[UPDATE] Ed Boon Reveals Mortal Kombat X’s Raiden at Evo 2014

By on July 12, 2014 at 7:40 pm

UPDATE – IGN has just shared the trailer on their YouTube channel. We’ve added it to the article below.

With the world’s eyes on Evo 2014 and a new Injustice: Gods Among Us champion crowned, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive took the opportunity to unveil the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat X cast: the Thunder God himself, Raiden.

The announcement was made by series co-creator Ed Boon, who gave fans an extensive look at the character in the form of a trailer, showing a match between Raiden and previously revealed newcomer Kotal Kahn. Many of Raiden’s signature moves from past incarnations return, and a new fatality was shown off for the old favorite. Raiden joins fellow veterans Sub-Zero and Scorpion, as well as fresh faces like Cassie Cage and D’Vorah.

Mortal Kombat X is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime in 2015.

Source: NetherRealm, trailer via IGN

  • FrostyP

    Wow someone actually managed to make an announcement less hype than Decapre

    • TheMeetyMeet

      I doubt it was supposed to be meant like that. We all knew Raiden was coming.

    • lol@u

      I dont recall NRS teasing us for 8 months for Raiden.

      Nice try though.

      • Kaihedgie

        Oh get over it, you two

      • LightSpdAeon

        At least decapre is a new character.

        • lol@u

          She is?

          • Vekuru

            Yes. As compared to a character that is in every MK ever.

          • lol@u

            Now please tell me why being a new character is relevant right now when 75% of the current revealed cast are new already.

          • Vekuru

            Please tell me why revealing a character that’s in every MK is somehow going to make people excited for the game.

            It’d be like if the next Street Fighter revealed 3-4 new characters, and then “Hey guys, and guess what? RYU!”

            Is it good Raidens in it? Sure. But is it exciting? No.

          • Kevin Giguere

            I don’t think the point was “Raiden’s in the game!” as much as “Look at all the new stuff Raiden can do!”

          • ReddChief78

            FINALLY!! someone with some common sense, Raiden sure doesn’t play like he did in MK9 and his new moveset is pretty hype if you ask me.

            Comparing Ryu to Raiden in a game is a bad example MK characters have many changes in each version Ryu not so much.

          • Davey jones

            Thats what i was thinking. I never realy liked raiden but im starting to feel him now.

          • Vekuru

            ooh. a new fatality. cool…

          • lol@u

            Kinda sad how you completely missed the POINT of the trailer, which was to show off an existing character that people are familiar with and how they are integrated with the new 3-Style character option feature.

            The trailer showed us that Raiden players now have the choice of playing a high-damage combo-driven Raiden, an anti-zoning teleporting Raiden, or a trap-heavy zoning Raiden, which will allow people to cover bad matchups while still sticking to their main character.

            I guess such a simple and obvious fact was last on you fools.

          • Vekuru

            I guess name-calling is all you can result to with a lackluster announcement like this. Movesets get tweaked. Getting excited over a new moveset on a character that’s been in the game since forever…

            Yeah, I’m sorry I’m not a mark for fighting game characters. I’ll leave that to you.

        • Dweezil

          And original like Evil Ryu…*drum roll*

      • Gojira Twit

        Yeah, in fact they barely hyped this up at all. Raiden was accidentally confirmed at E3 when somebody from NR mentioned him while showing off the game. So not only is it an expected character, it’s a super-expected character.

        Nothing against him but I don’t think Ed Boon has really grasped the concept that Evo is more important to the FGC than E3. He makes announcements like this at Evo not because they’re “big announcements,” but because he thinks it’s the only place where anyone would show much excitement about them.

    • Guest

      The Fire Emblem Smash trailer was too much hype with Capt. Falcon and yet people bitch at Lucina…

  • The KZA

    We shouldve gotten atleast two characters. That reveal was…expected. He does look cool though.

  • Richard N

    In other shocking news; Ryu is rumored to be in the next Street Fighter. Surprising, I know.

    • Ryan Rodriguez


    • Kevin Giguere

      And he’ll probably play exactly the way he did before. Raiden has a lot of new moves. You’ve missed the point completely.

      • Richard N

        I dunno man. You’re at a huge event with tens of thousands of people watching on Stream and all you announce is a character that everyone already expected. Feels like a missed opportunity.

        Even the way Ed Boon got on stage and only saying maybe two sentence felt very….. not exciting.

        • ReddChief78

          You expecting something from someone and not getting it is your fault and maybe this is what they had finished so far to show, they’re just showing the progress of the game which most would like to see, the only thing missed was you missed the point of the trailer.

          • Richard N

            What!? That’s like saying “you were expecting X or Y to be a good movie and it sucking is your fault and not the director’s.” You can’t blame people for getting excited when they made people get excited in the first place. There’s a level of expectation that comes when many game publishing website says there’s gonna be a reveal at EVO and teases from the developer themselves. Showing Raiden’s new play style, that’s cool that’s great, but when you have millions of people watching and the spotlight is on you and all you do is show a movelist, I can’t see how that’s our fault for expecting something more exciting. A release date at the end of the Raiden trailer would’ve made things better, but I understand its still too early for one.

            And although it was a joke; hypothetically if Street Fighter V was already announced, and we were well into development and Capcom teased a character reveal, and it ended up only being Ryu we would all probably be in this same situation of the whole annoucement being lack luster and dick slapping eachother in the comments.

        • Kevin Giguere

          I don’t think that’s Ed Boon’s fault. Evo never was the best tournament as far as presentation goes. Stuff like videos having issues, sound from two sources, issues with framing commentator. It sounded like Boon was supposed to present the game before Injustice and I’m guessing they might have had technical problems.

          Anyways, there’s like 18 more characters to show at least, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to show new characters during the next year.

      • NicolaAcoust

        LOL if Ryu keeps playing exactly the way he did before is because he hasn’t any reason to change. EVERY character of a FG WANTS to be Ryu, and if they are who they are, is because they CAN’T be Ryu in the first place. Or Zangief.

        Forward-thrusting body-propeller move? Check.
        He forces the opponent to move with a projectile coming out of his hands? Check
        Which is performed by rotating the joystick a quarter of circle forward and then a punch button? Check.

        Raiden is a shoto derivative.

        • ReddChief78

          Wow what a dumb post, one of the main reasons MK was & is successful is because of it’s originality and being one of the very few fighters that’s not trying to be Street Fighter. Nice try tho.

          • Justin Archer

            Nice try? That was hilarious.

        • LightSpdAeon

          Raiden isn’t a shoto-clone… Ragna, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, etc. THESE are shoto-clones.

          • MDOYML

            ragna isn’t a shoto clone he’s a shoto master

  • Robert Nathan

    Just another reason why Mortal Kombat is better than Street fighter. MK took a character that has been in the franchise since day one and did an amazing job upgrading him. New moves, new styles and an updated look. Street fighter basically just add muscles to their characters.

  • lol@u

    Are all you idiots bitching about the trailer revealing Raiden seriously too stupid to understand that the point of the trailer was to show-off the new triple character style option that every character now have?

    The trailer showed us that Raiden can play as a combo-driven high damage dealer, a teleporter that can punish zoners and get in easily, and playing as a zoner himself. This means you can now cover bad matchups while sticking to the same character you are familiar with.

    But I guess common sense and intelligence is heavily lacking within the FGC.

    • CptPokerface

      Reading between the lines isn’t exactly a strong suit of the fgc.

      • Angry Joshua

        aint that the truth

    • Gary Schindler

      So brave.

  • d3v

    Trailer now added.

  • Jule Williams

    I wasn’t really hyped about the fact that it was Raiden until I watched the trailer. Seeing what he can do in MKX and how he’s so versatile really makes it exciting. I love the teleport combo’s and traps. The character variations brings alot of wow factor and uniqueness to the game and I can wait to see what everyone else can do.

  • Magegg

    – Second fighting style, teleporting? Meh/What a surprise.
    – Traps. Really? Now they’re as recurring as teleporting…
    – Electrified hat looks stupid.
    – The fatality looks like something taken from Itchy & Scratchy.
    The rest is alright

    • Justin Archer

      the teleport combos were my favorite part though =(

    • Death Metal

      Maybe you can write Boon an e-mail with all of your wonderful ideas. If you don’t say anything, he will never know how brilliant you are.

  • Rem Sevreign

    Dat Displacer Raiden O_O

  • Gary Schindler

    I really hope this game eventually ends up on Playstation Vita; I love playing MK9 and I:GAU on handheld (unlike Capcom games which are annoying on handheld, except MvC3).

  • chrobaciky

    Keep it coming, can’t get enough MK.

  • chrobaciky

    I’m probably in the minority but I hope Sheeva makes it in.

  • solgen9

    the character style option is pretty cool. this will hopefully make different MUs a little easier to deal with, maybe…

  • Skode

    It was a good trailer, actually made me hype for a character ive seen a
    thousand times already.

  • Sentsuizan

    I guess Raiden doesn’t need his money anymore.

  • TruthGamer

    Goody… Something cheese fighter hasn’t picked up on.., Options for bad match ups. 🙂

  • Why all the people likes this X-ray thing, it is completely dumb. We see an attack, what is break someone’s neck, but 3 seconds later he is fighting again like nothing happend. So what is the point of this Sniper Elite style sh*t?

  • looks cool. not really sure if i will be buying mortal kombat x or not. about time they revealed raiden in mkx.

  • I love the fact that MKX is taking that Slash / Bust from Samurai Showdown and running a marathon with it. I’ve never been a MK fan, but I give them heavy props for this. I’d love to see this sort of thing bleed to Street fighter / Marvel.

    SF Alpha had the whole ism select. (and Gen) Third Strike had the super select. Ultra SF has the ‘version’ select. (And Gen)

    Marvel really only had it in the assist select and Ryu in Marvel 1.

    The only thing I foresee is a balancing nightmare, but if he pulls it off, he pulls it off.