Stream Monstering for a Cause: Support the 2014 Evo Scholarship

By on July 8, 2014 at 9:15 am

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At Evo we feel a sense of duty to support fighting game players not only in their competitive lives, but in their personal and professional growth as people. The Evo scholarship, now in its third year of its existence, aims to help fighting game players go to college. Here’s more information about this year’s scholarship program, and how you can help.

What is the Evo Scholarship?

The Evo Scholarship is a partnership between the New York University Game Center, Evo, and Twitch that gives someone from the fighting game community an opportunity to develop their skills as a game designer and innovate in the world of competitive game design through a 2 year Master’s degree or 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Game Design at the NYU Game Center.

The scholarship is funded from the optional subscription ticket for the Evo 2014 stream. 100% of the subscription fees go directly to the scholarship fund.

How much Money is it? How is it Funded?

The Evo Scholarship is community-funded, generated entirely by purchases of the Evo 2014 subscription ticket. 100% of every purchase of the subscription will go directly to the scholarship, giving fighting game players and fans an opportunity to send someone to college who would otherwise not be able to attend.

The Evo 2013 stream created a scholarship of over $20,000. This year we aim to double that.

Who Received the Scholarship Last Year?

TonyK_Evo_ScholarshipThis Fall, long-time fighting game player Tony Kao will join the Game Center MFA program as the first Evo Scholar. Tony is a talented visual artist with a classic arcade era story. He started playing fighting games in arcades in Chicago, played this whole life, made his deepest friendships with the community, and attended many tournaments.

After college, Tony tried to retire because “that’s what you supposed to do”. But once he was working a job, he felt like something was missing.  He saw the splash for the scholarship on stream at Evo last year and told us, “There’s no other way I can describe it but to say it was a sign.” About the scholarship he said, ” I want to take all the knowledge and skills that I learn from the Game Center to create games that will push the boundaries of game design, inspire and grow the fighting game community.

What’s Happening this Year?

This year Twitch is contributing to the scholarship too, adding all of their profits from the Evo stream subscription to the fund. Now it’s up to you guys to come though. We’re aiming for $40,000 this time so get that subscription ticket and help send someone to college. The scholarship will be for the Fall 2015 class, and will be eligible for Bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees. People with questions can email, visit NYU Game Center, or come stop by their booth at the Evo 2014 Indie Showcase.

How Do I Learn More?

The Game Center will be at Evo 2014! At the Indie Showcase, they will have games made by their  students, plus faculty to answer your questions about the program. Also, the Director of the program is giving a talk at 2PM on Saturday. His talk, “Counting Frames”, will trace the history of fighting games back to their roots in martial arts, examine their relationship to other forms of competitive gaming, and highlight what makes them one of the most interesting and important categories of games.

If you’re not at Evo, visit them at for information about the scholarship and the Game Center.

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