #kappa

  • ウam ‏

    from pure speculation, this tells me one thing. Tekken x Street Fighter is proooobably going to take a radically different approach than a regular Tekken game. Think about it, its been 4 years now. Doesnt take 4 years for a team of highly skilled game vets to do a reskin of a Tekken formula with jumping fireball characters.

    With that being said, this game beter be god damn amazing. I dont want a Tekken game with Street Fighter elements, i want pure bliss at this point.

  • Gamegeezer

    Take your time, do it right, and then give me a game to play for decades. I don’t mind the wait, so long as i’m playing longer than i waited for the game, lol.

  • OnDrawnWings

    Oh–We’re doin’ character requests?

    Then it’s high time I play a non-bear Rainbow…I’ll also take Maki and somebody new from SF1 just to be weird.

    • MoogieB

      R. Mika would be perfect for Tekken

  • SavingPrincess

    Don’t marry to the idea of doing perfect replications of shotos/projectiles/etc. in the Tekken engine. Make the characters fit within the context of the Tekken Universe. An SRK shoud not travel 2-3 body lengths in the air, etc. Chun’s SBK should probably be stationary, maybe with one hand on the ground (or maybe spinning while hand walking forward), and look more like one of Eddie/Christie’s animations than a weird floating helicopter, just that type of thought. Make the SF characters feel like martial artists/fighters and not superheroes.

    I want to see the Tekken version of SF characters, not SF characters in the Tekken universe.

    • LightSpdAeon

      Don’t worry about it, tekken characters were adjusted for SFxT. I have hope things’ll turn out ok. That being said, i don’t agree with Harada trying to do something with the jumping mechanic.

    • Hunts Rattata

      Doesn’t Tekken have guys that sprout wings and fly around shooting lasers from their foreheads?

      • Tajeed Yoshibro Adams

        They’ve only had 3 but they only stay in the air for like 3 seconds and the laser isn’t really smart to spam or to just throw out there just because you can or want to like a fireball in street fighter

      • abnerayag

        the lasers have serious lag and are duckable/sidesteppable, and flying and landing has serious consequences as they are quite vulnerable when they land to get their bearings

      • SavingPrincess

        That’s fine if they want to treat a Hadoken like that, but let it be as punishable and singular as D-Jin’s lasers. The point is that SF is a projectile spam zoning game and Tekken is not… so if you want to give Ryu a Hado, let it be as unsafe and ridiculous as D-Jin’s laser.

  • PringerX

    This is the game to bring back R. Mika in

    • LightSpdAeon


      • MoogieB

        what about R. Mika AND Alex? :0!

    • NihilistZerO

      That Butt Pound attack will make a great knockdown follow up

  • Rohan Mayers

    With all due respect, this is crazy and this guy is playing games with us. Every time we ask about this we get a different excuse. He said we will get TTT2, SFxT, TTT2 for consoles, and TxSF. So why did he came out with TR and now T7? Why is he not focusing on TxSF a 100%? Fighting games are released 1yr after announcement, SC5 is the exception, and Namco tend to release their Tekken games in arcade first so that means T7 won’t come until fall 2015 or spring 2016 and TxSF won’t come until fall 2016 or spring 2017. This is unacceptable. Originally, he said the delay was due to figuring out fireballs, then it was due to next gen, then the reason was jumping, and now it is marketing. Stop making excuse and be upfront with us. Now there are going to be some commenters who say take your time and then bash SFxT. There is a point where a person can take too long. I am typing on my food and I did not edit it so I am sorry for any mistake.

    • jlb85

      I feel ya. I am a huge, huge Tekken fan, and my heart was set on TXSF over T7. It sounds silly, but I honestly feel less hype about T7 because I was so looking forward to realistic looking 3d versions of SF characters who fight more likeTekken characters. Something weird is going on at Namco, or Capcom. I dunno. But it is definitely frustrating. And I know I am going to sound like a whiney little girl, but if I couldnt get that, I was at least looking forward to some kind of Tekken 7 in game footage today. But then Harada said they’re not even done figuring out the mechanics to that game so they can’t show that either. So, what the hell? Now I gotta wait for probably a long time before we see Tekken 7 gameplay. And then, who knows, there could be an extended amount of time where it is in Arcades. How long will it be exclusive there? At least a year? Then it will hit consoles. And you gotta let it ride on consoles for at least a year before you show the next game. And btw, they basically teased that Tekken 8 will be a reboot since this will be the end of the Mishima saga, and a reboot in itself is something that is exciting. But by the time it’s time for that reboot, assuming TXSF actually comes out at some point, it will probably already be time for a new console cycle and they will have to develop a whole ‘nother graphics engine… Gah! I CAN’T TAKE ALL OF THIS COCKTEASING NAMCO, YOU ARE DRIVING ME INTO MADNESS. But anyway yeah. What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Tekken X Street Fighter. Yeah. They need to show that shit already. I agree.

    • Tajeed Yoshibro Adams

      I honestly don’t think Harada is making excuses just because he can or wants to. Figuring out how the SF characters are going to work in the Tekken universe sounds like a much more challenging task than what Capcom had to deal with, plus Capcom already has a pretty big experience on making cross-over fighting games which is more than likely why we got their game first but as for Namco, as far as I know, this is their first cross-over fighting game and they have a lot of work to put in if they want the game to be successful. They have to make SF fit in with Tekken, of course, but at the same time not make them feel OP or weak compared to the Tekken roster, so they’ve gotta come to balance while still trying to make the SF roster still feel like the characters they need to be, which would be the fireballs, the jumping, charge attacks, etc. It’s a lot to work with when you think about all of the characters from the SF series and how they do things. As for the next-gen excuse, I don’t think that’s an excuse either. A lot of developers have been talking about how much more difficult it is to make a game for the next-gen (especially the Xbox One) compared to the previous gen. It does give them more things to mess with but the consoles are still kind of fresh seeing that they haven’t even been out for a full year yet and who knows maybe it’s not all completely figured out yet. But TR seems more like a test drive for TxSF. I don’t know if you’ve unlocked her but there is a fireball like character in that game but you have to put in some time to unlock her. Her name’s Eliza, I haven’t unlocked her myself yet so I don’t know what she’s fully like just yet, I just have an idea of what she’s like based from seeing gameplay footage, Overall, it would be nice if he would come in every now and then to tell us what’s up instead of staying quiet about things but I really don’t think he’s trying to make excuses for himself, but i could be wrong.

  • Robert J. White

    What I really wanna know is how my boy Vega gonna play. Jumping from the ground, to a wall, then kicking off the wall about 15 feet into the air with a corkscrew leap to slash… that shit just sounds absurd in a Tekken game.

    • Kalvin Khon

      I’m thinking that it’ll be a move that changes depending on what he’s next to. In open space I’m predicting he’ll flip back and then leap into the air. If he’s near a wall I think he’ll jump onto the wall instead of doing a back flip and do w/e he’s supposed to do. We’d see the birth of a completely new type of character never seen in Tekken, someone who actually excels with his back AGAINST the wall rather than cornering someone to it.

  • From a business stand point I am really confused why this is not being prioritized. Unless I am really uninformed I believe Street Fighter is much more popular than Tekken. This is magnificent opportunity to bring 2D loyalists over to 3D games. I hate 3D games but I’d check it out. It should halo the rest of their business/titles.

    • Henry

      Street Fighter is probably the most popular in the US, but outside of it? Hard to say. Tekken or even King of Fighters could be more popular. They have to look at the areas where arcades are still popular, which is mostly Asia.

      • Interesting idea but begs a few questions like is there an EVO equivalent international tournament that headlines with Tekken? And where is the most disposable income and interest in video games? Do you really believe that Namco is still focused on arcades? I grew up in England and moved to the States. SF is the king and always has been in those two countries.
        So I still think from a business perspective this is a huge opportunity for Namco and the Tekken franchise. Harada never seems excited though. Perhaps they really are struggling with the Street Fighter elements in a 3D world, like fireballs…

        • Henry

          As far as I know, there is no European equivalent of Evo. The stereotype is that Americans have the most disposable income and I think that’s probably true. At the very least, video games are cheaper in the States than anywhere in EU. There’s a UK magazine called Retro Gamer – it’s quite expensive – that recently did a feature on Tekken. In it, Harada mentions that Tekken makes more money in the arcade than on the home version. That was definitely a surprise to me as arcades don’t really exist in the States anymore, and presumably the UK.

          When you think about it, there are several reasons why. In Asia,where they have less disposable income, going out to arcades or Internet cafes is a cheap night out for the lads. And it’s not a coincidence that Tekken, popular in Korea, happens to have strong characters who know Tae Kwon Do. Athletic sports aren’t as popular there as they are in the west, so fighting games would be a convenient way to have competitive, friendly fun.

          Namco is making a huge push for bringing the arcade experience home. Recently, they’ve released Tekken Revolution, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, and Ace Combat Infinity on consoles. (Well, PS3-only because Microsoft doesn’t allow free-to-play games unless they get a cut of the profits.) Those are all free-to-play games supported by microtransactions. For PC, they’re going to release Rise of the Incarnates. It uses the exact engine their popular arcade games based on the hit series Gundam uses. That’s also going to be a free-to-play game supported by microtransactions.

          • Well, seems like Tekken outsells Street Fighter as a franchise: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_game_franchises

            Whilst Street Fighter 2 outsold Tekken in the arcade.
            Third only to Pac-Man and Space Invaders:

            Now I’m really confused. Surely with all these sales Tekken should have a world championship (somewhere around the world) of epic proportions….?
            Maybe I’m just not aware of it.

          • Clinton Whyte

            Not every fighting game needs a tournament to be great or popular.

            And there are a bunch of side tournaments at Evo and other tournaments, they just aren’t mainstays.

            Whether or not there are tournaments for the games are really a matter of corporate interest. Capcom actually adds money to the Evo cup for their games, and I’m pretty sure they at least sponsor the “Capcom Cup” on the Road to Evo. They have taken it among themselves to be a driving force in their games having an in your face competitive circle, and frankly they need it, they aren’t doing very well.

            Namco makes so many games it’s not even viable to worry about that. They make SO many fighting games that sell at least moderately well, why would they focus on tournaments? They already have your money.

            They make all the Naruto fighters, pretty much all the Gundam games, Soul Calibur, Jojo’s All Star Battle (pretty much any shonen jump character fighter actually), the DBZ games, and they are even the developers of Mario Kart 8 and Smash for Wii U and 3DS…

            Trust me, they don’t need to sponsor tournaments or even HAVE them to cement themselves in the fighting game genre. They already have your money, most folks support, and unlike Capcom have YET to alienate their players via paid updates. In fact they are the ones who started the FTP fighting game thing, and their ranking system for that is pretty damn good last I checked.

          • But to be fair Evo was created by the community as a World Championship (or that’s what it became). Capcom just jumped on at the last minute (last two years with their own official tournaments).
            So for me, if this game is so popular and has passionate and serious players surely there should be a community created event?

            Re. Capcom jumping on at the last minute my theory is that eventually all the Capcom Pro Tour Event streams will be subscription based. Which in turn will boost the prize pots and competition. When that happens, these pro-players will no longer be living in poverty. Twitch are on board. EG is onboard.
            I actually think as a “spectator e-sport” fighting games are the easiest to watch at any level. It’s just one screen, not hard to follow, and at a basic level is a fight with health bars. Simple! Plus the crowd gets way more hype.

          • Crassly

            Tekken is my main game, but I have to be fair. Tekken sales and the Tekken competitive scene are two very different things. Tekken has a lot more people who buy the game just to single player and mash vs each other when friends come over.

            The competitive scene isn’t nearly as healthy as the sales would imply.

  • jlb85

    Street Fighter panel very shortly. Maybe there is still hope?

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Wwe might get tk x sf b4 tekken 7…cant wait to see the tag system

  • Trygon

    Vaporware forever……

  • Ndebe

    “In development” probably means one producer doing absolutely nothing. Seriously, you think if they had something cool they wouldn’t share it? Game companies almost always share when they have something solid to generate hype. The fact that not even a single promotion pick for xSF has been shared recently just means no substantial work in art or code is being worked on.

  • CrazyMobius

    Will be cool to see Street Fighter characters done in that trendy, sleek Tekken style. I’m not looking forward to getting my butt kicked by Tekken players though…

  • Heehahou

    I just don’t want to buy a PS4 just for one game, I hope they release it for PS3 or PC at least.

    • Jule Williams

      By the time this game comes out. PS5 will be announced and T x SF will be a launch title. =/

  • Enkindu

    It would be really awesome if they included some characters from the SoulCalibur series as well. If they put Voldo in there, you can guarantee that I’ll be playing this game non-stop.

  • JohnMc

    I just hope to live long enough to see it at this stage.

  • Heroking


  • General_Awesomo

    I want to see Vega vs. Lee Chaolan happen.

  • In before this turns out to be the next SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos lol.