DIG|Ryan Hart Returns to Yun During Ultra Street Fighter IV Grand Finals Against RZR.CG|Problem X at Triple Threat X

By on July 23, 2014 at 10:34 am

Over the weekend, Team Triple Threat and IFP held another installment of their bi-monthly tournament series at Orange Rooms in Southampton. The Ultra Street Fighter IV portion of this month’s event served as a qualifier for Shadowloo Showdown V, which will be held next month in Melbourne, Australia.

Now that archives for the event have been uploaded, we’re able to relive the excitement of the first Triple Threat tournament to feature the latest iteration of Street Fighter IV. Below, you’ll find the exciting grand finals match between DIG|Ryan Hart’s Yun, who he used quite heavily in Arcade Edition, and RZR.CG|Problem X’s C. Viper.

Hart is having no problem staying fresh on all of our minds after his recent second place showing at DreamHack Valencia 2014, and it should be exciting to see what he can do in Australia during Shadowloo’s huge international event.

To check out more matches from this event, head over to the full playlist.

Source: Akiraa20 via Kerim Halil